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Accepted burp 1.4.10-1 (source amd64)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2014 13:29:04 +0100
Source: burp
Binary: burp burp-dbg
Architecture: source amd64
Version: 1.4.10-1
Distribution: experimental
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Bastiaan Franciscus van den Dikkenberg <bas@dikkenberg.net>
Changed-By: Bastiaan Franciscus van den Dikkenberg <bas@dikkenberg.net>
 burp       - Simple cross-platform network BackUp and Restore Program
 burp-dbg   - debugging symbols for Burp
 burp (1.4.10-1) experimental; urgency=low
   * New upstream release 1.4.10 (not stable)
   * Changes in burp-1.4.10:
     - Bug fix for false failure notification when a client tries to
       connect again while a backup is still in progress.
   * Changes in burp-1.4.8:
     - Be sure to close directory file descriptor if fdopendir() fails.
     - Extend the JSON list functionality so that covers all types of listing.
     - Allow the backup to carry on if a filename was too long for the server.
     - Regenerate server certificates if the CA directory exists and is empty.
     - Add machine-readable statistics files for restores and verifies in the
       backup directories.
     - Bug fix for server not exiting after one connection with '-n'.
     - Add 'manual_delete=<directory>' option. This makes the server move
       directories to be deleted to the specified directory, with the intention
       that they will be deleted manually (perhaps by a cron job) later.
   * Changes in burp-1.4.6:
     - Add client option '-a T', which checks whether it is yet time for a backup
       without actually doing a backup.
     - Make the server request the whole file when ctime changes on Windows,
       otherwise changes to metadata when the file content is unchanged will not
       be noticed.
     - Add 'delete' to the client help output.
     - Bug fix for the include_glob code being run on the server side.
     - Bug fix for in the include_glob code not initialising the glob_t struct
     - Get 'include_glob=' in the clientconfdir server side file to work without
       also needing an 'include='.
     - When backing up, open files and directories with O_NOATIME flag so that
       the access time is not changed.
     - Bug fix for no failure notification being sent when the backup directory
       cannot be created.
   * Changes in burp-1.4.4:
     - Bug fix for include_glob xmalloc success check on Windows.
     - Fix long list and status monitor output when a directory argument
       is given.
     - Fix restore problem with backups containing both compressed and
       uncompressed files.
     - Bug fix for an interrupted backup causing a resume when a restore_client
     - Bug fix for defaulting 'resume partial' to off.
   * Changes in burp-1.4.2
     - Add a machine-readable statistics file to each backup directory.
   * Changes in burp-1.4.0
     - Add Abbas Khan's RHEL spec files and related things.
     - Add Benjamin Sans's include_glob feature.
 99b509fa65226694c33403beaf49f902cd88c2ca 1652 burp_1.4.10-1.dsc
 5bc770e2be86089e47d9192bd1e75f3f1743dccb 701977 burp_1.4.10.orig.tar.bz2
 3114ea6fc6bc02fba1b508472b9b3cee3afb46d8 23768 burp_1.4.10-1.debian.tar.xz
 0f4ea00325d2bb6f3fedf519cfded0f58695c1a4 174114 burp_1.4.10-1_amd64.deb
 c465aa940be83d82856c2c4f0845d7c4e3e63f69 504820 burp-dbg_1.4.10-1_amd64.deb
 3c28c7ff9a3c27f112cf8068ac187a15c49abc0d9d3dbed18df9bd54367eefec 1652 burp_1.4.10-1.dsc
 f9e55170656b05c07c7909b7a74867becae2cd88d6a0d2fec94206caf2778c19 701977 burp_1.4.10.orig.tar.bz2
 ff999555da9302b152a94349ead8f4a8a19949e1437836e8457f65d44da599a0 23768 burp_1.4.10-1.debian.tar.xz
 7a4237c70bdabca2e3170c19419acae3e958633609edabfe0cac4fd77a7026eb 174114 burp_1.4.10-1_amd64.deb
 b503d29554c4c41509c28c5ed65ed7062470957d5eb9ff9eea425d7666c690e3 504820 burp-dbg_1.4.10-1_amd64.deb
 54c8319fcc5a13fab0deb77230eb414f 1652 utils extra burp_1.4.10-1.dsc
 b58d8891541fc031887c963dd120ccb3 701977 utils extra burp_1.4.10.orig.tar.bz2
 562229a85676587cf6c8623bf37e923f 23768 utils extra burp_1.4.10-1.debian.tar.xz
 af4ab3e035bcb91fc18bb81fd00de39e 174114 utils extra burp_1.4.10-1_amd64.deb
 7c39ff84115431772f5d67b31785ec52 504820 debug extra burp-dbg_1.4.10-1_amd64.deb

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