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Accepted altos 1.6-1 (source amd64) into unstable

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Format: 1.8
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 2015 22:40:49 -0700
Source: altos
Binary: altos
Architecture: source amd64
Version: 1.6-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com>
Changed-By: Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com>
 altos      - Altus Metrum firmware and utilities
 altos (1.6-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Keith Packard ]
   * altoslib: Stop re-loading previous flight when starting telemetry monitoring
   * telegps: Was mis-configuring the 'Configure Device' dialog
   * altos: Fix ability to disable telemetry by setting interval to 0
   * altos/test: Add TMv2 test program to .gitignore
   * altos: Add smaller altitude table file to .gitignore
   * altos: Make sure we don't beep out continuity twice in idle mode
   * altosui: Ignore built .desktop file
   * ao-bringup: Use C version of test-flash for telegps
   * ao-tools: Add ao-test-gps program
   * ao-bringup: Use C version of ao-test-gps in test-telegps
   * ao-tools/ao-test-gps: Improve output formatting
   * ao-tools/ao-test-igniter: Remove bogus printf
   * ao-bringup: Improve igniter testing. Add TeleMega and TeleMetrum testing.
   * Mark master branch as past the 1.5 point
   * altosdroid: Update version code and name for 1.5
   * altosdroid: Automatically sign the released version if the key is available
   * altosui: Fix --replay to run in realtime after boost
   * altosui: Bring up main window when doing --replay or --graph
   * altosdroid: Update notebook to reflect current status
   * altos: Make sure we drop the SPI mutex when aborting cc1120 recv
   * ao-bringup: Auto-select programmer for teledongle turnon
   * altos: Handle antenna down in ao_flight_test
   * altosui: Check for map and stats table when changing units/fonts in graph
   * altos: Record 32-bits for gyro calibration values
   * altoslib: Deal with new Mega log format that has 32-bit gyro cal
   * altosui: Update 'Imperial Units' checkbox when units change
   * altoslib: Compute tilt angle from eeprom data
   * altos: Fix syntax error with ao_log_mega change.
   * altos: Copy cc1120 driver to cc1200 driver and hack a bit
   * altos: Add prototype TeleDongle v1.9 code
   * altoslib: synchronize access to serial debug output list
   * altosuilib: Try to detect the architecture when loading JNI lib
   * ao-tools/ao-send-telem: Add verbose, fake and rate options
   * altos: Mark STM ao_spi_send as taking const pointer
   * altos: Expose telemetry altitude macros even without GPS
   * altos: Complete cc1200 driver
   * altos/teledongle-v1.9: Add remaining code to complete the project
   * altos: Sort out ao_gps_print altitude fetching
   * altos: Increase PQT value for cc1200 improving sensitivity
   * altos: Build TeleDongle v1.9 by default
   * altos: Remove old AO_SEND_ALL_BARO bits
   * altos: Perform cc1200 calibration less often. Tweak radio params
   * altos: Fix up telemetry delay computations
   * altos: Increase CC1200 SPI data rate to 8MHz
   * altosui: Pop up 'Connecting' dialog during Monitor Idle
   * altos: Rename microwater to microsplash
   * Move teledongle 1.9 to 1.8; there's a new 1.9
   * altos: Declare port register type only in arch header
   * altos: Stop attempting to ramp power on CC115L
   * altos: Use AO_SPO_SPEED_FAST for CC1200
   * altosuilib: GPS errors are recorded in floating point, not integers
   * altos: Use other TeleDongle LED for CRC-invalid packet reporting
   * altos/lpc: Declare SPI send parameters as const
   * altos/lpc: Disable JTAG when using pins for GPIO
   * altos/teledongle-v1.9: Switch to NXP processor as on prototype boards
   * altos: Reset interrupt flags before TX in CC1200 driver
   * altoslib: Missing headers for mag sensor in CSV output
   * altoslib: Make AltosState serializable
   * altosdroid: Don't display MISSING flight number
   * altoslib: Add getBytes/putBytes interface to AltosPreferencesBackend
   * altosdroid: TabMap needs to expose () constructor
   * altoslib: add AltosPreferences state save/restore interfaces
   * altosdroid: Save AltosState and restore at startup
   * altosdroid: East and West were flipped in all GPS output
   * Add AltosDroid release note for version 1.5
   * altos/microsplash: fix .gitignore to ignore resulting binary
   * altosui: Remove duplicate AltosUIPreferencesBackend.java
   * altos: Allow TeleMega to be built without MPU6000
   * altos/teledongle-v1.8: Make this the same as teledongle v1.9
   * altos/cc1200: Wait for packet to be placed in FIFO during receive
   * altos/cc1200: Open up preamble detect to improve sensitivity
   * altos/cc1200: With PQT wide open, we can't use PQT_REACHED for start
   * altoslib: Add usbtrng, usbrelay and mpusb USB ids
   * micropeak: Support µPUSB with our own USB ids
   * ao-bringup: Clear pending output before setting frequency.
