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Accepted handbrake 0.9.8+dfsg1-1~19.gbpc8b9ba (source amd64)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 18:19:41 +0200
Source: handbrake
Binary: handbrake-cli handbrake-gtk
Architecture: source amd64
Version: 0.9.8+dfsg1-1~19.gbpc8b9ba
Distribution: experimental
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Reinhard Tartler <siretart@debian.org>
Changed-By: Reinhard Tartler <siretart@tauware.de>
 handbrake-cli - versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder (command line)
 handbrake-gtk - versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder (GTK GUI)
 handbrake (0.9.8+dfsg1-1~19.gbpc8b9ba) experimental; urgency=low
   * Team upload.
   [ Rogério Brito ]
   * Note: This is an almost complete rework of the packaging included in
     previous iterations of handbrake. This changelog reflects only a
     fraction of the work that went into make it suitable for Debian and
     involved the work of many people. For the complete list of changes,
     we kindly refer you to the git repository for all the details.
   * Many janitorial fixes to the packaging, including:
     + Force bug reporting to go Debian's BTS.
     + Convert the package to format 3.0 (quilt).
     + Add me as Maintainer.
     + Add Reinhard Tartler to Uploaders.
     + Install upstream's changelog.
     + Add DEP-3 metadata to patches.
     + First approximation of a DEP-5-like format.
     + Use max xz compression with 'extreme' strategy for debs.
     + Add versioned pre-depends on dpkg for xz compression.
   * Mark patches that were forwarded upstream.
   * Fix build-dependencies/compilation fixes:
     + Include libdbus-glib-1-dev, libgtk-2.0-dev.
     + Remove unused libxvidcore-dev, libfaac-dev.
     + Don't use external sources for libraries that we already have
       in debian, by including (but not limited to):
       libx264-dev, libbluray-dev, libdvdnav-dev, libdvdread-dev,
       libmpeg2-4-dev, various components of libav.
       Thanks to Daniel Baumann for uploading suitable, new versions
       libdvd{nav,read} in time.
   * debian/patches:
     + 0001-Remove-encoding-...:
       Remove encoding indication from desktop file, spotted by lintian.
     + 0002-Fix-include-with-the-system-s-libav:
       Use Debian's libav instead of ffmpeg 0.7 downloaded and patched
       at build time. Thanks to Fabian Greffrath for the cleaner solution.
     + 0003-Remove-embedded-...:
     + 0004-Enable-compilation-on-Debian-arches...:
       Adapt kFreeBSD compilation patch to work with the HURD. Thanks to
       Pino Toscano for the review and modifications.
     + 0005-libhb-Fix-compilation-with-mp4v2-v1.9.1-...:
     + 0006-LinGUI-Allow-user-to-pass-libavcodec-settings-...:
     + 0007-Fix-for-compilation-with-Debian-s-libbluray:
     + 0008-Fix-for-compilation-with-Debian-s-libdca:
     + 0010-Remove-FAAC-dependency:
       Patch to remove use of FAAC---it is non-free and there are good
       enough solutions for use as substitutes.
     + 0011-First-try-at-removing-some-of-mp4v2:
       First try at removing some of mp4v2---linking mp4v2 against
       handbrake results in undistributable binaries, which poses a problem
       for Debian.
   * debian/patches:
     + Add 0014-Use-unpatched-a52.patch for use with future releases.
   * debian/patches:
     + Add 0015-use-metadata-reading-from-libav.patch to avoid using mp4v2
       and, therefore, a license problem with linking MPL1.1 code.
   * Wrap long lines in the changelog.
   * debian/patches: Add patch to fix memcpy with overlapping memory regions.
   * Imported Upstream version 0.9.8
   * debian/patches:
     + 0001-Remove-encoding-...: remove, applied upstream.
     + 0004-Enable-compilation-on-Debian-arches...: partially applied
       upstream, adjust.
     + 0006-LinGUI-Allow-user-to-pass-libavcodec-settings-...: remove,
       applied upstream.
     + 0011-First-try-at-removing-some-of-mp4v2: partially applied
       upstream, adjust.
     + 0012-FLAGS.patch: remove, applied upstream.
     + Refresh remaining patches.
     + 0016-...: Use unpatched libmkv for the moment.
