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Accepted linux-signed-amd64 5.3.9+1 (source) into unstable, unstable

Hash: SHA256

Format: 1.8
Date: Sat, 09 Nov 2019 15:42:49 +0000
Source: linux-signed-amd64
Binary: kernel-image-5.3.0-2-amd64-di nic-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di nic-wireless-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di nic-shared-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di serial-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di usb-serial-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di ppp-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di pata-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di cdrom-core-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di firewire-core-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di scsi-core-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di scsi-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di scsi-nic-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di loop-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di btrfs-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di ext4-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di isofs-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di jfs-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di xfs-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di fat-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di md-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di multipath-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di usb-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di usb-storage-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di pcmcia-storage-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di fb-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di input-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di event-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di mouse-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di nic-pcmcia-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di
 pcmcia-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di nic-usb-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di sata-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di acpi-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di i2c-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di crc-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di crypto-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di crypto-dm-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di efi-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di ata-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di mmc-core-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di mmc-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di nbd-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di squashfs-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di speakup-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di uinput-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di sound-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di compress-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di udf-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di fuse-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di mtd-core-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di rfkill-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di linux-image-5.3.0-2-amd64 linux-image-amd64 linux-image-5.3.0-2-cloud-amd64
Architecture: source
Version: 5.3.9+1
Distribution: sid
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian Kernel Team <debian-kernel@lists.debian.org>
Changed-By: Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk>
 acpi-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - ACPI support modules (udeb)
 ata-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - ATA disk modules (udeb)
 btrfs-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - BTRFS filesystem support (udeb)
 cdrom-core-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - CDROM support (udeb)
 compress-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - lzo modules (udeb)
 crc-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - CRC modules (udeb)
 crypto-dm-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - devicemapper crypto module (udeb)
 crypto-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - crypto modules (udeb)
 efi-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - EFI modules (udeb)
 event-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - Event support (udeb)
 ext4-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem support (udeb)
 fat-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - FAT filesystem support (udeb)
 fb-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - Frame buffer support (udeb)
 firewire-core-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - Core FireWire drivers (udeb)
 fuse-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - FUSE modules (udeb)
 i2c-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - i2c support modules (udeb)
 input-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - Input devices support (udeb)
 isofs-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - ISOFS filesystem support (udeb)
 jfs-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - JFS filesystem support (udeb)
 kernel-image-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - Linux kernel image and core modules for the Debian installer (udeb)
 linux-image-5.3.0-2-amd64 - ${unsigned:DescriptionShort} (signed)
 linux-image-5.3.0-2-cloud-amd64 - ${unsigned:DescriptionShort} (signed)
 linux-image-amd64 - Linux for 64-bit PCs (meta-package)
 linux-image-cloud-amd64 - Linux for x86-64 cloud (meta-package)
 loop-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - Loopback filesystem support (udeb)
 md-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - RAID and LVM support (udeb)
 mmc-core-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - MMC/SD/SDIO core modules (udeb)
 mmc-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - MMC/SD card modules (udeb)
 mouse-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - Mouse support (udeb)
 mtd-core-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - MTD core (udeb)
 multipath-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - Multipath support (udeb)
 nbd-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - Network Block Device modules (udeb)
 nic-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - NIC drivers (udeb)
 nic-pcmcia-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - Common PCMCIA NIC drivers (udeb)
 nic-shared-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - Shared NIC drivers (udeb)
 nic-usb-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - USB NIC drivers (udeb)
 nic-wireless-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - Wireless NIC drivers (udeb)
 pata-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - PATA drivers (udeb)
 pcmcia-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - Common PCMCIA drivers (udeb)
 pcmcia-storage-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - PCMCIA storage drivers (udeb)
 ppp-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - PPP drivers (udeb)
 rfkill-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - rfkill modules (udeb)
 sata-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - SATA drivers (udeb)
 scsi-core-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - Core SCSI subsystem (udeb)
 scsi-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - SCSI drivers (udeb)
 scsi-nic-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - SCSI drivers for converged NICs (udeb)
 serial-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - Serial drivers (udeb)
 sound-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - sound support (udeb)
 speakup-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - speakup modules (udeb)
 squashfs-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - squashfs modules (udeb)
 udf-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - UDF modules (udeb)
 uinput-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - uinput support (udeb)
 usb-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - USB support (udeb)
 usb-serial-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - USB serial drivers (udeb)
 usb-storage-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - USB storage support (udeb)
 xfs-modules-5.3.0-2-amd64-di - XFS filesystem support (udeb)
 linux-signed-amd64 (5.3.9+1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Sign kernel from linux 5.3.9-1
   * New version hopefully closes: #942881
   * New upstream stable update:
     - drm: Free the writeback_job when it with an empty fb
     - drm: Clear the fence pointer when writeback job signaled
     - [armhf] clk: ti: dra7: Fix mcasp8 clock bits
     - [armhf] dts: Fix wrong clocks for dra7 mcasp
     - nvme-pci: Fix a race in controller removal
     - scsi: ufs: skip shutdown if hba is not powered
     - scsi: megaraid: disable device when probe failed after enabled device
     - scsi: qla2xxx: Silence fwdump template message
     - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix unbound sleep in fcport delete path.
     - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix stale mem access on driver unload
     - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix N2N link reset
     - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix N2N link up fail
     - [armhf] dts: Fix gpio0 flags for am335x-icev2
     - [armhf] OMAP2+: Fix missing reset done flag for am3 and am43
     - [armhf] OMAP2+: Add missing LCDC midlemode for am335x
     - [armhf] OMAP2+: Fix warnings with broken omap2_set_init_voltage()
     - nvme-tcp: fix wrong stop condition in io_work
     - nvme-pci: Save PCI state before putting drive into deepest state
     - nvme: fix an error code in nvme_init_subsystem()
     - nvme-rdma: Fix max_hw_sectors calculation
     - nvme: Added QUIRKs for ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 512GB
     - nvme: Add quirk for Kingston NVME SSD running FW E8FK11.T
     - nvme-rdma: fix possible use-after-free in connect timeout
     - blk-mq: honor IO scheduler for multiqueue devices
     - xen/efi: Set nonblocking callbacks
     - loop: change queue block size to match when using DIO
     - nl80211: fix null pointer dereference
     - mac80211: fix txq null pointer dereference
     - netfilter: nft_connlimit: disable bh on garbage collection
     - [armhf,arm64] net: stmmac: xgmac: Not all Unicast addresses may be
     - [armhf,arm64] net: stmmac: dwmac4: Always update the MAC Hash Filter
     - [armhf,arm64] net: stmmac: Correctly take timestamp for PTPv2
     - [armhf,arm64] net: stmmac: Do not stop PHY if WoL is enabled
     - drm/amdgpu: fix multiple memory leaks in acp_hw_init
     - drm/amd/display: memory leak
     - [mips*el/loongson-*] Fix the link time qualifier of 'serial_exit()'
     - [arm64] net: hisilicon: Fix usage of uninitialized variable in function
     - [armhf,arm64] net: stmmac: Avoid deadlock on suspend/resume
     - [s390x] mm: fix -Wunused-but-set-variable warnings
     - r8152: Set macpassthru in reset_resume callback
     - net: phy: allow for reset line to be tied to a sleepy GPIO controller
     - net: phy: fix write to mii-ctrl1000 register
     - vfs: Convert filldir[64]() from __put_user() to unsafe_put_user()
     - elf: don't use MAP_FIXED_NOREPLACE for elf executable mappings
       (regression in 4.17)
     - vfs: Make filldir[64]() verify the directory entry filename is valid
     - uaccess: implement a proper unsafe_copy_to_user() and switch filldir over
       to it
     - vfs: filldir[64]: remove WARN_ON_ONCE() for bad directory entries
     - net_sched: fix backward compatibility for TCA_KIND (regression in 5.3.4)
     - net_sched: fix backward compatibility for TCA_ACT_KIND (regression in
     - libata/ahci: Fix PCS quirk application (regression in 5.3.4)
     - md/raid0: fix warning message for parameter default_layout
     - Revert "drm/radeon: Fix EEH during kexec" (regression in 5.3.5)
     - ocfs2: fix panic due to ocfs2_wq is null
     - nvme-pci: Set the prp2 correctly when using more than 4k page
     - ipv4: fix race condition between route lookup and invalidation
     - ipv4: Return -ENETUNREACH if we can't create route but saddr is valid
     - net: avoid potential infinite loop in tc_ctl_action()
     - [hppa,m68k] net: i82596: fix dma_alloc_attr for sni_82596
     - net: ipv6: fix listify ip6_rcv_finish in case of forwarding
     - [armhf,arm64] net: stmmac: disable/enable ptp_ref_clk in suspend/resume
     - rxrpc: Fix possible NULL pointer access in ICMP handling
     - sched: etf: Fix ordering of packets with same txtime
     - sctp: change sctp_prot .no_autobind with true
     - net: aquantia: temperature retrieval fix
     - net: aquantia: when cleaning hw cache it should be toggled
