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Accepted debhelper 9.20150501 (source all) into unstable

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Format: 1.8
Date: Fri, 01 May 2015 14:53:16 +0200
Source: debhelper
Binary: debhelper
Architecture: source all
Version: 9.20150501
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debhelper Maintainers <debhelper-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Niels Thykier <niels@thykier.net>
 debhelper  - helper programs for debian/rules
Closes: 245554 438930 459548 549990 551463 563909 592958 610173 639168 659044 668851 668852 676168 680686 680687 698500 714546 736896 740405 747141 758575 772129 774100 774102 775020 778927 779471 780133 781077 783898
 debhelper (9.20150501) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Niels Thykier ]
   * dh_strip: Recognise .node as potential ELF binaries that
     should be stripped like a regular shared library.  Thanks
     to Paul Tagliamonte for the report.  (Closes: #668852)
   * dh_shlibdeps: Recognise .node as potential ELF binaries that
     should be processed like a regular shared library.  Thanks
     to Paul Tagliamonte for the report.  (Closes: #668851)
   * Convert package to the 3.0 (native) format, so dpkg-source
     strips the .git directory by default during build.
   * Reorder two paragraphs in d/copyright to avoid one of them
     being completely overwritten by the other.
   * d/control: Use the canonical URLs for the Vcs-* fields.
   * dh_makeshlibs: Apply patch from Jérémy Bobbio to ensure
     stable ordering of generated shlibs files.
     (Closes: #774100)
   * dh_icons: Apply patch from Jérémy Bobbio to ensure stable
     ordering of the icon list inserted into generated maintainer
     scripts.  (Closes: #774102)
   * Dh_lib: Add a public "make_symlink" subroutine allowing
     dh_*-like tools to generate policy compliant symlinks without
     invoking dh_link.  (Closes: #610173)
   * dh_compress: Apply patch from Osamu Aoki to avoid compressing
     ".xhtml" files.  (Closes: #740405)
   * dh_gconf: Apply patch from Josselin Mouette to avoid
     dependency on gconf2 for installs of non-schema files.
     (Closes: #592958)
   * dh_fixperms: Correct permissions of reportbug files and scripts.
     Thanks to Fabian Greffrath for the report and a basic patch.
     (Closes: #459548)
   * The "ant" build system now loads debian/ant.properties
     automatically before build and clean (like CDBS).  Thanks to
     Thomas Koch for the report.  (Closes: #563909)
   * Dh_lib: Add install_dh_config_file to install a file either by
     copying the source file or (with an executable file under compat
     9) execute the file and use its output to generate the
   * dh_lintian: Under compat 9, the debian/lintian-overrides are now
     executed if they have the exec-bit set like the debian/install
     files.  Thanks to Axel Beckert for the report.  (Closes: #698500)
   * d/rules: Remove makefile target only intended for/used by the
     previous maintainer.
   * dh_makeshlibs: In compat 10+, pass "-X" to ldconfig to
     only  regenerate the cache (instead of also creating missing
     symlinks).  Thanks to Joss Mouette for the suggestion.
     (Closes: #549990)
   * autoscripts/post{inst,rm}-makeshlibs-c10: New files.
   * dh_strip: Pass the --enable-deterministic-archives option to strip
     when it is stripping static libraries.  This avoids some
     unnecessary non-determinism in builds.  Based on patch by
     Andrew Ayer.
   * dh_install, dh_installdocs, dh_installexamples and dh_installinfo:
     Pass --reflink=auto to cp.  On supported filesystems, this provides
     faster copying.
   * Make perl tests verbose.  Thanks to gregor herrmann for the patch.
     (Closes: #714546)
   * Dh_Lib.pm: Apply patch from Martin Koeppe to provide
     install_{dir,file,prog,lib} subroutines for installing directories,
     regular files, scripts/executables and libraries (respectively).
   * Migrate many "ad-hoc" calls to "install" to the new "install_X"
     subroutines from Dh_Lib.pm.  Based on patch from Martin Koeppe.
     (Closes: #438930)
   * dh_gconf: Apply patch from Martin Koeppe to avoid adding a layer
     of shell-escaping to a printed command line when the command was
     in fact run without said layer of shell-escaping.
