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Accepted git-buildpackage 0.6.0~git20120803 (source all)

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2012 19:26:48 +0200
Source: git-buildpackage
Binary: git-buildpackage
Architecture: source all
Version: 0.6.0~git20120803
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Guido Günther <agx@sigxcpu.org>
Changed-By: Guido Günther <agx@sigxcpu.org>
 git-buildpackage - Suite to help with Debian packages in Git repositories
 git-buildpackage (0.6.0~git20120803) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Guido Günther ]
   * [6287b0d] gbp.conf: Make config option printing more consistent
   * [9430ee1] Make TestDir testcase use a newly created directory neeeded for
     the upcoming packagename/version parsing support
   * [e9d239b] UpstreamSource: automatically detect package name and versions
     from directories of the form packagename-<version>
   * [41482a3] tests: test GitRepository.get_commit_info()
   * [dd593a0] GitRepository: return GitModifier object instead of separate
     fields this make sure the number of return values doesn't stays sane when
     also returning timestamps and committer information.
   * [92a744e] GitRepository: Add test that covers remote branches in
   * [e6e0150] Make exception syntax consistent
   * [d3ee4b0] GitRepository: Make rev_parse's short option an int everywhere
   * [891ea2b] git.repository.GitRepository.add_remote_repo: use GitArgs
   * [036db95] gbp.git.GitRepository: Add remove_remote
   * [4db02e5] Fix variable renaming
   * [f4da964] GitModifier: More flexible date handling.
     Allow to pass in the date as datetime object, timestamp or git raw date.
     and allow to retrieve these values. This make constructing GitModifiers
     from python simpler.
   * [cd829c9] GitRepository: raise GitRepositoryError on git errors.
     Raise GitRepositoryError in cases where CommandExecFailed (from
     GitCommand) was previously silently passed forward.
     Heavily based on a patch by Markus Lehtonen.
   * [7a9f947] GitModifier: use __getitem__ to fetch date
     instead of accessing __dict__ directly which only has _date.
   * [c4524f8] GitModifier: add tests for dict interface
   * [c47deff] Remove multiple spaces
   * [56a8672] Skip tests requiring devscripts if dch is not there
     so tests don't fail on rpm based systems.
   * [5961a4d] Test help output by importing the modules
     so we get correct coverage information for the scripts
   * [68efed1] gbp.command_wrappers: Reformat to 80 chars line length
   * [aa2ba85] Add tests for gbp.deb.{DpkgCompareVersions,DscFile}
   * [83577af] Move uscan to separate class
   * [776cbb7] Improve error reporting from uscan
     by parsing out the warnings and error fields from the dehs output.
   [ Markus Lehtonen ]
   * [9b68e37] import-orig: move is_link_target() to common module.
     This change makes is_link_target() re-usable in the upcoming RPM-tools.
   * [36e0986] common/pq: use strip in apply_and_commit_patch()
     Use the strip information of the patch when applying patches. Also,
     changes GitRepository.apply_patch() to accept integer values as 'strip'
   * [cc1ebfd] PristineTar: move Debian-specific stuff to DebianPristineTar.
     Continuation to the PristineTar refactoring, makes the "common"
     PristineTar independent of DebianPkgPolicy. This commit moves the
     Debian-specific has_commit() and checkout() methods to DebianPristineTar
     class and replaces them with more generic functions in the base class.
     Also, drops the Debian-specific get_commit() method completely, as it
     was not used outside the PristineTar class itself.
   * [18fc698] GitRepository: fix process cwd in _git_inout()
   * [1e85978] GitRepository: make get_commit_info() more robust.
     Now uses git-show instead of git-log. This is needed for further
     enhancements (namely to get name-status for merge commits). Also, use
     null-character as the field separator which makes parsing more reliable.
     The method now returns 'body' of the commit message as is, without
     stripping or splitting to lines.
     In addition, get_commit_info() now uses GitArgs and _git_inout() instead
     of the deprecated _git_getoutput().
   * [2c668bf] GitRepository/get_commit_info: check return value of git command
   * [4d56ab6] GitRepository/rev_parse: add new argument 'short'
     Adds a new argument to get abbreviated SHA1.
     Also, modifies rev_parse() to use GitArgs class.
   * [ba55f9e] GitRepository/get_author_info: return user.name as name.
     Return users full name (user.name) instead of email (user.email) as the
     'name' of the author when taking the value from git config.
   * [21ac2d8] GitRepository: option to ignore untracked in is_clean()
     Add an option to ignore untracked files when checking if the repository
     is clean.
   * [7f9776f] GitRepository/get_commit_info: add author timestamp.
     Add author timestamps to the info returned by get_commit_info() method.
   * [32f725f] GitRepository/get_commit_info: add committer info.
     Add committer to the info returned by get_commit_info() method. Returns
     committer name, email and timestamp as a GitModifier object.
   * [6e4138f] GitRepository/get_commit_info: add file status.
     Add file status and name to the info returned by the get_commit_info()
   [ Ed Bartosh ]
   * [9c54298] deb.git: Fixed typo in method name
     the double underscore prefix was dropped ages ago.
   [ Daniel Dehennin ]
   * [b970ca0] Test behavior of gbp.scripts.dch.main().
     * tests/11_test_dch_main.py: Test common cases with "--release" and
       "--snapshot". Try 2 consecutive snapshots to check for merged entries.
 a3981cc37a080b1477d1b9c44743dd8e4115404c 1282 git-buildpackage_0.6.0~git20120803.dsc
 2ba386c8395d4e74ff237477b306a50f08fbe5c3 158778 git-buildpackage_0.6.0~git20120803.tar.gz
 f530172428ae1abf32ddd4c527d35023c50c2407 321340 git-buildpackage_0.6.0~git20120803_all.deb
 2d6b22950e6b3d39aef60b8b45096532a3594025643ec525dd527245daece991 1282 git-buildpackage_0.6.0~git20120803.dsc
 567995a9220d95d5369801ff4e68d55f58f3c40960119843689c4c31ab36a5dc 158778 git-buildpackage_0.6.0~git20120803.tar.gz
 dcccad8cc850bd2d4119bf297d155a732f925cbd9ad4ca1570bd9d06ffc9fe4f 321340 git-buildpackage_0.6.0~git20120803_all.deb
 e3e4c686eb7d63977064289b1b49ea53 1282 vcs optional git-buildpackage_0.6.0~git20120803.dsc
 b694618864df337d9ce951fcdb120b97 158778 vcs optional git-buildpackage_0.6.0~git20120803.tar.gz
 a7e45eddab6c2e49a0c480aab5436f0d 321340 vcs optional git-buildpackage_0.6.0~git20120803_all.deb

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