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Accepted cupt 1.0.0~rc1 (source all)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Sat, 03 Oct 2009 11:03:47 +0300
Source: cupt
Binary: libcupt-perl cupt
Architecture: source all
Version: 1.0.0~rc1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Eugene V. Lyubimkin <jackyf@debian.org>
Changed-By: Eugene V. Lyubimkin <jackyf@debian.org>
 cupt       - alternative front-end for dpkg -- console interface
 libcupt-perl - alternative front-end for dpkg -- Perl modules
Closes: 547951 547952 547953 548008 548010 548051 548314 548710
 cupt (1.0.0~rc1) unstable; urgency=low
   * cupt:
     - Don't crash when run with no parameters (again). Thanks to Patrick
       Schoenfeld. (Closes: #547952)
     - If the command isn't supplied, act as it was 'help'. Thanks to Patrick
       Schoenfeld for the suggestion.
     - 'shell':
       - Added extra space to the cupt shell prompt. Thanks to to Patrick
         Schoenfeld for the suggestion. (Closes: #548008)
       - Print help output if user typed only '?' as a command in a shell
         session. Thanks to to Patrick Schoenfeld. (Closes: #548010)
     - 'config-dump':
       - Print a semicolon after each option value.
       - Print values of list options in parseable form.
     - Managing packages:
       - Destroy resolver just after it produced a solution for worker.
         Reduces peak RAM usage by 1-2%.
   * Cupt:
     - Config:
       - Recognize 'apt::periodic::*' variables.
       - Recognize 'unattended-upgrade::*' variables.
       - Recognize 'apt::archives::*' variables.
       - Three above accidentally (Closes: #547951).
       - Report unknown option names in original case. Thanks to Robert Millan.
         (Closes: #548314)
       - New option family 'cupt::update::compression-types::*::priority'.
       - ISCConfigParser:
         - Parse \" as " in values. Thanks to Julian Andres Klode.
         - Fixed parsing non-first nested structures. Thanks to
           Oleg Tsybulskyi <alogic0@gmail.com>.
         - Implemented '#clear' directive.
     - Cache:
       - Strip last '/' character from base URI if present. Thanks to Patrick
         Schoenfeld. (Closes: #547953)
       - Parsing preferences: allow spaces between release expressions.
         Thanks to Julian Andres Klode. (Closes: #548051)
       - Speeded up 'Provides' pre-parsing. Reduced 15-25% of overall cache
         build time.
       - SystemState:
         - Speeded up 'Provides' pre-parsing. Reduced 5-10% of overall cache
           build time.
       - Package:
         'new': reduced 10-15% of time spent.
       - BinaryVersion:
         - 'new': fixed reading installed size in bytes.
         - 'new': use internal offsets for working with fields, reduces time
           spent by 20-30%.
         - 'new': verify that architecture is specified. (Closes: #548710)
     - Download:
       - Manager:
         - Added internal check for undefined results from post-action
       - Progresses/Console:
         - Make sure that guessed terminal width is >= 80 characters.
     - System:
       - Worker:
         - 'update_release_and_index_data': fixed race condition when
           'cupt::update::keep-bad-signatures' is set to false, some release
           signature failed gpg check, and more than one index file is attached
           to corresponding Release.
         - 'update_release_and_index_data': honor new
           'cupt::update::compression-types::*::priority' options.
       - Resolvers/Native:
         - Print debug information when some solution path cannot be taken
           because of 'cupt::resolver::synchronize-source-versions' option set
           to 'hard'.
 b08d8eae98f4f773e140364ccf2c727bb31db23e 962 cupt_1.0.0~rc1.dsc
 d11f9bb65892a22e51059d142be740891b898069 106970 cupt_1.0.0~rc1.tar.gz
 74bf6e21d2a21d0d880c9f6329667021e1cda852 131690 libcupt-perl_1.0.0~rc1_all.deb
 431882130002bf50771367713ec8841386631084 56620 cupt_1.0.0~rc1_all.deb
 7a6799148b7791466cb270494ef5c5b935ab7bf62d98e746b46014fe14f339a1 962 cupt_1.0.0~rc1.dsc
 6e60e103966aa455a2062be02b7026f80d3f2408562247049ddadd2bb4ed1de6 106970 cupt_1.0.0~rc1.tar.gz
 073fff68f770970a8c437923bec82738c624f0b4a0ff518145e2a1e213ee0d14 131690 libcupt-perl_1.0.0~rc1_all.deb
 6e78a2827727f70f75134283fbef51b5a07e309ad96298a82fef6d67ad85dc5a 56620 cupt_1.0.0~rc1_all.deb
 8a1f8f3937735c2672ee513860a33d56 962 perl optional cupt_1.0.0~rc1.dsc
 403456c69b1e5262e88b4b93e3ea0eb3 106970 perl optional cupt_1.0.0~rc1.tar.gz
 c99803c1a54b101e043959f3a0e50c6c 131690 perl optional libcupt-perl_1.0.0~rc1_all.deb
 ebc3a2e979272576b8b84dab4530a0d5 56620 perl optional cupt_1.0.0~rc1_all.deb

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