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Accepted 4store 1.1.5-1 (source amd64) into unstable

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Format: 1.8
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 16:17:47 +0100
Source: 4store
Binary: 4store lib4store-dev lib4store0
Architecture: source amd64
Version: 1.1.5-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk>
Changed-By: Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk>
 4store     - RDF database storage and query engine -- database daemon
 lib4store-dev - RDF database storage and query engine -- development files
 lib4store0 - RDF database storage and query engine -- shared library
Closes: 670168 681125 690648 752012
 4store (1.1.5-1) unstable; urgency=low
   [ upstream ]
   * New upstream bugfix release.
     Closes: bug#681125. Thanks to Kjetil Kjernsmo.
     + Major bugfix to quad delete code
     + Better ISO8601 date handling
     + SUBSTR bugfixes
     + Fix many small memory leaks (some remain)
     + Static built mac binaries, for more reliable .app
     + Threadsafeness imrovements in HTTP server
     + Fix for strange bug relating to rasqal parse error
     + Fix for xsd:int / xsd:integer handling
     + Fix to stuff deep in query engine
     + Fixes to date / dateTime comparison functions
     + Fix crash under heavy HTTP query load
     + Faster cluster discovery on Macs
     + Unary minus maths bugfix
     + Better UNION handling
     New features:
     + Many improvements to test system
     + MD5, SHA1, SHA256 hash functions
     + RAND, FLOOR, CEIL, ROUND, ABS maths functions
     + Support ORDER BY with GROUP BY
     + Support for MINUS keyword
     + TSV output now compliant with W3C draft
   [ Jonas Smedegaard ]
   * Update upstream-tarball hints for new upstream source.
   * Drop patches 1001 and 2001a (Declare libraries in LIBS to support
     --as-needed): Applied upstream.
   * Unfuzz all remaining patches.
   * Build-depend on uuid-dev.
   * Update copyright file:
     + Add new copyright holders (same licensing).
     + Extend coverage of some copyrights.
     + Fix use comment and license pseudo-sections to obey silly
       restrictions of copyright format 1.0.
     + List upstream mailinglist and IRC channel as Upstream-Contact.
   * Bump debhelper compatibility level to 8.
   * Fix set access rights in SysV init script (and make find command
     posix compliant while at it).
   * Fix initialize default knowledge base if missing.
     Closes: bug#670168. Thanks to Andreas Harth.
   * Add README.source emphasizing control.in file as *not* a
     show-stopper for contributions, referring to wiki page for details.
   * Modernize packaging:
     + Stop avoid optional CDBS build-dependencies: Satisfied even in
       Build-depend on devscripts.
     + Use CDBS to put aside upstream-shipped cruft during build.
       Tighten build-dependency on cdbs.
     + Put aside autotools and regenerate during build.
       Build-depend on libtool, automake and autoconf.
       Drop now obsolete (and conflicting) patch 2002a.
       Closes: bug#752012. Thanks to Fernando Seiti Furusato.
     + Declare binary package relations in rules file and
       semi-autoresolve with CDBS.
   * Fix cleanup makefile makefile skipped due to patch 2002.
   * Add patch 1006 to modernize autotools.
   * Add patch 1007 to fix linkage when using -Wl,-z,defs.
   * Add patch 1008 to fix manpage syntax errors.
   * Add patch 1009 to fix bashisms and other weaknesses in shell and
     perl scripts.
     Closes: bug#690648. Thanks to Raphael Geissert.
   * Stop have library package suggest development header package.
   * Fix recommend perl, libnet-http-perl, liburi-perl: Needed by
     4store-dump and 4store-restore.
   * Fix use /var/lib/4store as /home/jonas in 4store postinst.
     Thanks to lintian.
   * Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.6.
 3fa5cb14f6ed5edf5e22f0475fb2a70debb8fd82 2332 4store_1.1.5-1.dsc
 32ef328f846b5585e040ae587c6429d44b070d9a 5610204 4store_1.1.5.orig.tar.gz
 970465742c8390959c0e84e5cbdf06785d6c9bdb 20180 4store_1.1.5-1.debian.tar.xz
 5dc5cef2eff94a03bd689edba165e650e10e7c85 377118 4store_1.1.5-1_amd64.deb
 76eceb28aad732c725e3e3cc9c31511906e2695c 62822 lib4store-dev_1.1.5-1_amd64.deb
 91d5b9fc2625ce2f0fd49caed14ae4ea188e95d9 59234 lib4store0_1.1.5-1_amd64.deb
 09253734001208e943c0323dc109959d04965f46481b4d95ac33a95f9400f773 2332 4store_1.1.5-1.dsc
 2bdd6fb804288802187c5779e365eea2b3ddebce419b3da0609be38edc9e8c5b 5610204 4store_1.1.5.orig.tar.gz
 4ca728f50889142dc69af784e71bc7daff953e3de16f04ebf92b8fbf0a97a2b5 20180 4store_1.1.5-1.debian.tar.xz
 143abbe030e17fae41362feb1179f330ec15d8af68003b7c9646eb25088fe33f 377118 4store_1.1.5-1_amd64.deb
 0cce41cc207a580fedf3aaa15e30c0a06fb8fdae47a8706da54bd510a9942587 62822 lib4store-dev_1.1.5-1_amd64.deb
 d2127a89d745b42c9cb8cd4ac9377a20acc11f5bf550d7219002d6fccd656870 59234 lib4store0_1.1.5-1_amd64.deb
 c4657cfbd5f5166e97790b0918d66e69 2332 utils extra 4store_1.1.5-1.dsc
 90512417abc588c6b60d7b2167f7dc39 5610204 utils extra 4store_1.1.5.orig.tar.gz
 fc859cea5ade5e4ab71be1e48e321122 20180 utils extra 4store_1.1.5-1.debian.tar.xz
 93066ed6481d5c96852c0edd8b49b56e 377118 utils extra 4store_1.1.5-1_amd64.deb
 fd13df69f2de2b45ba763e61665daa0a 62822 libdevel extra lib4store-dev_1.1.5-1_amd64.deb
 832afdba2ca881580cdbebb05f205767 59234 libs extra lib4store0_1.1.5-1_amd64.deb

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