   * altos: Document cc115l power measured at RF setting 0x03 as -31.75dBm
   * altos: Adjust CC1200 RSSI reporting value
   * altos/lpc: Switch LPC SPI driver to interrupt-driven
   * Set version to
   * altos: Get rid of some accidental debug code
   * altos/lpc: Fix double-buffered USB changes
   * altos: Add support for TeleBT v3.0
   * altos: Initial STMF04x support
   * altos: USBtrng v2.0 hardware bringup
   * altos: Add self-flash support for STM32F042 processor
   * altos: Add flash-loader to usbtrng-v2.0
   * ao-tools: Add --wait option to ao-usbload
   * altos/stmf0: Fix linker scripts to make ao_boot work
   * altos/stmf0: Add faster USB path
   * altos/stmf0: Add ADC and DMA APIs
   * altos/usbtrng-v2.0: Add random output command
   * altos/stm: Fix typo in stm32l.h
   * ao-tools: Add ao-usbtrng to dump RNG data for testing
   * altos/stmf0: Remove remaining stm32l bits from stm32f0 code
   * altos/stmf0: Add CRC driver
   * altos/usbtrng-v2.0: Use stmf042 hardware CRC unit
   * altos/stmf0: Re-implement fast ADC code for stmf0
   * Oops, forgot the TeleBT-v3.0 Makefile
   * And, also add the TeleBT v3.0 flash loader Makefile
   * altos/stm: Add ability to delay STDIO usage for serial ports
   * altos/btm: Add fancier debug. Pull serial reset port low.
   * altos: Always include a check for stdio overflow
   * altos/telebt-v3.0: Fix stdio setup for BTM
   * altos/telebt-v3.0: Turn red LED off after initialization
   * altos/stmf0: Support PA11/PA12 remapping
   * altos/usbtrng-v2.0: Select PA11/PA12 mapping config value
   * altos/telebt-v3.0: Add monitor bits
   * altos/telebt-v3.0: Set initial radio cal to a sensible value
   * altos: Rename teledongle-v1.9 as teledongle-v3.0
   * ao-bringup: Add turnon_teledonglev3
   * Revert "altos/lpc: Fix double-buffered USB changes"
   * Revert LPC usb performance improvements
   * altos/teledongle-v3.0: Shrink stacks to 320 bytes to fit in ram
   * altos/easymini-v1.0: Shrink stack to deal with USB changes
   * altos/lpc: Clean up USB endpoint access functions
   * altos/lpc: Double buffer USB data transfers
   * Update docs for 1.6
   * libaltos: Use more SetupDi API to get Windows 7 listing devices
   * Add 'keithp-fat' target for uploading temporary builds to keithp's machine
   * windows: Look for current Java version in \SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node
   * micropeak: Fix file association registry install on Windows
   * micropeak: Support both FTDI and Altus Metrum USB IDs
   * micropeak: Install Windows AltusMetrum driver bits
   * altosuilib: New teledongle and telebt devices are not pair-programmed
   * Package TeleDongle-v3.0 firmware with TeleGPS and AltosUI apps
   * altoslib: Store MS5607 data in AltosConfigData for use by AltosMs5607
   * altosuilib: EEProm download from TeleGPS doesn't have states
   * altosuilib: Don't show 'Sats in view' for TeleGPS eeprom graphing
   * altoslib: Support TeleGPS for Monitor Idle
   * altoslib: Use 'stateless' for Monitor Idle
   * altoslib: Initialize GPS data to MISSING for Monitor Idle mode
   * altos/drivers: Increase SPI speed of CC115L to 6MHz
   * altos/lpc: Give up on interrupt-driven SPI driver
   * altos: Separate out ao_tracker force from dbg
   * Update version 1.6 release notes with more bug fixes
   * altos: ao_packet_getchar needs to return 'int' so AO_READ_AGAIN works
   * altosui: Remove the dregs of AltosDroid load-old-telem code
   * altoslib: Mark listener as 'not running' on EOF.
   * altosuilib: Wait for product data while scanning
   * altoslib: Drop telemetry packets processed while monitoring is disabled
   * altosuilib: Reset telemetry state after processing it
   * altoslib: Clear saved TelemetryReader state instead of resetting in ScanUI
   * altosuilib: Set the icon and title of the telemetry scanning dialog
   * doc: update 1.6 release notes with recent bug fixes
   * altosuilib: Get the Eeprom download progress bar working again
   * altosuilib: Don't offer to graph some GPS details that TM doesn't log
   * Bump java library versions
   [ Bdale Garbee ]
   * updated to reflect changes from 1.5 release
   * reflect filename changes in LLC repo
   * store cal value correctly even when we didn't need to change it
   * document pyro current limits in an appendix
   * improve test procedures for TeleMega
   * document addition of TeleDongle to the set of ARM targets to save binaries for
   * update ChangeLog for release
 a0347c06da1e386c6b602da3a0ea77d58e8802c6 2133 altos_1.6-1.dsc
 5338aa11742aa0ac888b12e8a34a822be4950d08 28603792 altos_1.6.orig.tar.gz
 629a746154dd8a4a0dafbf162f849a648ce967c5 51028 altos_1.6-1.debian.tar.xz
 fb5395f4154f02a954924fc34c685b78db8e00e6 19952064 altos_1.6-1_amd64.deb
 30a417ec5bacd734d61c8ed38c419ff9a6cbe7968923c6ef6d0308f9c3a61866 2133 altos_1.6-1.dsc
 3d94477eba3a0b16e5036ef25ccffbd516f81b93296253cbebf1a0eaef71367f 28603792 altos_1.6.orig.tar.gz
 5ccf948a3f4d19c39e807c8c9ac16032d47904ebd90e77ef287b1c9c4b3512a4 51028 altos_1.6-1.debian.tar.xz
 1765d1d89a3febe862f5703538a8fe93acdcbbcf7f6a768916eff0373216ccd0 19952064 altos_1.6-1_amd64.deb
 68c4b445c5427bfc54bbdccd060f5335 2133 electronics optional altos_1.6-1.dsc
 730522816168891405e674d4feb548dc 28603792 electronics optional altos_1.6.orig.tar.gz
 300837a1ee2eb0a5cb1afcf2dd96a40e 51028 electronics optional altos_1.6-1.debian.tar.xz
 041524cf849b30884518aa56263e9587 19952064 electronics optional altos_1.6-1_amd64.deb

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