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Accepted svn-buildpackage 0.6.25 (source all)

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 11:44:47 +0100
Source: svn-buildpackage
Binary: svn-buildpackage
Architecture: source all
Version: 0.6.25
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org>
Changed-By: Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org>
 svn-buildpackage - helper programs to maintain Debian packages with Subversion
Closes: 367460 417935 429465 432147 433532 441184 449306 457103 469684 471118 473281 473903 474014 480688 514942 515531 528135 530196
 svn-buildpackage (0.6.25) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Neil Williams ]
   * Change Section to vcs, matching archive override.
   * Add Hauke to Uploaders (meant to do that in 0.6.24)
   [ Ryan Niebur ]
   * svn-upgrade: return 1 when there's an error (Closes: #528135)
   * fix bashism in svn-do (Closes: #530196)
   * svn-{inject,upgrade}: if the .orig.tar.gz is a symlink, handle
     copying it into the tarballs directory correctly (Closes: #449306)
   * update ENV{PWD} when changing directories (Closes: #474014)
   * add a --uscan option to svn-upgrade, to call uscan to download the
     new tarball (Closes: #367460)
   * when creating a new directory, add [svn-foobar] to the beginning of
     the commit message
   * fix detection of if the tempdir allows execution
   * only tell the user that URLs are being saved if --svn-savecfg is
     passed (Closes: #515531)
   * document that the prebuild and postbuild hooks replace some of svn-
     buildpackage's normal behavior (Closes: #432147)
   * fix rm command in clean target, doc/HOWTO.html is a directory
   * fix uninitialized value when mergeWithUpstream is used and origDir
     doesn't exist (Closes: #429465)
   * fix the tar command when using mergeWithUpstream
   * check return code of chdir (first half of #441184)
   * change the output when telling the user where the source code is
     checked out to be more clear (Closes: #441184)
   * add an --svn-download-orig option to svn-buildpackage, to make it
     try to download the tarball with apt, and if that doesn't work, try
     uscan (Closes: #480688)
   * add --debclean option to svn-upgrade to run debclean before merging
     the new upstream source. this will prevent merge conflicts if a
     patch system is being used.
   * Remove any extra --svn-* options from argv before running the builder.
     This bug only happened when there was an option to svn-{inject,upgrade}
     set in ~/.svn-buildpackage.conf that svn-buildpackage does not recognize.
   * fix determining the .changes file when you do a 'normal' binary
     build and then a source only build (Closes: #514942)
   * add svnpath-like detection of some paths (Closes: #433532)
   * fix tag version if there's no epoch
   * fix some uninitialized value warnings in svn-upgrade
   * remove the --noautodch option from svn-upgrade
   * a few more improvements to debian/rules
   * svn-upgrade: use File::LibMagic to determine the file type instead
     of using /usr/bin/file
   [ Jan Hauke Rahm ]
   * Correct file permissions in build dir the same way dpkg-source does
     (Closes: #473903, #457103)
   * svn-upgrade: Allow '-v' in new tar.gz name (e.g. package-v1.0.tar.gz)
     (Closes: #471118)
   * svn-inject: Abort if source package format is different to 1.0. We cannot
     handle compressions different to gz, or multiple orig tarballs...
   * svn-buildpackage: tag full versions with epoch (Closes: #469684)
   * svn-upgrade: New option (-e, --auto-epoch) to automatically increase epoch
     if new upstream version is lower than current. (Closes: #417935)
   * debian/rules: switch to debhelper 7 and clean up
   * svn-buildpackage: Corrected error message (svn-upgrade doesn't set "NOT
     RELEASED YET" any more)
   * debian/control: updated description to mention every binary that's
     installed in /usr/bin (i.e. added svn-do and uclean)
   [ Neil Williams ]
   * Migrate manpage/manual generation from SGML to DocBook XML. Drop PDF
     version of the manual.
   * Add default values for options in each manpage. (Closes: #473281)
   * put bash completion file into place directly, using install file.
   * Update copyright with recent contributors. Remove extra debian/clean
     target - done via Makefile.
   * Obtain SDCommon::version at runtime via dpkg-query instead of
     altering SDCommon.pm at build time.
 d9be6d26620f7b28662900ede05f214d7ab41e2b 1098 svn-buildpackage_0.6.25.dsc
 37661324c224023d14d10b4befa63769db76570c 66550 svn-buildpackage_0.6.25.tar.gz
 92decebbbd54a124c3a81011fb1980b0f0749309 105736 svn-buildpackage_0.6.25_all.deb
 a3d213bdac344881f0304ebb96c8990e7eebecb40a6dc8f5af581c1eee33eb9d 1098 svn-buildpackage_0.6.25.dsc
 3de543a283e965552938d812e67e07705faf6b73575f0e2918c788bb4f07e4d1 66550 svn-buildpackage_0.6.25.tar.gz
 dcf98286743f0607047cb851dba624e24cebdd9514f6fd7dd5992f345ca56ecb 105736 svn-buildpackage_0.6.25_all.deb
 3eec51aaea245bd0a3020496fd8435d1 1098 vcs extra svn-buildpackage_0.6.25.dsc
 ed95efae5ba2bd1504901492f50c7523 66550 vcs extra svn-buildpackage_0.6.25.tar.gz
 627340aa38cba9227b0c347b4f87b7c6 105736 vcs extra svn-buildpackage_0.6.25_all.deb

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