     - net: aquantia: do not pass lro session with invalid tcp checksum
     - net: aquantia: correctly handle macvlan and multicast coexistence
     - net: phy: micrel: Discern KSZ8051 and KSZ8795 PHYs
     - net: phy: micrel: Update KSZ87xx PHY name
     - net: avoid errors when trying to pop MLPS header on non-MPLS packets
     - net/sched: fix corrupted L2 header with MPLS 'push' and 'pop' actions
     - netdevsim: Fix error handling in nsim_fib_init and nsim_fib_exit
     - net: ethernet: broadcom: have drivers select DIMLIB as needed
     - net: phy: Fix "link partner" information disappear issue
     - rxrpc: use rcu protection while reading sk->sk_user_data
     - io_uring: fix bad inflight accounting for SETUP_IOPOLL|SETUP_SQTHREAD
     - io_uring: Fix corrupted user_data
     - USB: legousbtower: fix memleak on disconnect
     - ALSA: hda/realtek - Add support for ALC711
     - [x86] ALSA: hda/realtek - Enable headset mic on Asus MJ401TA
     - ALSA: usb-audio: Disable quirks for BOSS Katana amplifiers
     - ALSA: hda - Force runtime PM on Nvidia HDMI codecs
     - USB: serial: ti_usb_3410_5052: fix port-close races
     - USB: ldusb: fix memleak on disconnect
     - USB: usblp: fix use-after-free on disconnect
     - USB: ldusb: fix read info leaks
     - binder: Don't modify VMA bounds in ->mmap handler
     - [mips*] tlbex: Fix build_restore_pagemask KScratch restore
     - staging: wlan-ng: fix exit return when sme->key_idx >= NUM_WEPKEYS
     - [s390x] scsi: zfcp: fix reaction on bit error threshold notification
     - scsi: sd: Ignore a failure to sync cache due to lack of authorization
     - scsi: core: save/restore command resid for error handling
     - scsi: core: try to get module before removing device
     - scsi: ch: Make it possible to open a ch device multiple times again
     - Revert "Input: elantech - enable SMBus on new (2018+) systems"
       (regression in 5.3)
     - Input: synaptics-rmi4 - avoid processing unknown IRQs
     - ACPI: CPPC: Set pcc_data[pcc_ss_id] to NULL in acpi_cppc_processor_exit()
     - ACPI: NFIT: Fix unlock on error in scrub_show()
     - iwlwifi: pcie: change qu with jf devices to use qu configuration
     - cfg80211: wext: avoid copying malformed SSIDs (CVE-2019-17133)
     - mac80211: Reject malformed SSID elements
     - drm/edid: Add 6 bpc quirk for SDC panel in Lenovo G50
     - drm/ttm: Restore ttm prefaulting
     - [armhf,arm64] drm/panfrost: Handle resetting on timeout better
     - drm/amdgpu: Bail earlier when amdgpu.cik_/si_support is not set to 1
     - drm/amdgpu/sdma5: fix mask value of POLL_REGMEM packet for pipe sync
     - [x86] drm/i915/userptr: Never allow userptr into the mappable GGTT
     - [x86] drm/i915: Favor last VBT child device with conflicting AUX ch/DDC
     - drm/amdgpu/vce: fix allocation size in enc ring test
     - drm/amdgpu/vcn: fix allocation size in enc ring test
     - drm/amdgpu/uvd6: fix allocation size in enc ring test (v2)
     - drm/amdgpu/uvd7: fix allocation size in enc ring test (v2)
     - drm/amdgpu: user pages array memory leak fix
     - drivers/base/memory.c: don't access uninitialized memmaps in
     - fs/proc/page.c: don't access uninitialized memmaps in fs/proc/page.c
     - io_uring: Fix broken links with offloading
     - io_uring: Fix race for sqes with userspace
     - io_uring: used cached copies of sq->dropped and cq->overflow
     - [armhf] mmc: sdhci-omap: Fix Tuning procedure for temperatures < -20C
     - mm/memory-failure.c: don't access uninitialized memmaps in
     - mm/slub: fix a deadlock in show_slab_objects()
     - mm/page_owner: don't access uninitialized memmaps when reading
     - mm/memunmap: don't access uninitialized memmap in memunmap_pages()
