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Accepted piuparts 0.46 (source all)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2012 15:28:04 +0200
Source: piuparts
Binary: piuparts piuparts-master piuparts-slave piuparts-common
Architecture: source all
Version: 0.46
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: piuparts developers team <piuparts-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Holger Levsen <holger@debian.org>
 piuparts   - .deb package installation, upgrading, and removal testing tool
 piuparts-common - common piuparts components
 piuparts-master - piuparts master components
 piuparts-slave - piuparts slave components
Closes: 668713 670150 677332 682184 686360
 piuparts (0.46) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Holger Levsen ]
   * piuparts-report: drop in-code index.tpl stub.
   * slave-join: fix bug preventing detection that the slave is not running.
   * piuparts: call schroot with session: argument, thanks to Stephan Sürken
     for the patch. (Closes: #686360)
   [ Andreas Beckmann ]
   * piuparts.py:
     - Add to ignored_files/ignored_patterns:
       + /var/lib/cdebconf/{questions,templates}.dat-old
       + /var/lib/onioncat/
       + /var/lib/vmm/(./.*)?    (Closes: #682184)
     - Fix some leftover files and directories getting incorrectly accounted to
       the package being tested instead of the dependencies in --warn-on-others
     - Implement --install-purge-install option: test purging with all
       dependencies still installed; re-install after purge.
     - Install the dependencies and snapshot the chroot before the
       --install-purge-install test.  Check that the chroot after purge matches
       the snapshot.  (Closes: #668713)
   * piupartslib/dependencyparser.py:
     - Package names may now have a ":any" qualification in some cases.  Extend
       the parser to recognize and discard this suffix.
   * piupartslib/packagesdb.py:
     - Implement logfile recycling mode that avoids getting a large backlog of
       untested packages due to uncoordinated log deletion.  Delay log deletion
       and give preference to packages (or versions) that have not yet been
       tested.  (Closes: #670150)
       + logfiles to be recycled should be hardlinked from pass/, fail/, ... to
       + recycling can be enabled if recycle/ is not empty
       + treat packages with logfile in recycle/ as initially "unknown" and
         compute state ("waiting[-for-dependency]-to-be-tested")
       + delete old logfile while reserving such a package
   * piuparts-master.py:
     - Accept and discard duplicate log submissions, preventing the slave from
       retrying infinitely.
     - Delay loading the Packages file which is only needed for "status" and
       "reserve" commands, but not for submitting logs.
     - Add "recycle" command to enter logfile recycling mode (needs to be
       issued before "status" or "reserve").
     - Remember idle state by creating stamp files.
     - Add "idle" command to check a remembered idle status before trying to
       "reserve" packages (avoid package state computation).  Idle status (i.e.
       no packages available for "reserve") will be remembered for an hour, but
       any log modification (submission, deletion, marking for recycling) will
       clear the idle status.
   * piuparts-slave.py:
     - Fix stopping the currently running test (Ctrl-C Ctrl-C).
     - Handle master communication exceptions while sending logs or reserving
       packages: skip the section but keep the slave running.
     - Flush finished logs from sections that have processing postponed due to
       precedence settings.
     - Skip connection to master if we have reserved but no submittable logs.
     - Submit finished logs after completing all reserved logs in a section.
     - Send finished logs to master if interrupted with a single Ctrl-C.
     - Try to unreserve all reserved logs after interrupt.
     - Add SIGHUP handler that triggers flushing finished logs.  Flushing (all
       sections) will be done after the current test has finished.
     - Enter logfile recycling mode if no section has packages left for regular
       processing.  Recycle logfiles until a section becomes available for
       regular processing.  If no logfiles could be recycled, retry after an
     - Issue "idle" command before "reserve" and skip status computation and
       reserving if master is idle.
   * piuparts-report.py:
   * Simplify running piuparts from GIT.
   * Reorganize layout in the GIT repository to reduce path nesting and length.
   * Makefile:
     - Separate build and install targets.
     - Adjust for new layout, cleanup, simplify.
   * conf/piuparts.apache: Set DefaultType text/plain (for the logfiles).
   * reschedule_oldest_logs: Hardlink old logfiles to recycle/ instead of
     deleting them.  Cleanup obsolete rescheduling requests.
   * New helper script: master-bin/reclassify_bugged.
   * New custom script post_setup_forbid_home: replace /home with a file to
     prevent creating home directories there.  (Closes: #677332)
   * New custom script post_install_find_bad_permissions: look for world
     writable directories without sticky bit set.
 a65e1995ee67af1bb33b7333af23dc4e8afbbb14 1829 piuparts_0.46.dsc
 93795ca157fedf1c263626d7836ae9293558a04c 153608 piuparts_0.46.tar.gz
 c4f379d26cb722c8c1f183b24355116348043e64 85658 piuparts_0.46_all.deb
 b84a0915a5f579a5d23431be112ac5ba24c0f5b7 87310 piuparts-master_0.46_all.deb
 495a0e89cb3cc719d5fa74f05b6a2533d48dd7c4 35030 piuparts-slave_0.46_all.deb
 5eb767a8029e693946770d5483a81022305db646 33546 piuparts-common_0.46_all.deb
 705615252c651b6cf7bec050ec68ccd92ad497222b1e577da7d602b70dcf18e5 1829 piuparts_0.46.dsc
 cdfc797f2cbd97ab29bb59cef4b8ca4899c9f3c5b69631f1da937f50bac58405 153608 piuparts_0.46.tar.gz
 6a17959aa96bb735b357376e7453bceb3649be18f37ea9afcf38d1739b627136 85658 piuparts_0.46_all.deb
 d668ff43293d435b5677ace51e9b774df21aa5970a66c796ca7b86f3f1fdb3d6 87310 piuparts-master_0.46_all.deb
 16b55a1f72d511f7811f61cbac0f9a8a321a4fad94afb10862c1fe4e10c6b914 35030 piuparts-slave_0.46_all.deb
 791f4b57a33e45e229cfcc4f07bad89ed3ab39f040715c24e25016e77c48072e 33546 piuparts-common_0.46_all.deb
 d3626ead807a203735f85b2ee164305e 1829 devel extra piuparts_0.46.dsc
 b53a20bde10fac67d64bc31ca87ca863 153608 devel extra piuparts_0.46.tar.gz
 195ca129496e32704e5d33dad1cd675c 85658 devel extra piuparts_0.46_all.deb
 87fd84d33f88a9e51f9fdae47bff11c9 87310 devel extra piuparts-master_0.46_all.deb
 6ed65dd1852d0b904929cd695c303eee 35030 devel extra piuparts-slave_0.46_all.deb
 ab4176539fa01bc5aed08fb3ea0e7cc6 33546 devel extra piuparts-common_0.46_all.deb

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