   * debian/rules: Simplify, after changes accepted upstream.
   [ Andres Mejia ]
   * Change Priority to optional.
   * Add myself to Uploaders field.
   * Add default gbp options to enable pristine-tar.
   [ Reinhard Tartler ]
   * fix my email address
   * Upload to experimental
   * Remove ccache diversion
   * Prune the following subdirectories from the upstream tarball:
      - contrib/
      - download/
      - macosx/
      - win/
   [ Fabian Greffrath ]
   * Bring master branch back to pristine upstream branch + patches
   * Add versions to build-dependencies on libdvdnav-dev and libdvdread-dev.
   * Consider CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS in libhb build and fix format
     string security errors.
   * Filter optimization and debug flags out of dpkg-buildflags.
   * Fix lintian warnings WRT debian/changelog.
   * Some cosmetic changes to debian/control.
   * Simplify debian/patches/0003-Remove-embedded-downloaded-....patch
   * Set LDFLAGS in debian/rules instead of hard-coding them.
   * Simplify debian/handbrake-gtk.install.
   * Improvements to 0010-Remove-FAAC-dependency.patch:
   * Get rid of libmp4v2 and thus MP4 muxing and fall back to MKV instead.
   * Mention in the package description that we have ripped out libfaac and
   * Add some copyright holders and LGPL-licensed files to debian/copyright.
   * Add debian/README.source with instructions and reasons to repackage
     the source tarball when handbrake gets eventually uploaded to Debian.
   * Add myself to Uploaders.
 6e81f59491f00f708af877f075f9d0216a49fb60 2177 handbrake_0.9.8+dfsg1-1~19.gbpc8b9ba.dsc
 4616b002ad4f3404f82b2623266bde2b391f6f63 716838 handbrake_0.9.8+dfsg1.orig.tar.bz2
 c98278956e702e25935343d94b4470947e2e5de5 17243 handbrake_0.9.8+dfsg1-1~19.gbpc8b9ba.debian.tar.gz
 6d839425ef89ed52c0351d41d6e4507b90434ec5 246180 handbrake-cli_0.9.8+dfsg1-1~19.gbpc8b9ba_amd64.deb
 9f48c27611a1ed01bfe24b0e9382a31ed6e47291 478396 handbrake-gtk_0.9.8+dfsg1-1~19.gbpc8b9ba_amd64.deb
 5a7ae410c5a7927d77255fd14e4e91c7551083be96c81b270a1cbc8288267365 2177 handbrake_0.9.8+dfsg1-1~19.gbpc8b9ba.dsc
 09f580ee67e648bad10ce1a4664a8f8a58574ee1e214b5769ea42c2d54bfc10f 716838 handbrake_0.9.8+dfsg1.orig.tar.bz2
 a4b61a8d6a96adf6e41aeb038d35a75eb3b171501e317b9d3e9f07d68b0967b3 17243 handbrake_0.9.8+dfsg1-1~19.gbpc8b9ba.debian.tar.gz
 fb4573dc84990ea84fa90094518a25cc740335f75c264dd0b2b1ed4b4862932d 246180 handbrake-cli_0.9.8+dfsg1-1~19.gbpc8b9ba_amd64.deb
 c2ef26895ef904348541bf0b66479890d77dacca2fc294dc008784b19892870d 478396 handbrake-gtk_0.9.8+dfsg1-1~19.gbpc8b9ba_amd64.deb
 530285f2314275021e9d4570c0bb5912 2177 graphics optional handbrake_0.9.8+dfsg1-1~19.gbpc8b9ba.dsc
 d97ff914e9e3991ba99f7c7ab9dc1769 716838 graphics optional handbrake_0.9.8+dfsg1.orig.tar.bz2
 c7584e86c82ecb3efc31869e1271ea2b 17243 graphics optional handbrake_0.9.8+dfsg1-1~19.gbpc8b9ba.debian.tar.gz
 61d681c95c40544b8ed16e7c0c1faeec 246180 graphics optional handbrake-cli_0.9.8+dfsg1-1~19.gbpc8b9ba_amd64.deb
 eff22727eb1d77cbb36b23dcc19e5cd9 478396 graphics optional handbrake-gtk_0.9.8+dfsg1-1~19.gbpc8b9ba_amd64.deb

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