   * dh_installdocs: Use ${binary:Version} for generating dependencies
     with "--link-doc" instead of trying to determine the correct
     package version.  Thanks to Stephen Kitt for reporting this
     issue.  (Closes: #747141)
   * dh_installdocs.1: Document that --link-doc may in some cases
     require a dir to symlink (or symlink to dir) migration.
     (Closes: #659044)
   * dh_usrlocal: Apply patch from Jérémy Bobbio to generate
     deterministic output.  (Closes: #775020)
   * dh_makeshlibs: In compat 10, install the maintainer-provided shlibs
     file (replacing the generated one).  (Closes: #676168)
   * dh_installdeb: In compat 10, stop installing the maintainer-provided
     shlibs file as it is now done by dh_makeshlibs instead.
   * dh_installdocs: Remove remark about dh_installdocs not being
     idempotent as it no longer adds anything to maintainer scripts.
   * autoscripts/*-emacsen: Apply patch from Paul Wise to check that
     emacs-package-{install,remove} is (still) present before invoking
     it.  (Closes: #736896)
   * dh_install.1: Document that dh-exec can be used to do renaming
     and provide a trivial example of how to achieve it.  (Closes: #245554)
   * dh_makeshlibs: Apply patch from Guillem Jover to stop adding
     Pre-Depends on multiarch-support.  The transition is far enough that
     we do not need it any longer.  (Closes: #783898)
   * dh_gencontrol: Insert an empty misc:Pre-Depends to avoid warnings
     in packages for using a (now often) non-existing substvars.
   * d/control: Remove versioned conflicts that are no longer relevant.
   [ Bernhard R. Link ]
   * Dh_lib: apply patch from Guillem Jover to support case-insensitive
     control field names. (Closes: #772129)
   * add DH_QUIET environment variable to make things more silent
   * dh: don't output commands to run if DH_QUIET is set
   * buildsystems print commands unless DH_QUIET is set
     (Closes: #639168, #680687)
   * autoconf is always passed one of
      --enable-silent-rules (if DH_QUIET is set) or
      --disable-silent-rules (otherwise). (Closes: #551463, #680686)
   * dh_compress: exclude .xz .lzma and .lz files from compression
     (Closes: #778927)
   * dh_installwm: call by dh after dh_link (Closes: #781077),
     error out in compat 10 if no man page found
   [ Jason Pleau ]
   * dh_installchangelogs: Add CHANGES.md to the list of common changelog
     filenames (Closes: #779471)
   [ Axel Beckert ]
   * dh_installchangelogs: Consistent suffix search order (none, ".txt",
     ".md") for all upstream changelog file names ("changelog", "changes",
       + Looks for "history.md" now, too.
       + Makes it easier to add base names or suffixes in the future.
   * dh_installchangelogs: Also look for changelogs with .rst suffix.
   [ Tianon Gravi ]
   * debhelper.pod: Clarify "ENVIRONMENT" requirements for Makefile syntax.
     (Closes: #780133)
   [ Translation updates ]
   * pt - Thanks to Américo Monteiro.
     (Closes: #758575)
 868d574e0f189416b3b8cc623b290a9fb8fc4db1 1726 debhelper_9.20150501.dsc
 70aacf94d2ea703e95ed4bc2108ad75a5324f762 313204 debhelper_9.20150501.tar.xz
 96fe8f164a9864c43b1aaa460b339c57303d07ed 822954 debhelper_9.20150501_all.deb
 b4bbf241cb2c10f6d0923cbcf4e42244292347079280e920ff1206354949801b 1726 debhelper_9.20150501.dsc
 f4e94bb294c31310114dfe3ad940f998ea51a7f23b68ca03f35574963843e9a2 313204 debhelper_9.20150501.tar.xz
 85c761c2beb324a6d049ab95875823d510884c6302c98bce20b2ff467d56b7b7 822954 debhelper_9.20150501_all.deb
 1724662bb17e10f4ada8b41b4d3aba1d 1726 devel optional debhelper_9.20150501.dsc
 67dd1e8050e69f0b727836a0ba58c75b 313204 devel optional debhelper_9.20150501.tar.xz
 8ab002f5f5d759ceb6539a14ad04f51f 822954 devel optional debhelper_9.20150501_all.deb

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