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Accepted massxpert 2.0.6.-1 (source all i386)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 2009 10:55:32 +0200
Source: massxpert
Binary: massxpert massxpert-data massxpert-doc
Architecture: source all i386
Version: 2.0.6.-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: The Debichem Group <debichem-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Filippo Rusconi <rusconi-debian@laposte.net>
 massxpert  - linear polymer mass spectrometry software
 massxpert-data - linear polymer mass spectrometry software - arch-indep data
 massxpert-doc - Linear polymer mass spectrometry software - manual
 massxpert (2.0.6.-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Upstream release:
     - Fixes to nroff formatting of the man pages (thanks to Daniel Leidert
     for suggestions);
     - XpertCalc: added possibility to insert formulas in the formula line
     edit by Ctrl-clicking buttons in the chemical keypad;
     - XpertCalc: added possibility to surround formulas with spaces for
     much better readability in case of complex structures. This is
     performed by Shit-Ctrl-cliking on the chemical pad buttons;
     - XpertCalc: automatically seed m/z calculation dialog window with
     masses from the XpertCalc main window;
     - XpertEdit: bug fix in the sequence editor's feedback to the user
     upon entering a bad monomer code character. When a new valid character
     is entered this old error message is removed;
     - XpertCalc: added lots of useful buttons to the dna chemical pad
     configuration file;
     - Added bibliographical reference to the massXpert paper in
     _Bioinformatics_ to the man pages;
     - XpertCalc: added possibility to store formula in a drop-down list so
     as to be able to recall them in ulterior calculations;
     - XpertCalc: implemented new feature by which it is possible to set a
     title to a formula like the following : "initial-dimer" C5H6O9P3,
     which will be interpreted as formula "C5H6O9P3".
     - Sequence editing plugins: added possibility to perform more
     sophisticated translation, like from codon to 1-letter code or from
     codon to 3-letters code (protein chemistry);
     - XpertEdit: the tool box (available monomers/mass calculation engine
     configuration) now saves its position;
     - Improved the CMake-based build system to automatically build the
     binary and the data if nothing is specified on the configuration
     command line (usermanual is not built by default; thanks to Pere
     Constans for reporting);
     - Bunch of code tidying and memory leaks fixing (thanks to cppcheck,
     as suggested by Pere Constans);
     - XpertEdit: fixed wrong behaviour in the whole/selected sequence
     logic in the mass search dialog window;
     - XpertEdit: fixed the multi-character code disambiguation mechanism
     in the sequence editor's available codes tool box widget: it's
     triggered by hitting Ctrl-Enter;
     - Xpertedit/XpertDef: improved feedback to the user on file save
     operation errors;
     - XpertEdit/XpertDef: added possibility to show non-*.mxp/non-*.xml
     files in the openfile dialogs;
     - XpertEdit: improved fragmentation with multiply-charged fragments:
     When there are multiply-charged fragments, the mass now takes into
     account the ionization rule that sits in the sequence editor windows's
     calculation engine configuration.
     - Added Doxygen configuration file. Docs generated outside of the
     source tree.
     - XpertEdit: fix bug in elementalComposition() that would fail when
     count is negative.  Added simplify() function that calls
     elementalComposition() in turn.  Also fixed the way atomCount objects
     are added to the list of such objects : when an atomCount object
     reaches a 0-count, it gets removed from the list.
     - XpertCalc: added possibility to simplify a complex set of formulas
     into a single factorized formula.
 cf6b614a2c6a669304fde7f63e6f2b3dd6e956ab 1125 massxpert_2.0.6.-1.dsc
 1125526a4f7ead629fdaeef92d0d7be711c27e21 13669131 massxpert_2.0.6.-1.tar.gz
 e406b152b7c7ebe58ac357408fe85d1246830df5 207576 massxpert-data_2.0.6.-1_all.deb
 edc8d1d58bf7254fc064c1a262bee3eedc344ff8 7917826 massxpert-doc_2.0.6.-1_all.deb
 c195101ab806d9b02ec5c14b136b639b88ef9a91 1028412 massxpert_2.0.6.-1_i386.deb
 e8a6fbf54f22be7261d37a3c26b7d8f6450938e6e1d1c7f9b5e69c1de1e92814 1125 massxpert_2.0.6.-1.dsc
 93435dc41a5a39499954691ba9acecf9db12b8a378b924abe8a71dd9e0876eae 13669131 massxpert_2.0.6.-1.tar.gz
 a74604a43ba4fc15a6644c5a62bcd6b4ce94361257698af153d9868fa02dd87a 207576 massxpert-data_2.0.6.-1_all.deb
 3558387b038a2c2b4c4ea284964c2c59da51ef29aacda3c6bcfd5e5e55e2de7a 7917826 massxpert-doc_2.0.6.-1_all.deb
 c4b8e2316f19f13c10b95386a0490c458cf8838943af62506915c15c0f441062 1028412 massxpert_2.0.6.-1_i386.deb
 ccbe07635c24efa440ecd3c6c3f6b3ce 1125 science optional massxpert_2.0.6.-1.dsc
 730151dfc7db9f7eb8ae23e5536add7a 13669131 science optional massxpert_2.0.6.-1.tar.gz
 637571603bf3d128b9052f47c819e2cd 207576 science optional massxpert-data_2.0.6.-1_all.deb
 a5b2804a0d8efd89a823e97ea615a894 7917826 doc optional massxpert-doc_2.0.6.-1_all.deb
 dbe2059345763767580e3e0e82b191c8 1028412 science optional massxpert_2.0.6.-1_i386.deb

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