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Accepted debian-edu-config 1.441 (source all)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Sat, 01 May 2010 21:50:04 +0200
Source: debian-edu-config
Binary: debian-edu-config
Architecture: source all
Version: 1.441
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian Edu Developers <debian-edu@lists.debian.org>
Changed-By: Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@debian.org>
 debian-edu-config - Configuration files for Skolelinux systems
Closes: 570784
 debian-edu-config (1.441) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
   * Updated Standards-Version from 3.8.3 to 3.8.4.  No changes needed.
   * Make sure ltsp-update-kernels is called on first boot, in case the
     LTSP initrd was changed during installation.
   * Disable code to insert PXE installation workaround for upgrading
     old udebs, as it is not yet needed for Squeeze.
   * Rename now obsolete language code 'no' to 'nb' for web page.
   * Drop kickerrc config from /etc/skel/ to avoid KDE upgrade dialog
     for first time users, as the configuration it was supposed to
     implement are no longer relevant in KDE 4 (Closes: #570784).
   * Add script share/debian-edu-config/tools/kerberos-kdc-init to
     initialize a Kerberos server.  Not installed into the binary
     packages, as it need more work.
   * Move sbin/debian-edu-pxefirmware to share/debian-edu-config/tools/,
     as it should not be in the default path.
   * Move where the IP forwarding is enabled from /etc/sysctl.conf to
     /etc/sysctl.d/edu-ltsp.conf, to avoid upgrade problems.
   * Adjust LTSP chroot build rules to apply the apt configuration
     workaround for Skolelinux bug #1419 also in the LTSP chroot, to
     avoid download problems when using the Squid proxy.
   * Adjust desktop-profiles trigger for networked installs to also
     look for /etc/nslcd.conf to also work when we migrate to
   * Change pam-configs entry for pam_group from type Primary to
     Additional, to properly reflect its task.  Change its priority to
     0 as its priority do not matter when it is of type Additional.
     Solve problem discovered with libpam-heimdal.
   * Add code to handle new "Roaming workstation" profile, and use new
     script /usr/share/debian-edu-config/tools/setup-roaming to
     configure machine for disconnected operation.  Adjust test suite
     to handle the new profile.
   * Reduce dependency of xresprobe to recommends, and remove
     arcitecture flags in recommends list, as it do not work and breaks
     the build.
   [ Andreas B. Mundt ]
   * Add myself to Uploaders.
   * Remove old krb5-kdc.schema and add new kerberos.schema from the debian
     krb5-kdc-ldap package.
   * Copy slapd-lenny_debian-edu.conf to slapd-debian-edu.conf and add
     schema and ACLs for kerberos there.
   * Change Makefile to use slapd-debian-edu.conf.
   * Add commented code to debian-edu-config.postinstall to not forget
     removing old conffile at a later stage.
 34fb2d612d7a022c943ea96a90d90d2a11edd821 1368 debian-edu-config_1.441.dsc
 bea3a7cf3afd1bf02a32dbc5d279270c13ea8e47 332232 debian-edu-config_1.441.tar.gz
 7f144099b2e356efd3005cbad02be1e6e8d8ce61 287646 debian-edu-config_1.441_all.deb
 722999ed01b3a42d3587b6200ad1b659b4e06591662d8ceee346df728a84f7e3 1368 debian-edu-config_1.441.dsc
 25f1ac6af909a7608cbfbc5e1661defb8dd947fcf5d00eff011dfcca6939b4c6 332232 debian-edu-config_1.441.tar.gz
 63288f87cbbfc15467f3c6d7b0a204a724a5110249de871ee319954b870801a3 287646 debian-edu-config_1.441_all.deb
 82e824c8c7a84f83afb7050a3059126b 1368 misc extra debian-edu-config_1.441.dsc
 46cac89f59c174d32c64405f453f908e 332232 misc extra debian-edu-config_1.441.tar.gz
 ba64b649b0e66e3f9896a3476419cfae 287646 misc extra debian-edu-config_1.441_all.deb

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