     - mm: memcg/slab: fix panic in __free_slab() caused by premature memcg
       pointer release
     - mm, compaction: fix wrong pfn handling in __reset_isolation_pfn()
     - mm: memcg: get number of pages on the LRU list in memcgroup base on
     - mm: memblock: do not enforce current limit for memblock_phys* family
     - hugetlbfs: don't access uninitialized memmaps in
     - mm/memory-failure: poison read receives SIGKILL instead of SIGBUS if
       mmaped more than once
     - zram: fix race between backing_dev_show and backing_dev_store
     - [s390x] zcrypt: fix memleak at release
     - [s390x] kaslr: add support for R_390_GLOB_DAT relocation type
     - lib/vdso: Make clock_getres() POSIX compliant again
     - [hppa] Fix vmap memory leak in ioremap()/iounmap()
     - [arm64] KVM: Trap VM ops when ARM64_WORKAROUND_CAVIUM_TX2_219_TVM is set
     - [arm64] Avoid Cavium TX2 erratum 219 when switching TTBR
     - [arm64] Enable workaround for Cavium TX2 erratum 219 when running SMT
     - [arm64] Allow CAVIUM_TX2_ERRATUM_219 to be selected
     - CIFS: avoid using MID 0xFFFF
     - cifs: Fix missed free operations
     - CIFS: Fix use after free of file info structures
     - perf/aux: Fix AUX output stopping
     - tracing: Fix race in perf_trace_buf initialization
     - fs/dax: Fix pmd vs pte conflict detection
     - dm cache: fix bugs when a GFP_NOWAIT allocation fails
     - [riscv64] irqchip/sifive-plic: Switch to fasteoi flow
     - [amd64] boot: Make level2_kernel_pgt pages invalid outside kernel area
     - [x86] apic/x2apic: Fix a NULL pointer deref when handling a dying cpu
     - [x86] hyperv: Make vapic support x2apic mode
     - [x86] pinctrl: cherryview: restore Strago DMI workaround for all versions
     - [arm64] pinctrl: armada-37xx: fix control of pins 32 and up
     - [arm64] pinctrl: armada-37xx: swap polarity on LED group
     - btrfs: block-group: Fix a memory leak due to missing
     - Btrfs: add missing extents release on file extent cluster relocation
     - btrfs: don't needlessly create extent-refs kernel thread
     - Btrfs: fix qgroup double free after failure to reserve metadata for
     - Btrfs: check for the full sync flag while holding the inode lock during
     - btrfs: tracepoints: Fix wrong parameter order for qgroup events
     - btrfs: tracepoints: Fix bad entry members of qgroup events
     - [ppc64*] KVM: Book3S HV: XIVE: Ensure VP isn't already in use
     - memstick: jmb38x_ms: Fix an error handling path in 'jmb38x_ms_probe()'
     - cpufreq: Avoid cpufreq_suspend() deadlock on system shutdown
     - ceph: just skip unrecognized info in ceph_reply_info_extra
     - xen/netback: fix error path of xenvif_connect_data()
     - PCI: PM: Fix pci_power_up()
     - opp: of: drop incorrect lockdep_assert_held()
     - of: reserved_mem: add missing of_node_put() for proper ref-counting
     - blk-rq-qos: fix first node deletion of rq_qos_del()
     - io_uring: fix up O_NONBLOCK handling for sockets
     - dm snapshot: introduce account_start_copy() and account_end_copy()
     - dm snapshot: rework COW throttling to fix deadlock
     - Btrfs: fix inode cache block reserve leak on failure to allocate data
     - btrfs: qgroup: Always free PREALLOC META reserve in
     - iio: fix center temperature of bmc150-accel-core
     - libsubcmd: Make _FORTIFY_SOURCE defines dependent on the feature
     - perf tests: Avoid raising SEGV using an obvious NULL dereference
     - perf map: Fix overlapped map handling
     - perf script brstackinsn: Fix recovery from LBR/binary mismatch
     - perf jevents: Fix period for Intel fixed counters
     - perf tools: Propagate get_cpuid() error
     - perf annotate: Propagate perf_env__arch() error
