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Accepted dh-make-perl 0.51 (source all)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2009 00:38:22 +0200
Source: dh-make-perl
Binary: dh-make-perl
Architecture: source all
Version: 0.51
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian Perl Group <pkg-perl-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Damyan Ivanov <dmn@debian.org>
 dh-make-perl - Create Debian packages from perl modules
Closes: 501688 506708 510362
 dh-make-perl (0.51) unstable; urgency=low
   [ gregor herrmann ]
   * Handle --desc option before --refresh to avoid uninitialized $desc
   * Remove libpod-parser-perl from Depends, sync Build-Depends-Indep with
     Depends now that tests are run.
   * "--build": call `debian/rules build' before `fakeroot debian/rules binary'
     in order to do the build without (fake)root privileges. Thanks to Mark
     Hedges for the bug report and to Russ Allbery for the solution
     (closes: #510362).
   [ Damyan Ivanov ]
   * Apply two patches from Paul Fenwick reformatting the whitespace of
     dh-make-perl. Hopefully this makes the code a bit easier for people not
     used to it.
   * Add Paul Fenwick to the 'Patches from' section
   * Parse and use build-time dependencies too
     Closes: #501688 -- dh-make-perl ignoring build_requires in Makefile.PL
   * Add dependencies on libwww-mechanize-perl, libclass-accessor-perl,
     libemail-date-format-perl, libmodule-corelist-perl, libapt-pkg-perl.
   * Internal rewrites:
     - encapsulate dependencies into a class and rework the code to use it
     - extract_depends: try Module::Depends first, ::Intrusive -- second
     - use Module::CoreList to check if given module is a core one
     - avoid adding dependencies on ancient perl versions
   * add test suite
   * rules: run the test suite during build
     + sync B-D-I with Depends
     + add libfile-touch-perl, libtext-diff-perl, libfile-find-rule-perl and
       libtest-deep-perl to B-D-I
   * get_itp(): adapt to new BTS web interface. Thanks to SteveNZ for the
   * add --verbose option (set by default)
     + disable diagnostic output when --no-verbose is given
   * instead of searching Perl modules in packages contents via apt-file, parse
     Contents files ourselves and cache the result
     + add --refresh-cache option, useful for cron-jobs
   * do not call bugs.debian.org when NO_NETWORK is set in the environment
     + rules: set NO_NETWORK=1 when running tests
   * uses Module::Build for building and running tests
     + add libmodule-build-perl to B-D
   [ Paul Fenwick ]
   * Setting the base for unit-testing:
     + Simple patch to avoid doing work if we're being required and not run.
     + Basic tests for extract_name_ver_from_autodie.
   * Updated regexp to extract version from basic Module::Install.
   * Updated extract_name_ver_from_makefile to handle M::I recommended
   * We now inform the user about the --core-ok switch if they're trying
     to build a core module.
   [ Ryan Niebur ]
   * process META.yml file when refreshing
   * create debian/compat file while refreshing
   * make --notest work with dh7 (Closes: #506708)
   * fix typo (s/shlib:Depends/shlibs:Depends/g) in control file generation
   * when searching for docs files, ignore .svn-base files. (fixes tests
     when building out of the svn repo)
   * mention running apt-file update in error message
   [ Ansgar Burchardt ]
   * Quote name of file containing the Artistic license.
   [ David Paleino ]
   * Removed myself from Uploaders.
 b2b82213638e72d798810a8b7b017382b477ef93 1492 dh-make-perl_0.51.dsc
 61afe33f02f43ee5d79ca09616af01f4e3395aa6 69083 dh-make-perl_0.51.tar.gz
 711c41d20fe4a394e739a0dd513b25d0bd2cbbcd 69220 dh-make-perl_0.51_all.deb
 a4b6ea82e5b690c9d853945e8f40b1362f464eff9e9320a1e67b8bfe42d5b090 1492 dh-make-perl_0.51.dsc
 2f05afd075b12388314b35c7096d10e833723c447d6cdf077817324ebf42ca6b 69083 dh-make-perl_0.51.tar.gz
 263ba476a3cf5f22b1a480055b22f08d830f197760a30b01e1f0812762da678c 69220 dh-make-perl_0.51_all.deb
 44034f164a2eddc03d4223a97688ecbe 1492 devel optional dh-make-perl_0.51.dsc
 8e9c4800ae462a87a9327bb548c71656 69083 devel optional dh-make-perl_0.51.tar.gz
 f29a76e3288addbe28e5432231eef32a 69220 devel optional dh-make-perl_0.51_all.deb

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