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Accepted game-data-packager 53 (source) into unstable

Hash: SHA256

Format: 1.8
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2017 06:35:22 +0100
Source: game-data-packager
Binary: game-data-packager etqw etqw-server game-data-packager-runtime quake quake-server quake2 quake2-server quake3 quake3-server quake4 quake4-server
Architecture: source
Version: 53
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian Games Team <pkg-games-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Simon McVittie <smcv@debian.org>
Closes: 784913 810059 842804 848374 856253 857880 857881 857980 860998 861316 862432 866875
 etqw       - science-fiction-themed multiplayer first person shooter
 etqw-server - dedicated server for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
 game-data-packager - Installer for game data files
 game-data-packager-runtime - Launcher for proprietary games
 quake2     - classic science-fiction-themed first person shooter
 quake2-server - dedicated server for Quake II
 quake3     - Quake III Arena menu entry and launcher scripts
 quake3-server - Quake III Arena dedicated server launcher scripts
 quake4     - science-fiction-themed first person shooter
 quake4-server - dedicated server for Quake 4
 quake      - classic gothic/horror-themed first person shooter
 quake-server - classic first person shooter - server and init script
 game-data-packager (53) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Support for new languages and versions:
     - Update Quake II: The Reckoning (xatrix) to version 2.05 [adetiste]
     - Update Quake II: Ground Zero (rogue) to version 2.04 [smcv]
   * Enhancements and bug fixes:
     - Improve instructions given when data files are missing [smcv]
     - Work around command line parsing of LHa decompressor as seen
       in Wheezy & RPMfusion; users of lhasa were not affected [adetiste]
     - quake4 AppArmor: Allow more device enumeration [smcv]
     - quake series: Improve documentation for how to construct data
       packages, and fix broken symlinks (Closes: #866875) [smcv]
     - etqw, quake4, unreal, ut99: Use missing-data.txt to provide
       missing-engine.txt where the engine is part of the proprietary
       data part (Closes: #842804) [smcv]
   * Internal changes:
     - Declare compliance with Debian Policy 4.0.0 [smcv]
     - debian/copyright (for g-d-p and generated packages):
       Use https URL for Format [smcv]
     - debian/copyright: Sync Source with Vcs-Git [smcv]
     - debian/copyright: Declare overall license to be GPL-2, not
       GPL-2+ [smcv]
     - Build-depend on dbus and wrap dh_auto_build in dbus-run-session,
       so that Inkscape stops warning about inability to access the
       session bus [smcv]
     - Makefile: Use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH [smcv]
   * Upload to unstable
 game-data-packager (52) experimental; urgency=medium
   * Fix a potential crash during data loading by initializing
     WantedFile.provides_files correctly [smcv]
   * Adjust game-data-packager-runtime Description to mention that
     it's used for the Quake series [adetiste]
 game-data-packager (51) experimental; urgency=medium
   * New game support:
     - Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy, including
       Secret of the Oracle (ck4), The Armageddon Machine (ck5) and
       Aliens Ate My Babysitter (ck6) (part of #786501) [skitt]
   * Enhancements and bug fixes:
     - If a downloadable file does not have the expected content, do not
       try to download it from the same URL again [adetiste]
     - Lower 'warning' message to 'info' about missing exotic unpacker
       if needed assets can found in other downloadable archives [adetiste]
     - Make .crc files in Doom 3 BFG optional. Not all versions have them
       (Closes: #862432) [smcv]
     - Add metadata indicating that Conquests of Camelot and Conquests of
       the Longbow can be obtained from GOG [adetiste]
     - Cope with hexen2demo_nov1997-linux-i586.tgz having been modified on
       the server. The changes do not affect the parts we repackage.
   * Internal changes:
     - Remove many unnecessary look_for directives that are implied
       by the special case that ?suffix is removed [adetiste]
 game-data-packager (50) experimental; urgency=medium
   * New game support:
     - King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride [adetiste]
     - Mystery House: game release into the public domain [adetiste]
     - Police Quest IV [adetiste]
     - Space Quest 6 [adetiste]
     - Unreal Tournament (1999) [smcv]
   * Support for new languages and versions:
     - Document unsupported Doom v0.3 [nyav] (Closes: #857881)
     - Support for new GOG package of Icewind Dale 2 [Edward Allcutt]
     - Support for new GOG packages of Leisure Suit Larry games [adetiste]
     - Support for GOG packages of Jedi games (Closes: #784913) [adetiste]
     - Unreal: Add checksums for Unreal Gold v226b CD-ROM
       (Closes: #861316) [smcv]
   * Enhancements and bug fixes:
     - Fix exception thrown by CD ripping code (Closes: #860998) [adetiste]
     - Promote --search and --no-search from per-game options to
       global options so they show in global --help (Closes: #848374) [smcv]
     - Update man page [smcv, adetiste]
     - Refresh French translation of man page [adetiste]
     - xcom-ufo: Fix swapped file definitions, add GOG url
       (Closes: #856253) [R1dO]
     - Ensure that bsdtar/rpmbuild are present
       before attempting to build Arch/RPM packages [adetiste]
     - Bash completion: add --target-format & --target-distro [adetiste]
     - DotEmu online store is closing, remove all references [adetiste]
     - Remove GOG Windows cruft from various games [adetiste]
     - make-template: don't choke on v1 Zip files (Implode not implemented)
     - unzip: make --verbose work as expected [adetiste]
     - AppArmor: Allow more kinds of device enumeration [smcv]
     - build: Don't warn about being unable to derive one of several
       alternatives [smcv]
     - Tag games not available for sale anymore (Closes: #810059) [adetiste]
   * Internal changes:
     - Fix typo in TODO [nyav] (Closes: #857880)
     - Use locale 'C.UTF-8' instead of 'C' in Makefile,
       CPython will coerce it anyway (see PEP 538) [adetiste]
     - Use ImageMagick as a fallback when XCFTools are missing [adetiste]
     - Add a tool to detect outdated GoG packages [adetiste]
     - fix gdp-launcher for older pygobject [Ferdinand Thiessen]
     - Fix cross-build & argument checking (Closes: #857980) [adetiste]
     - TODO: sync with upcoming ScummVM 1.10.0 [adetiste]
     - Add missing 'franchise:' tags [adetiste]
     - .gitignore: Update for -runtime [smcv]
     - integration: Allow skipping test while offline [smcv]
     - unreal: Do lintian overrides from YAML, not from code [smcv]
     - build: For each package, summarize what gaps we failed to fill [smcv]
     - lazy loading of GOG & Steam modules to speed up startup [adetiste]
 b16ba16475f97a1f5a4ff2b23fcb4944839e6f98 2737 game-data-packager_53.dsc
 f2eee16b813a17f9bb21727b80d0646f40915d52 3423352 game-data-packager_53.tar.xz
 5fcf1776ef23863fd891283bfdb032dad70b37cb4c8d8a3b39262f852fa82c8a 2737 game-data-packager_53.dsc
 fdaeccca9a7d27296066fb458a55113996e04046cbc59cd1702d205d92cc937e 3423352 game-data-packager_53.tar.xz
 e528441cec57647ca7f791565cc6e79a 2737 contrib/games optional game-data-packager_53.dsc
 91d2e15a049000a3d4c356878c099f5c 3423352 contrib/games optional game-data-packager_53.tar.xz



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