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Accepted lintian 2.2.3 (source all)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 2009 19:19:45 -0800
Source: lintian
Binary: lintian
Architecture: source all
Version: 2.2.3
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian Lintian Maintainers <lintian-maint@debian.org>
Changed-By: Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org>
 lintian    - Debian package checker
Closes: 119045 127494 339829 483845 507849 513946 514095 514203 514491 514496
 lintian (2.2.3) unstable; urgency=low
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added
       - description-possibly-contains-homepage
       - dfsg-version-in-native-package
       - dfsg-version-with-period
       - dfsg-version-misspelled
       - experimental-to-unstable-without-comment (pedantic)
       - homepage-for-cpan-package-contains-version
       - maintainer-script-without-set-e (pedantic)
       - source-contains-prebuilt-binary (pedantic)
       - source-contains-prebuilt-windows-binary (pedantic)
       - using-first-person-in-description
     + Removed
       - non-us-spelling
   * checks/changelog-file{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Add pedantic check for a distribution of unstable when the last
       version had a distribution of experimental and there's no comment
       about the change.  (Closes: #483845)
   * checks/common-data.pm:
     + [ADB] Remove the obsolete non-US from the list of recognised archive
   * checks/copyright-file:
     + [RA] Treat License: GPL-2+ as "GPL version 2 or later" for the
       purposes of the check for a correctly versioned license reference.
       Patch from Evgeni Golov.  (Closes: #513946)
   * checks/cruft{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Downgrade all source-contains-* tags to pedantic.  These are
       upstream problems the packager can't do much about and they have
       no practical effect on the Debian package.  Wishlist implies that
       a wishlist bug against the package would be appropriate, which
       seems too strong.
     + [RA] Add pedantic check for binaries in the upstream source.  Patch
       from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #127494)
   * checks/description{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Check for using first person in package descriptions, similar
       to the existing check for debconf questions.  Patch from Raphael
       Geissert.  (Closes: #514491)
     + [RA] Add check (wishlist/wild-guess) for apparent home page URLs in
       the long description with no Homepage field.  Based on a patch by
       Paul Wise.  (Closes: #339829)
   * checks/fields{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Remove checks for the capitalisation of the obsolete non-US
       archive section.
     + [RA] Warn about Homepage fields pointing to search.cpan.org pages
       containing a version number.  Based on a patch by Paul Wise.
     + [RA] Warn of dfsg versions in native packages.
     + [RA] Warn of ".dfsg" versions and recommend "+dfsg" for version
       sorting reasons.  Thanks, Paul Wise.  (Closes: #514203)
     + [RA] Warn of the "dsfg" typo in versions.  Thanks, Paul Wise.
     + [RA] Use Lintian::Relation and the new Lintian::Collect support for
       retrieving parsed relationship fields.
   * checks/files:
     + [ADB] Don't report duplicate-font-file for udebs.  Patch by Raphael
       Geissert.  (Closes: #514095)
   * checks/scripts{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Add pedantic check for maintainer scripts using #!/bin/sh -e
       instead of set -e in the script body.  (Closes: #119045)
   * collection/file-info{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Also run file-info for source packages.  Patch from Raphael
   * lib/Lintian/Collect.pm:
     + [RA] Defer loading of the subclasses until the constructor to avoid
       circular dependencies at compilation time.
   * lib/Lintian/Collect/Binary.pm:
     + [RA] New method relation() to return a Lintian::Relation object for
       a given relationship field or set of relationship fields.
   * lib/Lintian/Collect/Source.pm:
     + [RA] New methods relation() and relation_noarch() to return
       Lintian::Relation objects for a given build relationship field or
       set of fields.  New method binary_relation() to return a
       Lintian::Relation object for a given relationship field in a binary
       package built from this source package.
     + [RA] Add file_info() method to return file information for source
       packages.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * lib/Lintian/Relation.pm:
     + [RA] New class based on the existing Dep module that handles package
       relationship analysis.  Now includes documentation, uses a more
       object-oriented structure, and removes a special case handling of
       Perl alternatives.  This module will eventually replace Dep.
   * lib/Lintian/Relation/Version.pm:
     + [RA] New module containing the version comparison code from Dep.
       This module will only be needed until Lintian is converted to
       Dpkg::Version or AptPkg::Version.
   * lib/Spelling.pm:
     + [RA] Add some additional typo and case corrections.  Patch from
       Raphael Geissert.
   * t/runtests:
     + [RA] Copy test suite data based on checksum, not size and time,
       since some files change one character and Git doesn't preserve
       timestamps.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #514496)
   * unpack/list-{binpkg,udebpkg}:
     + [RA] Preserve the source_version field from the previous list when
       adding new packages, remove some dead code, and restructure for
       improved readability.  Thanks to Jordà Polo for the analysis.
       (Closes: #507849)
     + [RA] Generate an index of files in the upstream source tarball.
       Patch from Raphael Geissert.
 ff8957770ad16068d63c46f5c4ba45bbf3355506 1163 lintian_2.2.3.dsc
 590d3f601eb36d120e543e24e8e9bdcba7b24fde 616409 lintian_2.2.3.tar.gz
 58ae86116267035625985185ff946feaa97da8d0 432674 lintian_2.2.3_all.deb
 65f3b45bf736d01813cd5987232294c03bb16c9a1c9a22a294b8849c924cc3b0 1163 lintian_2.2.3.dsc
 7eabdfa5a0a51f3fc8bbf94b17cd1692c12b0ae586b4dbc987acd1ba0006cb31 616409 lintian_2.2.3.tar.gz
 ae7681e35a29251a7598357a4c9fd6e0cbb9701663cea72eeb552f6934619890 432674 lintian_2.2.3_all.deb
 75d431f09f49c41fd4de2ab337b7cc4a 1163 devel optional lintian_2.2.3.dsc
 15f1e82e176244ede72da6cda7cd753d 616409 devel optional lintian_2.2.3.tar.gz
 93ca095d0dab2925d12d91a019f1272c 432674 devel optional lintian_2.2.3_all.deb

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