     - perf annotate: Fix the signedness of failure returns
     - perf annotate: Propagate the symbol__annotate() error return
     - perf annotate: Fix arch specific ->init() failure errors
     - perf annotate: Return appropriate error code for allocation failures
     - perf annotate: Don't return -1 for error when doing BPF disassembly
     - staging: rtl8188eu: fix null dereference when kzalloc fails
     - RDMA/hfi1: Prevent memory leak in sdma_init
     - RDMA/iw_cxgb4: fix SRQ access from dump_qp()
     - RDMA/iwcm: Fix a lock inversion issue
     - [x86] HID: hyperv: Use in-place iterator API in the channel callback
     - nfs: Fix nfsi->nrequests count error on nfs_inode_remove_request
     - [arm64] cpufeature: Effectively expose FRINT capability to userspace
     - [arm64] Fix incorrect irqflag restore for priority masking for compat
     - [arm64] ftrace: Ensure synchronisation in PLT setup for Neoverse-N1
     - [riscv64] serial/sifive: select SERIAL_EARLYCON
     - RDMA/core: Fix an error handling path in 'res_get_common_doit()'
     - RDMA/cm: Fix memory leak in cm_add/remove_one
     - RDMA/nldev: Reshuffle the code to avoid need to rebind QP in error path
     - RDMA/mlx5: Do not allow rereg of a ODP MR
     - RDMA/mlx5: Order num_pending_prefetch properly with synchronize_srcu
     - RDMA/mlx5: Add missing synchronize_srcu() for MW cases
     - [arm64] gpio: max77620: Use correct unit for debounce times
     - fs: cifs: mute -Wunused-const-variable message
     - [arm64] vdso32: Fix broken compat vDSO build warnings
     - [arm64] vdso32: Detect binutils support for dmb ishld
     - serial: mctrl_gpio: Check for NULL pointer
     - [armhf] serial: 8250_omap: Fix gpio check for auto RTS/CTS
     - [arm64] vdso32: Don't use KBUILD_CPPFLAGS unconditionally
     - efi/cper: Fix endianness of PCIe class code
     - [x86] efi: Do not clean dummy variable in kexec path
     - [mips*] include: Mark __cmpxchg as __always_inline
     - [riscv64] avoid kernel hangs when trapped in BUG()
     - [riscv64] avoid sending a SIGTRAP to a user thread trapped in WARN()
     - [riscv64] Correct the handling of unexpected ebreak in do_trap_break()
     - [x86] xen: Return from panic notifier
     - ocfs2: clear zero in unaligned direct IO
     - fs: ocfs2: fix possible null-pointer dereferences in
     - fs: ocfs2: fix a possible null-pointer dereference in
     - fs: ocfs2: fix a possible null-pointer dereference in
     - btrfs: silence maybe-uninitialized warning in clone_range
     - [arm64] armv8_deprecated: Checking return value for memory allocation
     - [x86] cpu: Add Comet Lake to the Intel CPU models header
     - sched/fair: Scale bandwidth quota and period without losing quota/period
       ratio precision
     - sched/vtime: Fix guest/system mis-accounting on task switch
     - perf/core: Rework memory accounting in perf_mmap()
     - perf/core: Fix corner case in perf_rotate_context()
     - [x86] perf/amd: Change/fix NMI latency mitigation to use a timestamp
     - drm/amdgpu: fix memory leak
     - [mips*] include: Mark __xchg as __always_inline
     - [mips*] fw: sni: Fix out of bounds init of o32 stack
     - [s390x] cio: fix virtio-ccw DMA without PV
     - [x86] virt: vbox: fix memory leak in hgcm_call_preprocess_linaddr
     - nbd: fix possible sysfs duplicate warning
     - NFSv4: Fix leak of clp->cl_acceptor string
     - SUNRPC: fix race to sk_err after xs_error_report
     - [s390x] uaccess: avoid (false positive) compiler warnings
     - tracing: Initialize iter->seq after zeroing in tracing_read_pipe()
     - perf annotate: Fix multiple memory and file descriptor leaks
     - perf/aux: Fix tracking of auxiliary trace buffer allocation
