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Accepted live-manual 1:3.0~a15-1 (source all)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2012 22:48:06 +0200
Source: live-manual
Binary: live-manual-all live-manual-epub live-manual-html live-manual-odf live-manual-pdf live-manual-txt
Architecture: source all
Version: 1:3.0~a15-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian Live Project <debian-live@lists.debian.org>
Changed-By: Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org>
 live-manual-all - Debian Live - Documentation (metapackage)
 live-manual-epub - Debian Live - Documentation (epub)
 live-manual-html - Debian Live - Documentation (html)
 live-manual-odf - Debian Live - Documentation (odf)
 live-manual-pdf - Debian Live - Documentation (pdf)
 live-manual-txt - Debian Live - Documentation (txt)
 live-manual (1:3.0~a15-1) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Ben Armstrong ]
   * Renaming keyboard-variant to keyboard-variants, matching latest
   [ chals ]
   * Updating Spanish and French translations to keyboard-variants.
   [ Ben Armstrong ]
   * Beginning change from predefined package lists to metapackages.
   [ chals ]
   * Updating Spanish translation of user_customization-packages.ssi.po.
   [ Daniel Baumann ]
   * Updating the internal list of strings that get automatically a
     certain markup (like debian release codenames, debian packages
     names, etc.).
   [ chals ]
   * Insisting on the fact that achieving a 100% translation is important
     in respect to code blocks.
   * Updating French translation of user_customization.ssi.po, after the
     addition of metapackages.
   * Updating Catalan translation of user_customization-packages.ssi.po,
     after the addition of metapackages.
   [ Ben Armstrong ]
   * Updating apt pinning example to correct actual metapackage
   * Rewriting introductory package list sections around metapackages
     instead of predefined lists.
   [ chals ]
   * Updating translation of es/user_customization-packages.ssi (apt
   * Updating translation of fr/user_customization-packages.ssi (apt
   * Updating the translation of ca/user_customization-packages.ssi (apt
   * Fixing mismatch in the indexes of the Spanish and French manuals.
   [ Ben Armstrong ]
   * Explaining multiple lists, dropping includes and tasks, adding
     generated lists.
   * Fixing minor typo in Packages helper paragraph.
   [ chals ]
   * Updating Spanish translation of user_customization-packages
     (multiple lists).
   * Updating French translation of user_customization-packages (multiple
   * Updating Catalan translation of user_customization-packages
     (multiple lists).
   * Translating user_customization-runtime.ssi.po into Catalan.
   * Revising the now unsupported '-p|--package-lists' option providing
     alternatives, thanks to Ben Armstrong for the hints.
   * Copying minimal.chroot hook to config/hooks and thus making the
     example work.
   * Removing 'standard-x11 list' and explaining the lists a bit better.
   * Removing '--includes none' from the minimal image example as it is
     unsupported and was tested without that option.
   * Providing a way to create a smaller image before the size
     optimization warning in the examples.
   * Proofreading project_bugs.
   * Removing the binary includes section since they were dropped.
   [ Ben Armstrong ]
   * Rewriting 'Managing a configuration' for greater clarity and
     introducing --config option.
   [ chals ]
   * Running 'make commit' to avoid conflicts and thus being able to
     commit languages individually afterwards; there are too many changes
     to cope with them all.
   [ Ben Armstrong ]
   * Fixing lb config --config examples: missing option.
   [ chals ]
   * Updating Catalan translation of user_managing a configuration, lb
     config --config.
   [ Ben Armstrong ]
   * Clarifying section headings relating to auto scripts.
   [ chals ]
   * Removing 'echo' to improve readability.
   * Updating Catalan translation of the headings of auto scritps.
   * Starting work to complete the Spanish translation, adding missing
     code blocks and updating user_customization-contents, project_bugs
     and user_overview.
   * Starting work to complete the French translation, adding missing
     code blocks and updating user_customization-contents,
     user_customization-packages and user_overview.
   * Revising the French translation of project_bugs and fixing its
     'fuzzy' string.
   * Completing the French translation with user_examples and
     user_managing_a_configuration and revising po headers.
   * Revising the headers in the Spanish po files that showed 'Catalan'
     by an error.
   [ Ben Armstrong ]
   * Updating prerequisites: Linux 3.x included.
   * Updating build live-boot and live-config from source to reflect best
     practice for short-term testing.
   * Clarifying example uses bash commands.
   [ chals ]
   * Completing the Spanish translation with
     user_managing_a_configuration, user_installation and user_examples.
