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Accepted wajig 2.0.50 (source all)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2010 17:22:16 +1000
Source: wajig
Binary: wajig
Architecture: source all
Version: 2.0.50
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Graham Williams <Graham.Williams@togaware.com>
Changed-By: Graham Williams <Graham.Williams@togaware.com>
 wajig      - simple and unified package management for Debian
Closes: 482147
 wajig (2.0.50) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Tshepang Lekhonkhobe ]
   * VERIFY: Add a check for debsums before running the command, and add
     a Suggests on it.
   * PURGE: use apt-get instead of dpkg, in order to get a yes/no prompt.
   * LIST-LOG: Remove custom logging implementation
     - was fragile: sometimes info was lost during a run
     - was expensive: checked system cache both before and after the
       operation to determine what happened; it also did this for commands
       which didn't even change the system cache
     - did not log cache changes when they were done by other tools
       (apt, aptitude, & synaptic)
     - APT log looks much better
   * SHOW: use aptitude instead of apt-cache
     - the output is prettier
     - better virtual package handling; it displays real packages that provide
       the functionality implied by that virtual package, instead of just
       vomiting "package not found!"
     - only displays info on the installed version; else, the latest available;
       apt-get showed all available versions
     - the trade-off is that the command is a bit slower, but what's the rush :)
   * LIST-RECOMMENDED: new command that displays packages which are
     auto-installed via Recommends, and are without installed dependencies.
     (Closes: #482147)
   * PURGE: also purge packages that were installed via a Recommends and have
     nothing depending on them; this makes PURGE-DEPEND reduntant.
   * REMOVE: also remove packages that were installed via a Recommends and have
     nothing depending on them; this makes REMOVE-DEPEND reduntant.
   * AUTO-REMOVE: Made reduntant by above REMOVE change, so removed.
   * AUTO-INSTALL: Deprecated in favour of "--yes INSTALL", so removed from docs.
   * NEWS: 'new' command that displays package NEWS file(s).
   * AVAILABLE: AVAILABLE: removed a badly-named and redundant command; POLICY
     command does the same thing.
   * INSTALL: accept -y|--yes option, an alias for apt-get's --assume-yes.
   * UPGRADE: accept -y|--yes option, too.
   * FIX-INSTALL: accept -n|--noauth option.
   * FIX-MISSING: accept -n|--noauth option, too.
   * REINSTALL:  accept -n|--noauth and -y|--yes option.
   * HELP: introduce the convenient "wajig HELP COMMAND" functionality.
   * Remove supression of error messages; Not a good idea.
   * Add dependency on aptitude; It must have been forgotten.
   * Cleanse packaging, drastically :-)
   * Stop using python-support; There was no need for it.
 afcd186b2544572e3980308202595c6c53580679 765 wajig_2.0.50.dsc
 184b90d86a0593aa04f49d6b0f669f182598e332 93083 wajig_2.0.50.tar.gz
 bf0dfcfde58b015717acd68985aeec1eb1140b60 94926 wajig_2.0.50_all.deb
 55f27d35b92474b7fb6f58f788f58847b9c3124ab18ca20c59935fefc2fd6e7d 765 wajig_2.0.50.dsc
 5c0709764d419f0cd985103dcd104c5ccfde1bcf3b6b96c479c347ad6cd8868f 93083 wajig_2.0.50.tar.gz
 fd5b68e5caaf279c792c34b03ac1d6cfb79c3e8fd905a4a7e7e2fc06f634918f 94926 wajig_2.0.50_all.deb
 8335dd2f304ea9c74693bbc44629d13f 765 admin optional wajig_2.0.50.dsc
 898a3aaa3633e5da14efec036f5a02a0 93083 admin optional wajig_2.0.50.tar.gz
 70e1a6bede93cc6ecf16b212b718bcc7 94926 admin optional wajig_2.0.50_all.deb

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