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Accepted stress-ng 0.12.08-1 (source) into unstable

Hash: SHA256

Format: 1.8
Date: Thu, 6 May 2021 18:44:22 +0100
Source: stress-ng
Built-For-Profiles: noudeb
Architecture: source
Version: 0.12.08-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Colin King <colin.king@canonical.com>
Changed-By: Colin King <colin.king@canonical.com>
Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed: 1918095
 stress-ng (0.12.08-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   [Colin Ian King]
   * Makefile: bump version
   * stress-landlock: give hint that landlock LSM may need to be enabled
   * stress-landlock: voidify unused args in system call wrappers
   * stress-sigio: disable SIGIOs and close pipe end as soon as possible
   * stress-zlib: clean up clobber warnings
   * stress-ng: make us_total a temp variable in local scope
   * README: add in architectures and update stats
   * stress-iomix: add POSIX_FADV_* advice defined checks
   * stress-malloc: clean up void* -> void *
   * kernel-coverage: add more file systems and mount options
   * stress-sigio: fix segfault (LP: #1918095)
   * stress-xattr: add yield points in xattr loops
   * stress-inotify: break out of write loop on ENOSPC, update yielding
   * stress-dnotify: break out of write loop on ENOSPC, update yielding
   * stress-msg: replace tmp return variable rc with ret
   * stress-landlock: add Linux 5.13 landlock system call stressor
   * kernel-coverage: add more file systems into the coverage tests
   * stress-sysinval: add in landlock_add_rule and landlock_restrict_self
   * stress-enosys: add in landlock_add_rule and landlock_restrict_self
   * stress-sysinval: add landlock_create_ruleset to inval system call table
   * stress-enosys: add new Linux 5.13 landlock_create_ruleset syscall
   * stress-fallocate: replace space indentation with tab
   * stress-fallocate: handle SIGALRM and SIGINT more responsively
   * stress-fallocate: add more yield points
   * stress-link: add yield point check on each iteration
   * stress-membarrier: keep membarrier cmd flags in sync with kernel
   * stress-open: add an illegal all-bits set resolve flags setting
   * stress-open: work through the openat2 resolve flags for more coverage
   * stress-ng: add username if it is fetchable to syslog info
   * stress-ng: fix argument dumping from argv[] to syslog
   * core-setting: ensure string setting types are free'd
   * stress-stackmmap: Fix stack_sig mapping, add missing anonymous flag
   * stress-ipsec-mb: ensure all the timing data is set to 0.0
   * stress-personality: just make zero sized array a 1 element sized array
   * stress-aio-linux: fix the allocation size of cbs
   * core-vmstat: ensure tz_info_list is initialized for non
     thermalstat_delay cases
   * stress-l1cache: add another L1 cache set size sanity check
   * stress-personality: make failed array 1 element when n == 0
   * stress-sysinval: remove redundant re-assignment of syscalls_exercised
   * stress-af-alg: ensure info.name and info.type are free'd on failed add
   * stress-affinity: ensure pids array is zero'd before us
   * stress-vm: remove incorrect re-setting of counter c in 2nd loop
   * stress-vdso: remove redundant assignment to str
   * stress-userfaultfd: break assignment and check into two statements
   * stress-verity: check ioctl FS_IOC_GETFLAGS flags only if ioctl is OK
   * stress-udp: add missing voidifications on ignored return from setsockopt
   * stress-run: add missing voidifications on ignored return from ioctl
   * stress-sysinfo: don't stat on a null mnts[i]
   * stress-sysfs: voidify return from ppoll call
   * stress-procfs: only check statbuf.st_mode if fstat returned 0
   * stress-fcntl: voidify returns of fcntl calls
   * stress-cap: voidify returns of capget calls
   * stress-cpu: add div32 cpu stressor method, remove k from div64
   * stress-tsc: use clock time rdtime rather than cycles for RISC-V
   * stress-msg: cleanup resources on a fork failure
   * stress-msg: allocate msgq_ids on the heap, don't use the stack
 764faf2534491360f74d5ab861c6ec6ec8a44f13 2333 stress-ng_0.12.08-1.dsc
 1a4695eea62120b849a1d16d460951068acde51e 538832 stress-ng_0.12.08.orig.tar.xz
 b86d9f583c2b0ecab04644548f72904e43e1ddcd 109256 stress-ng_0.12.08-1.debian.tar.xz
 86c02634030a684c1950eed883e7b8a726f85c3f 8633 stress-ng_0.12.08-1_source.buildinfo
 77a244e9bfa8416288ce994c053d92272e3123f06152176ee53da76aa2a278ba 2333 stress-ng_0.12.08-1.dsc
 39e98cbb682bd3f907b2c718c20747bc94804abc92fbc4dad3a50bf530108d09 538832 stress-ng_0.12.08.orig.tar.xz
 202f7219dcf43bfaa5487336861915972a24cde77ed674a725a8b07e3634f415 109256 stress-ng_0.12.08-1.debian.tar.xz
 11bfd223823b26b9d5b8fa67950ab9e27aa11537e221cb31394bc4a7111e8d86 8633 stress-ng_0.12.08-1_source.buildinfo
 76f5b309198d4c2af3c8b61fde570623 2333 devel optional stress-ng_0.12.08-1.dsc
 001e6cf250f4b7b97bb2cc1c8730be30 538832 devel optional stress-ng_0.12.08.orig.tar.xz
 f1b8f5af5b765a3a484b07b425d536bb 109256 devel optional stress-ng_0.12.08-1.debian.tar.xz
 b2bbac37a990da0cc0c17e965304b410 8633 devel optional stress-ng_0.12.08-1_source.buildinfo



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