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Accepted game-data-packager 39 (source all) into experimental

Hash: SHA256

Format: 1.8
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 12:25:21 +0000
Source: game-data-packager
Binary: game-data-packager
Architecture: source all
Version: 39
Distribution: experimental
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian Games Team <pkg-games-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Simon McVittie <smcv@debian.org>
 game-data-packager - Installer for game data files
Closes: 733751 737137 742849 745081 775078 775081 775082 775083 775152 775483
 game-data-packager (39) experimental; urgency=low
   Game support and other features:
   [ Alexandre Detiste ]
   * Add game Spear Of Destiny, demo & full version
   * Add game Rise of the Triad: Dark War (rott-registered-data)
     (floppy, CD and site-license versions are supported)
   * Add Wolfenstein 3D: full version (wolf3d-full-v14-data or
     wolf3d-full-v12-data), Closes: #745081
   * Add bash completion
   [ Simon McVittie ]
   * Add support for Hexen II's Portal of Praevus expansion and
     HexenWorld addon (Closes: #733751)
   * Add support for Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel,
     loosely based on patches by Johey Shmit (Closes: #737137)
   * Add support for Hexen demo (Closes: #775483)
   * Add support for Heretic shareware
   * Always search the installed directory for game files (like the
     --repack argument in version 38) unless disabled with --no-search
   * For games distributed via Steam, search various likely locations
     for Steam files (Wine, winetricks, PlayOnLinux or native Linux)
     unless disabled with --no-search
   * Add --demo option to all games with a demo/shareware version,
     which will download/create the demo even if the full game is available
   * Show help after failing to build a package, since it often has
     hints on the data files that are required
   * New command-line options for all games:
     - --search, --no-search
     - --download, --no-download
     - --save-downloads
     - --package=PACKAGE (repeatable)
   Bug fixes:
   [ Alexandre Detiste ]
   * rtcw-data should recommend rtcw (ITP #773742), not rtcw-sp
   * make_template: strip trailing '/' from directories to be searched
   * Give hexen2-data and quake3-data a Suggests on their expansions, to
     keep deborphan happy; add that policy to the documentation
   * Install documentation to $docdir now the code supports that
   * Recommend installation of an engine if necessary
   [ Simon McVittie ]
   * Search /usr/share/games/quake3 for Quake III Arena data
   * Normalize permissions on packaged files to 0644, 0755
   * Switch Doom packages' icons to .png, GNOME Shell doesn't like .xpm
   * Redo logic for files with alternatives to avoid unnecessary warnings
     (Closes: #775152)
   * Install Heretic and Hexen to /usr/share/games/doom again
   * Automatically exclude __pycache__ from tarball
   * All games are now done in Python/YAML so all $@ vs. $* issues
     should have gone away (Closes: #742849)
   * Upgrade game code for Quake II mission packs to latest version
   Internal changes:
   [ Alexandre Detiste ]
   * Convert tyrian, wolf3d to YAML style
   * Add 'make manual-check' which tests some common code paths using
     a local mirror of some freely downloadable games
   * generate control files automatically
   * Add 'unzip' compression method, for old zip files using the 'implode'
     encoding, which can be decompressed by unzip(1) but not by Python
   [ Simon McVittie ]
   * Do all .deb building and installation in Python, not shell
     - depend on python3-debian
   * Improve help text
   * Switch all remaining games to YAML style (Closes: #775081, #775082, #775083)
     - add support for ripping CD audio (Closes: #775078)
     - allow games to have a Python subclass of GameData to customize
       their behaviour, and use that to implement some games'
       historical command-line options
     - add support for flagging files in YAML as known-but-unsuitable,
       and use it for older versions of various .wad files
   * Add myself and Alexandre to debian/copyright
   * Check for id-shr-extract, lgc-pg, lha tools before use
 4d6ec8d729810cc5ffbbe018a1eb7ae52c5d23e6 1823 game-data-packager_39.dsc
 ef6983ddae774c4f39863037ab28b9ee6ce47c0b 122540 game-data-packager_39.tar.xz
 a80f7116e6cde43525f96714fbe0e99ff6368c40 124234 game-data-packager_39_all.deb
 3c8db842f16f5302b4d99cfb6faa40b2656728f48f103a689f31326089081293 1823 game-data-packager_39.dsc
 51c2bce7113f0e0280a3ab65f3128cdc2e6e5f549480abae67854a597374f175 122540 game-data-packager_39.tar.xz
 9dd9cd2d51b75a5843a56f372a4500bbc734a9ab2e024e9c27a84276787f7b1f 124234 game-data-packager_39_all.deb
 673f7497bc1f848866e55c65d318b832 1823 contrib/games optional game-data-packager_39.dsc
 89ea391f922a0cab10550702ca7717d2 122540 contrib/games optional game-data-packager_39.tar.xz
 7a735f07c1f0c442dbdb688876deb18c 124234 contrib/games optional game-data-packager_39_all.deb



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