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Accepted germinate 2.0 (source all)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Sun, 04 Dec 2011 14:16:54 +0000
Source: germinate
Binary: germinate python-germinate
Architecture: source all
Version: 2.0
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Colin Watson <cjwatson@ubuntu.com>
Changed-By: Colin Watson <cjwatson@ubuntu.com>
 germinate  - expand dependencies in a list of seed packages
 python-germinate - expand dependencies in seed packages (Python interface)
 germinate (2.0) unstable; urgency=low
   * Make sure to always close files after finishing with them.  Mostly this
     is done using the 'with' statement in Python 2.6, but pychecker gets
     unhappy with contextlib.closing so I carried on using traditional
     try/finally blocks in cases that would require that.
   * Remove all uses of os.system and os.popen, replacing them with uses of
     the better-designed subprocess module.
   * Remove all code supporting the germinate -i/--ipv6 option; this has been
     off by default since November 2004, the service behind this was
     discontinued in March 2007
     (http://lists.debian.org/debian-ipv6/2007/02/msg00015.html), and
     germinate was never a great place to track this kind of thing anyway.
   * Convert all option parsing to optparse.  Consolidate defaults into a new
     Germinate.defaults module.
   * Update copyright dates.
   * Move canonical source location from people.canonical.com to a hosted
     branch on Launchpad.
   * Slightly modernise use of dh_python2.
   * Forbid seed names containing slashes.
   * Eliminate most uses of list.sort() in favour of sorted(iterable).
   * When promoting dependencies from lesser seeds, remove them from the
     lesser seed lists at output time rather than immediately.  This is
     mostly to make it easier to process multiple seed structures, but also
     fixes a long-standing bug where promoted dependencies were only removed
     from a single arbitrary lesser seed rather than from all possible ones.
   * Memoise the results of Germinator's _inner_seeds, _strictly_outer_seeds,
     and _outer_seeds methods.  This saves nearly a third of germinate's
     runtime in common cases.
   * Write all output files atomically.
   * Change default distribution to precise.
   * Update kubuntu-meta example in germinate-update-metapackage(1).
   * Refer to versioned GPL file in debian/copyright.
   * Policy version 3.9.2: no changes required.
   * Massive API cleanup:
     - Move output-writing functions from the top-level germinate program
       into Germinator.
     - Redesign how Germinator gets Packages/Sources sections from the
       archive.  This now works via an abstract interface, which should make
       it easier to plug in alternative archive sources (e.g. a database).
     - Move all apt_pkg interaction into library code.  Germinator.__init__
       now takes an architecture argument so that it can set
     - Turn open_seed into a Seed class, allowing it to be a context manager.
     - Move code pertaining to the structure of seeds into a SeedStructure
       class, simplifying the interface.
     - Make all module names lower-case, per PEP-8.  Remove the separate
       Germinate.Archive.tagfile module; this is now in germinate.archive
       directly.  Adjust build system and pychecker handling to support this.
     - Remove unnecessary logging helper functions.
     - Don't modify level names on the root logger simply as a result of
       importing germinate.germinator; move this into a function.
     - Prefix all private methods with an underscore.
     - Remove germinate.tsort from germinate's public API.
     - Convert all method names to the PEP-8 preferred style (method_name
       rather than methodName).
     - Introduce wrapper functions for the various uses of write_list and
       write_source_list, and make the underlying methods private.
     - Make most instance variables private by prefixing an underscore,
       adding a few accessor methods.
     - Convert build system to distutils, make the germinate Python package
       public, and create a new python-germinate binary package.
     - Improve the Seed class so that seeds can be read multiple times
       without having to redownload them, and so that they remember which
       branch they came from.
     - Don't modify inner seeds when processing outer ones; filter
       build-dependencies on output instead.
     - Don't plant or grow seeds that have already had functionally-identical
       versions planted or grown respectively.
     - Automatically convert string dists/components/mirrors/source_mirrors
       arguments to lists in TagFile constructor.
     - Make it possible for a single Germinator to process multiple seed
       structures, reusing the work done on common seeds.
     - Canonicalise mirrors (by appending '/' if necessary) in TagFile rather
       than in the main germinate program.
     - Handle the extra seed entirely within Germinator rather than modifying
       SeedStructure (which doesn't fit well with processing the same seed
       structure on multiple architectures).
     - Use module-level loggers.
     - Get rid of the custom PROGRESS log level.
     - Change germinate.archive to use logging rather than print.
     - Add docstrings for all public classes and methods, and tidy up a few
       existing ones per PEP-257.
 2db0650129c594a7ed2050d2c2f95d89120a3638 1632 germinate_2.0.dsc
 f39af04933f40605e578c3f55ed9c8a062e5ab87 58437 germinate_2.0.tar.gz
 3e15a13451e36024eac49d35f6f13f8c96b95876 37122 germinate_2.0_all.deb
 3dda45dfaadca3758ce48b8d2168aa5143d06045 37080 python-germinate_2.0_all.deb
 2aa31651b096ab758d481620cef274f82dced46eed4e89900f301a46da677f16 1632 germinate_2.0.dsc
 3df3002a92f10ea8b972e00cf60b4ef13fea68faa8a278e08d5cbd9611c3fe86 58437 germinate_2.0.tar.gz
 252593b52d6c97258b6d3097eb679f6660726eff90d155561b689fbc40c0ec5f 37122 germinate_2.0_all.deb
 1260e57b3232e027f9d2af48c8d30a2db6af60316eb57ce0727f5d9b51828ddc 37080 python-germinate_2.0_all.deb
 ff775a012651d183a98f272ec0711680 1632 utils optional germinate_2.0.dsc
 d776d927fafd44fc7f4c8f19401e5d69 58437 utils optional germinate_2.0.tar.gz
 cf0197204d596846b7e164139eea1242 37122 utils optional germinate_2.0_all.deb
 c8426b546f2838b3e66179c069a98ff6 37080 python optional python-germinate_2.0_all.deb

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Comment: Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org> -- Debian developer


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