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Accepted kazehakase 0.5.6-1 (source i386)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 01:13:49 +0300
Source: kazehakase
Binary: kazehakase kazehakase-gecko
Architecture: source i386
Version: 0.5.6-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Yavor Doganov <yavor@gnu.org>
Changed-By: Yavor Doganov <yavor@gnu.org>
 kazehakase - GTK+-base web browser that allows pluggable rendering engines
 kazehakase-gecko - Gecko rendering engine for kazehakase
Closes: 442448 476537 527657 529828 536622 540926
 kazehakase (0.5.6-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream release:
     - No longer uses the deprecated GTK_CHECK_CAST macro which was leading
       to FTBFS with recent GTK+ (Closes: #527657).
   * debian/compat: Set to 7.
   * debian/control: Wrap all fields for diff-friendliness.
     (Maintainer, Uploaders): New maintainer (Closes: #540926).  Thanks to
     Andres Salomon and Hidetaka Iwai for their work so far.
     (Build-Depends): Bump debhelper to >= 7.  Drop obsolete version
     requirements for libgtk2.0-dev and libgnutls-dev.  Replace
     libxml-parser-perl with intltool.  Tweak ruby-related dependencies.
     Add libqdbm-dev and libestraier-dev for the search module,
     libanthy-dev and libmecab-dev for the anthy/mecab functionality, and
     imagemagick for the icon conversion.
     (Standards-Version): Claim compliance with 3.8.3 as of this upload.
     (Depends): Add ${misc:Depends} and require kazehakase-gecko (=
     (Recommends): Remove hyperestraier -- not necessary for the search
     module and especially useless as it was not built at all until now.
     (Conflicts): Remove; ancient.
     (Suggests): Add anthy and mecab for the benefit of Japanese users.
     (Provides): Add gnome-www-browser.
   * debian/rules: Do not indent make conditionals.  Add cross-compilation
     support (untested).  Remove old commented and unusued code.  Use
     automatic variables.
     (LDFLAGS): Define to -Wl,-O1 -Wl,--as-needed to trim unneded
     (clean1): Rename as...
     (clean-patched): ...its usual name.  Don't copy config.{guess,sub} for
     the time being.  Remove intltool* and rgettext.mk.
     (install): Replace dh_clean -k with dh_prep.  Delete .la files.
     Convert the PNG icon in XPM format.
     (binary-common): Remove target.
     (binary-arch): Install TODO*.  Tweak dh_makeshlibs and dpkg-shlibdeps
     arguments to cope with the new search extension and prevent lintian
     (.PHONY): Remove patch and unpatch (marked as phony targets in
     dpatch.make) and clean1.
   * debian/patches/05_05_add_missing.dpatch:
   * debian/patches/50_passwordmgr.dpatch:
   * debian/patches/60_fix_ftbfs.dpatch:
   * debian/patches/70_enable_gtk_deprecated.dpatch:
   * debian/patches/80_NSIBADCERTLISTNER.dpatch: Remove; not used.
   * debian/patches/10_link-gcrypt.dpatch: New; detect libgcrypt and link
     with it to avoid undefined symbols.
   * debian/patches/15_gnutls-check.dpatch: New, use PKG_CHECK_MODULES to
     detect GnuTLS.  Written by the Fedora maintainer, incorporated
     upstream.  (Closes: #529828).
   * debian/patches/25_url-if-no-smartbookmarks.dpatch: New; if
     smartbookmarks.xml is empty, don't fail to load URLs (Closes:
   * debian/patches/30_bookmarkbar_DSA.dpatch: Remove; doesn't seem very
     useful for the average user.
   * debian/patches/30_xulrunner-1.9.1.dpatch: New; prevents crash when
     xulrunner 1.9.1 is installed in parallel, thanks Mike Hommey (Closes:
   * debian/patches/40_AM_PATH_GLIB.dpatch: New; detect GLib for the sake
     of determining compiler/linker flags, as the search module needs to
     link with it.
   * debian/patches/42_gtk_action_disconnect_proxy.dpatch: New;
     conditionally replace this function with the more modern
     gtk_activatable_set_related_action as it is shadowed by
     GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED with GTK+ >= 2.16.
   * debian/patches/45_link_gtk_libs.dpatch: New; link the Kz binary
     against GTK+.
   * debian/patches/47_ldflags-rpath.dpatch: New; avoid setting RPATH for
     libxul.  Miscellaneous fixes for misguided Automake variables.
   * debian/patches/50_autoreconf.dpatch: New.
   * debian/patches/60_desktop-entry.dpatch: New; make the .desktop file
     compliant.  Add `MimeType' field.
   * debian/patches/90_xulrunner_1.9.dpatch: Update; small parts were
     merged upstream.
   * debian/patches/99_ltmain_as-needed.dpatch: New.
   * debian/patches/00list: Update.
   * debian/kazehakase.postinst:
   * debian/kazehakase.prerm: Handle alternatives for gnome-www-browser as
     well.  (Closes: #476537).
   * debian/kazehakase.xml: Delete; not used.
   * debian/kaze_icon.xpm: Delete; the XPM icon is generated now at build
   * debian/menu: Use the new icon name, add longtitle.
   * debian/NEWS.Debian: Rename as...
   * debian/NEWS: ...in order to get it installed automatically.
   * debian/docs: Delete.
   * debian/README.source: New file.
   * debian/copyright: Add myself.
   * debian/watch: New file.
 618b5460a9173a7dcd97cbdfe4579cbb5891600a 1268 kazehakase_0.5.6-1.dsc
 a11e13d05962884f6f4e94eb8215e85c4847960c 1405935 kazehakase_0.5.6.orig.tar.gz
 1ea935b4307898012f215032a340fb75b3ad02c7 531320 kazehakase_0.5.6-1.diff.gz
 8bfcbce20bb656640334d406583c7802b32126df 645484 kazehakase_0.5.6-1_i386.deb
 3c7978cf1f9c362ca7216c064a0c1f8ef71da2f2 205178 kazehakase-gecko_0.5.6-1_i386.deb
 4597619fd3534748bc5fb23ee1046d448358f46e0760737c327a3a13af54b3a6 1268 kazehakase_0.5.6-1.dsc
 fb7407952ee5031a66318dfc7e9c4ee6bffe25b6824354ce02a8fb540ccbf92a 1405935 kazehakase_0.5.6.orig.tar.gz
 8bbf6cba0b2f3fc2329c2a02e8ee35f19a0767db5bccb2e20e48581f8b367842 531320 kazehakase_0.5.6-1.diff.gz
 ccfae87ebb500ad6902f85a81cd354aee4e491cbac67b248808125106c0cfed7 645484 kazehakase_0.5.6-1_i386.deb
 7c0587ad7bd4bbd438d988da503cbcc07d65488811d259d8f1697316f240eb64 205178 kazehakase-gecko_0.5.6-1_i386.deb
 456118fee5c5aae388aaabdc43cb8f5e 1268 web optional kazehakase_0.5.6-1.dsc
 b88257aa10dd53fd5d39c627f8f95890 1405935 web optional kazehakase_0.5.6.orig.tar.gz
 6a05efde26bdc45a48e79d8f1f398c91 531320 web optional kazehakase_0.5.6-1.diff.gz
 ae00572f449f596a15e59d29cd0d93b9 645484 web optional kazehakase_0.5.6-1_i386.deb
 47d29ea69b89d10a05e4e63bee26b32b 205178 web optional kazehakase-gecko_0.5.6-1_i386.deb

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