     - USB: legousbtower: fix a signedness bug in tower_probe()
     - nbd: verify socket is supported during setup
     - [arm64] dts: qcom: Add Lenovo Miix 630
     - [arm64] dts: qcom: Add HP Envy x2
     - [arm64] dts: qcom: Add Asus NovaGo TP370QL
     - rtw88: Fix misuse of GENMASK macro
     - [s390x] pci: fix MSI message data
     - thunderbolt: Correct path indices for PCIe tunnel
     - thunderbolt: Use 32-bit writes when writing ring producer/consumer
     - fuse: flush dirty data/metadata before non-truncate setattr
     - fuse: truncate pending writes on O_TRUNC
     - ALSA: bebob: Fix prototype of helper function to return negative value
     - ALSA: timer: Fix mutex deadlock at releasing card
     - ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix 2 front mics of codec 0x623
     - ALSA: hda/realtek - Add support for ALC623
     - ath10k: fix latency issue for QCA988x
     - UAS: Revert commit 3ae62a42090f ("UAS: fix alignment of scatter/gather
       segments") (regression in 5.2)
     - nl80211: fix validation of mesh path nexthop
     - USB: gadget: Reject endpoints with 0 maxpacket value
     - usb-storage: Revert commit 747668dbc061 ("usb-storage: Set
       virt_boundary_mask to avoid SG overflows") (regression in 5.2)
     - USB: ldusb: fix ring-buffer locking
     - USB: ldusb: fix control-message timeout
     - usb: xhci: fix Immediate Data Transfer endianness
     - USB: serial: whiteheat: fix potential slab corruption
     - USB: serial: whiteheat: fix line-speed endianness
     - xhci: Fix use-after-free regression in xhci clear hub TT implementation
     - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix partial flash write of MBI
     - scsi: target: cxgbit: Fix cxgbit_fw4_ack()
     - [x86] HID: i2c-hid: add Trekstor Primebook C11B to descriptor override
     - HID: Fix assumption that devices have inputs
     - HID: fix error message in hid_open_report()
     - HID: logitech-hidpp: split g920_get_config()
     - HID: logitech-hidpp: rework device validation
     - HID: logitech-hidpp: do all FF cleanup in hidpp_ff_destroy()
     - [s390x] unwind: fix mixing regs and sp
     - [s390x] cmm: fix information leak in cmm_timeout_handler()
     - [s390x] idle: fix cpu idle time calculation
     - IB/hfi1: Avoid excessive retry for TID RDMA READ request
     - [arm64] Ensure VM_WRITE|VM_SHARED ptes are clean by default
     - [arm64] cpufeature: Enable Qualcomm Falkor/Kryo errata 1003
     - virtio_ring: fix stalls for packed rings
     - rtlwifi: rtl_pci: Fix problem of too small skb->len
     - rtlwifi: Fix potential overflow on P2P code
     - [x86] KVM: vmx, svm: always run with EFER.NXE=1 when shadow paging is
     - [arm64] dmaengine: qcom: bam_dma: Fix resource leak
     - [arm64] dmaengine: tegra210-adma: fix transfer failure
     - [armhf] dmaengine: imx-sdma: fix size check for sdma script_number
     - [armhf] dmaengine: cppi41: Fix cppi41_dma_prep_slave_sg() when idle
     - drm/amdgpu/gmc10: properly set BANK_SELECT and FRAGMENT_SIZE
     - [x86] drm/i915: Fix PCH reference clock for FDI on HSW/BDW
     - drm/amdgpu/gfx10: update gfx golden settings
     - drm/amdgpu/powerplay/vega10: allow undervolting in p7
     - drm/amdgpu: Fix SDMA hang when performing VKexample test
     - NFS: Fix an RCU lock leak in nfs4_refresh_delegation_stateid()
     - io_uring: ensure we clear io_kiocb->result before each issue
     - [x86] iommu/vt-d: Fix panic after kexec -p for kdump
     - batman-adv: Avoid free/alloc race when handling OGM buffer
     - llc: fix sk_buff leak in llc_sap_state_process()
     - llc: fix sk_buff leak in llc_conn_service()
     - rxrpc: Fix call ref leak
     - rxrpc: rxrpc_peer needs to hold a ref on the rxrpc_local record
