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Accepted stress-ng 0.12.02-1 (source) into unstable

Hash: SHA256

Format: 1.8
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2021 22:46:16 +0000
Source: stress-ng
Architecture: source
Version: 0.12.02-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Colin King <colin.king@canonical.com>
Changed-By: Colin King <colin.king@canonical.com>
 stress-ng (0.12.02-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   [Adriand Martin]
   * Solved minor issue in README.Android Fixed minor issue related to
     CC variable when cross compiling
   [Jianshen Liu]
   * Fix read of TYPE_ID_STR value from jobfile
   [Colin Ian King]
   * Makefile: bump version
   * simplify allocation and null check to help cppcheck
   * Manual: update date
   * Fix a couple of spelling mistakes
   * README: update stress test count
   * stress-cpu: add the Fletcher16 checksum as a new cpu stress method
   * stress-vm-rw: uncomment goto failure exit
   * stress-vm-rw: write/read in 1G chunks
   * Manual: pluralize the word stat.
   * Manual: update contributors information
   * stress-schedpolicy: fix build warning when building with musl C
   * stress-cpu: fix const warning from clang pedantic build
   * test-stime: pass address of time_t object to stime
   * Remove empty source
   * Add missing copyright dates and attribution
   * Add helper functions to get and free the temporary file path
   * kernel-coverage.sh: add f2fs bfs btrfs tmpfs and ramfs
   * core-cache: remove some debug messages, they add noise
   * stress-sigsegv: force SEGV with illegal long instruction
     (x86 only)
   * stress-pipe: allocate pipe buffer from heap and not stack
   * Manual: update stress-cpu ackermann description
   * stress-cpu: reduce ackermann m term to reduce influence on
     all cpu methods
   * Remove #define for __NR_memfd_secret
   * stress-resources: fix mq files not being reaped
   * stress-cpu: add ipv4checksum method
   * core-helper: rename stress_ip_checksum to stress_ipv4_checksum
   * stress-dev: only perform open tries if never opened before
   * core-try-open: make helper function static
   * Use the new try stress_try_open error returns to ensure open
     fails are skipped
   * core-try-open: resolve some stress-dev blocking issues, add
     richer error return
   * core-try-open: quick stat check before expensive slow open
   * Fix spelling mistakes found using codespell
   * stress-vecmath: avoid overflow sign extension errors
   * stress-secretmem: fix void cast on mappings
   * stress-secretmem: free mappings on early error return
   * stress-resources: ensure early break from loop gets cleaned up
   * stress-cpu: add Murmur3_32 hash to cpu stressor
   * core-thermal-zone: add some more comments
   * Manual: add a --cpu-load example to one of the --cpu stressor
   * stress-ng: forgot to include type_instance field change in
     previous commit
   * core-thermal-zone: sort thermal zone types on type name and type
     name instance
   * stress-rseq: remove volatile from rseq structs
   * stress-rseq: rename signature to valid_signature to avoid name
   * core-helper: make dirname smaller, reduce stack size
   * Add new secretmem stress test
   * kernel-coverage: exercise ext4, xfs, jfs, minix and vfat
   * stress-dev: add SCSI_IOCTL_GET_PCI ioctl
   * stress-rename: replace AT_FDCWD with directory fd
   * stress-link: put end of string marker on buf and not newpath
   * stress-link: handle EMLINK failures on linking
   * stress-filename: add filename length limit when probing filename
   * stress-dir: handle EMLINK failures on mkdir
   * stress-chdir: handle EMLINK failures on mkdir
   * stress-aio-linux: unlink file if open failed
   * core-helper: add a helper to truncate long filenames
   * stress-chattr: handle ENOTTY errors when ioctls are not supported
   * Add build-time check for struct sockaddr_un
   * stress-ping-sock: also add EACCES socket failure check
   * Add a new ping-sock stressor to exercise "ping" sockets
   * Manual: clarify the number of stressors for sequential option too
   * Manual: clarify the number of stressors:
   * stress-ng: update copyright to 2021
   * stress-dev: add RNDADDENTROPY and RNDRESEEDCRNG ioctls
   * stress-loop: break overly wide line
   * stress-loop: mmap in loop dev and touch + flush pages
   * stress-resources: allocate a page with memfd
   * stress-resources: allocate fd and page using memfd_secret()
   * Add shim for new Linux system call memfd_secret()
   * stress-rseq: exercise invalid rseq calls
 935011ad993d837af365b27cd499a9a0ae0d59eb 2333 stress-ng_0.12.02-1.dsc
 3b5b402bb4bcf3f53334bd8a60c4e2939563ba98 519552 stress-ng_0.12.02.orig.tar.xz
 874e879e145caf9576115af4bcfc59e3d2f947b2 103716 stress-ng_0.12.02-1.debian.tar.xz
 38c42d3fb730aafe9cb2fb86c1aab05bbef7d6ee 7911 stress-ng_0.12.02-1_source.buildinfo
 8d1a72b94777be6fa9162087e01458ac61f7df993f88d7b2ff1aa02f455c99f6 2333 stress-ng_0.12.02-1.dsc
 752cb5c9b5ab058268d6ccb32cdd86100a415993dbbbdeacb04ee87d0ab9abce 519552 stress-ng_0.12.02.orig.tar.xz
 76a09257d16b001c6e2ef55afa7b0637d6296457545e255b5a42f2daf7fdd758 103716 stress-ng_0.12.02-1.debian.tar.xz
 58f0a68a7724804f8af561c477fdda67c1eb76562366187d537422c034f9d5fb 7911 stress-ng_0.12.02-1_source.buildinfo
 c5b006c57a660ef01f5cb99ba76023eb 2333 devel optional stress-ng_0.12.02-1.dsc
 c26955e4d335e39ffdf12e67e105b99f 519552 devel optional stress-ng_0.12.02.orig.tar.xz
 c0f7c57cee67b0937b1aa58ebf6f27cb 103716 devel optional stress-ng_0.12.02-1.debian.tar.xz
 37524488da1345fd082bcd02f9c5843e 7911 devel optional stress-ng_0.12.02-1_source.buildinfo



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