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Accepted doc-base 0.10.0 (source all)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2011 15:04:51 +0100
Source: doc-base
Binary: doc-base
Architecture: source all
Version: 0.10.0
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Robert Luberda <robert@debian.org>
Changed-By: Robert Luberda <robert@debian.org>
 doc-base   - utilities to manage online documentation
Closes: 419745 521384 555161 578331 602919 606475 607498 614330 615488
 doc-base (0.10.0) unstable; urgency=low
   * Applied a bit modified patch from  Martin Pitt @ Ubuntu to remove dependency
     on perl (closes: #602919):
     + Scrollkeeper.pm: provide our own local dirname() function and use it
       instead of File::Basename;
     + InstallDocs.pm: use the `rm -r' and 'mkdir -p' programs instead of
     + debian/rules: run dh_perl with '-d' to avoid perl dependency.
   * Switch internal databases format from MLDBM to YAML and provide better
     error recovery from database corruption:
     + DB.pm: use YAML::Tiny module for storing our internal databases;
     + Util.pm: introduce Fatal() function and differentiate exit codes
       by type of error;
     + make the Fatal() function call
     + debian/control: switch dependency on libmdlbm-perl to libyaml-tiny-perl;
     + debian/postinst: try to recover for yaml files corruption by deleting
       them and re-spawning install-docs.
   * Translations handling:
     + patch from David Prévot not to assume word ordering in translated
       strings (closes: #606475);
     + patch from Chris Leick to fix plurals in the strings (closes: #521384);
     + English messages cleanups;
     + mark more doc-base messages as translatable;
     + Update Polish translation of binary.
   * doc-base.sgml:
     + prepend a top-level section name section names to make it more visible
       that sections' components are separated by slash (closes: #578331);
     + add the `Network/Remote Access' section (closes: #555161);
     + the Network section has two levels, not three (closes: #615488).
   * Don't create scrollkeeper files when rarian-compat is not installed
     (closes: #419745)
     + debian/triggers: interest on /usr/share/doc/rarian-compat to be
       notified of installs/removals of rarian-compat
   * DocBaseFile.pm: fix `no valid Format found' check.
   * Scrollkeeper.pm: avoid `unsuccessful stat on file contains new line'
     warnings given by perl (closes: #607498, #614330).
   * Ubuntu bugs handling:
     + install-docs.in: check if the Pod::Usage module is available before
       using it (LP: #431270, #510976);
     + this version gets rid of MLDBM and provides a better handling of
       databases corruption, to prevent `read error' bugs
       (LP: #695319, #675069, #672364, #668856, #652102, #621345);
     + debian/prerm: downgrade the `cannot find install-docs on path' error
       to a warning to make it possible to remove doc-base when install-docs
       is not available for some reason (LP: #391464);
     + the `/usr/share/doc-base/data/doc-base.map' file is provided in the
       package, it must have been deleted either manually or by filesystem
       error (LP: #660345, #646629);
     + close bugs that are duplicates of Debian bug#501874, fixed in 0.8.18
       (LP: #247718, #249160, #250252, #314996, #327101, #327104).
   * debian/rules: switch to the tiny format from debhelper and add support for
     build-arch and build-indep targets.
   * debian/control:
     + sort dependency fields with wrap-and-sort from the
       ubuntu-dev-tools package;
     + drop versioned conflicts with old versions of dwww and dhelp;
     + drop versioned dependency on dpkg;
     + Standards-Version: 3.9.1.
   * Bump debhelper compat mode to 8.
   * Set source format to `3.0 (native)'.
   * Fix spelling typos found by lintian.
   * Remove ancient stuff from preinst.
   * Re-register all docs when upgrading to this version.
 466480c6200d22ee900e07bb2db1b34bc6349080 809 doc-base_0.10.0.dsc
 a54a4e2f17d222f2403807e39f9c85003bcb4df6 76205 doc-base_0.10.0.tar.gz
 0c8e13dd36cde4dfcd077c7ed5d697a8c033a707 99134 doc-base_0.10.0_all.deb
 f79ccfa4b58f62fc468fcee24d8d0e675f0d5158c07da18ca1e0a52b8733a8d6 809 doc-base_0.10.0.dsc
 522f6beb36722f07044b0524ef77dadbcf16c113ac952652aaa4796a7511e2b0 76205 doc-base_0.10.0.tar.gz
 c6be4ecaf4f97c064d45dc8e6dc69e25027591b70eefe48324ee3ecf8bbb1e39 99134 doc-base_0.10.0_all.deb
 615667b82d7bdb53445b32eeb2b42cb6 809 doc optional doc-base_0.10.0.dsc
 1f7ac191f4f4f58e62a4eaf3f2c9f46d 76205 doc optional doc-base_0.10.0.tar.gz
 71d757da3a5b6744795f9b6cf7b9ffeb 99134 doc optional doc-base_0.10.0_all.deb

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