     - rxrpc: Fix trace-after-put looking at the put peer record
     - NFC: pn533: fix use-after-free and memleaks
     - bonding: fix potential NULL deref in bond_update_slave_arr
     - netfilter: conntrack: avoid possible false sharing
     - net: usb: sr9800: fix uninitialized local variable
     - sch_netem: fix rcu splat in netem_enqueue()
     - net: sched: sch_sfb: don't call qdisc_put() while holding tree lock
     - iwlwifi: exclude GEO SAR support for 3168
     - sched/fair: Fix low cpu usage with high throttling by removing expiration
       of cpu-local slices
     - ALSA: usb-audio: DSD auto-detection for Playback Designs
     - ALSA: usb-audio: Update DSD support quirks for Oppo and Rotel
     - ALSA: usb-audio: Add DSD support for Gustard U16/X26 USB Interface
     - RDMA/mlx5: Use irq xarray locking for mkey_table
     - sched/fair: Fix -Wunused-but-set-variable warnings
     - [powerpc*] powernv: Fix CPU idle to be called with IRQs disabled
     - Revert "ALSA: hda: Flush interrupts on disabling" (regression in 5.3.4)
   [ Ben Hutchings ]
   * debian/bin/gencontrol_signed.py: Fix code style error
   * debian/bin/gencontrol.py: Skip linux-perf lintian-overrides if we won't
     build it
   * debian/bin/gencontrol{,_signed}.py: Use vars parameter instead of self.vars
   * debian/bin/gencontrol{,_signed}.py: Use %(name)s to format template vars
   * debian/.gitignore, debian/rules: Generalise patterns for generated files
   * gencontrol: Generalise substitution of debhelper config template
   * Add maint scripts to meta-packages to convert doc directories to symlinks
     (Closes: #942861)
   * debian/lib/python/debian_linux/utils.py: Use 'with' to manage file handles
   * debian/lib/python/debian_linux/utils.py: Store file mode for templates
   * Copy template file permissions to output files
   * debian/templates/headers.postinst.in: Set executable for consistency
   * debian/README.source: Document code signing and how to test it
   * debian/tests/control: Mark python test as superficial
   * [arm64] linux-headers: Disable check for a 32-bit compiler
     (Closes: #943953):
     - arm64: Kconfig: Make CONFIG_COMPAT_VDSO a proper Kconfig option
     - debian/bin/gencontrol.py: Optionally define $(CROSS_COMPILE_COMPAT) make
     - Enable COMPAT_VDSO and set $(CROSS_COMPILE_COMPAT) instead of setting
   * crypto: Enable PKCS8_PRIVATE_KEY_PARSER as module (Closes: #924705)
   * Bump ABI to 2
   * [arm64] atmel_mxt_ts: Disable TOUCHSCREEN_ATMEL_MXT_T37 to avoid V4L
   * random: try to actively add entropy rather than passively wait for it
   [ Bastian Blank ]
   * [amd64/cloud-amd64] Re-enable RTC drivers. (closes: #931341)
   [ Thomas W ]
   * [x86] Enable missing modules and setting:
   [ Alper Nebi Yasak ]
   * [arm64] udeb: Add i2c-rk3x to i2c-modules
   * [arm64,armhf] udeb: Add rockchip-io-domain to kernel-image
   * udeb: Add atmel_mxt_ts to input-modules
   [ Noah Meyerhans ]
   * drivers/net/ethernet/amazon: Backport driver fixes from v5.4-rc5
   [ Niv Sardi ]
   * KEYS: Make use of platform keyring for module signature verify
     (closes: #935945)
 2ba57feb439f6a3381365388594ff489ded00f28 7788 linux-signed-amd64_5.3.9+1.dsc
 0731459b64721f50cd82fd0a7a737da1a348461d 1278624 linux-signed-amd64_5.3.9+1.tar.xz
 e9bf20c65787b894449436080298c061ebebbd019a9df5d3b97347c71fc9e947 7788 linux-signed-amd64_5.3.9+1.dsc
 2b06d006dc56912007c1a830ac8a9a5360f100679cd441ba214d512b3b1ed30b 1278624 linux-signed-amd64_5.3.9+1.tar.xz
 56ba531906ab45d6ba3ee24d8ba843ba 7788 kernel optional linux-signed-amd64_5.3.9+1.dsc
 dc08b02a24827cfd880ccfd4e1c2b34d 1278624 kernel optional linux-signed-amd64_5.3.9+1.tar.xz



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