   * Updating French translation of user_installation.
   * Updating the Catalan translation of user_installation.ssi.po.
   * Fixing one title in the Spanish translation and improving one string
     in user_installation.ssi.po.
   [ Ben Armstrong ]
   * Clarifying --apt-recommends false has consequences for live-*
   * Updating language tasks section and examples chapter to no longer
     use task lists.
   [ chals ]
   * Re-adding packages left out by 'apt-recommends false' to make the
     images work properly in the examples.
 d080ed3443df72e7ffe292cfe2502672b8ea5f51 1714 live-manual_3.0~a15-1.dsc
 879ba28d888e655ced79adc1d2f12bae06699f81 273616 live-manual_3.0~a15.orig.tar.xz
 bbeebcf34f7cb470b1c0b348959cc34abf24846d 20368 live-manual_3.0~a15-1.debian.tar.xz
 f53d4eee1cf610854397e0a61f1b2af6fefa2fe8 22394 live-manual-all_3.0~a15-1_all.deb
 e6e2eb0fce318ccc1034e40f9144d39e443c7524 810276 live-manual-epub_3.0~a15-1_all.deb
 f55e184541000c7dc90576a81256045a08ad298b 346156 live-manual-html_3.0~a15-1_all.deb
 f6cae743adc02864a608ef5262cc222a7aea26cf 484246 live-manual-odf_3.0~a15-1_all.deb
 c9fe2fbc63aa6393055e3078c347a55197f2c17c 22360 live-manual-pdf_3.0~a15-1_all.deb
 1a49a335aa9d576b1a8df892e4eaffb459e321c4 417916 live-manual-txt_3.0~a15-1_all.deb
 8263764e3895d89cd289c9161bbbae13deceef348bd95eaf5a0d66ac167a71f1 1714 live-manual_3.0~a15-1.dsc
 83282aed9d79f7b0b3db3294f870e900a7da35aaa6ebd2a0384e6ff917135a0e 273616 live-manual_3.0~a15.orig.tar.xz
 1e149841d27d4fe8fc361335b496bf368f13e3d7515f7cfa683a544b27ac542c 20368 live-manual_3.0~a15-1.debian.tar.xz
 1ab5e17b6ce672884cc97a2c4ea7febe7141c2a80d371966ef03f023ac3a5264 22394 live-manual-all_3.0~a15-1_all.deb
 70bf71c3943e899ecaaea36528c39657ff3e52430650556d23d7a68a1eecb88e 810276 live-manual-epub_3.0~a15-1_all.deb
 3bb8db2f36a4402c8e035f090fa9aef5b44f090fd1dc22c1061d3917f3605deb 346156 live-manual-html_3.0~a15-1_all.deb
 dc42ff1100f77be51f1179c8f7e45908ff60018ba2d5dc2c1b104cf22ecf5bfa 484246 live-manual-odf_3.0~a15-1_all.deb
 942f71f3ffe32e2c8680494807c2a4d7e4961e0a6346b8d552485850c27e9c6e 22360 live-manual-pdf_3.0~a15-1_all.deb
 fb3c383c55fd71a26271c97ee75e299f787604acd1b65bedf53c2e4cc320daba 417916 live-manual-txt_3.0~a15-1_all.deb
 806234369216bd0f20e041772b56539e 1714 doc optional live-manual_3.0~a15-1.dsc
 9bfe9d9a6503b99433a705489568bc28 273616 doc optional live-manual_3.0~a15.orig.tar.xz
 197bae0a5695523415be234997366df5 20368 doc optional live-manual_3.0~a15-1.debian.tar.xz
 0c9e603c71ea43dca1322a55f4cea08e 22394 doc optional live-manual-all_3.0~a15-1_all.deb
 52a839a1773a2161c42aa6b3812eb519 810276 doc optional live-manual-epub_3.0~a15-1_all.deb
 44fb6de0d268e8b8f913d77a5ce0eefe 346156 doc optional live-manual-html_3.0~a15-1_all.deb
 5bd16648807f9fc1d32df91f5a34f5f2 484246 doc optional live-manual-odf_3.0~a15-1_all.deb
 382a70ea6e57de3a0f67e63cfeefd7ab 22360 doc optional live-manual-pdf_3.0~a15-1_all.deb
 2a4c865e9f415ca4b15f0a7707c7ce17 417916 doc optional live-manual-txt_3.0~a15-1_all.deb

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