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Accepted devscripts 2.10.27 (source amd64)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Sat, 03 May 2008 17:30:46 +0100
Source: devscripts
Binary: devscripts
Architecture: source amd64
Version: 2.10.27
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Devscripts Devel Team <pkg-devscripts@teams.debian.net>
Changed-By: Adam D. Barratt <adam@adam-barratt.org.uk>
 devscripts - scripts to make the life of a Debian Package maintainer easier
Closes: 477386 477398 477742 477922 478014 478172 478667 478829
 devscripts (2.10.27) unstable; urgency=low
   * bts:
     + When reassigning bugs, CC the maintainer of the new package(s)
       (Closes: #478014)
     + Fix an uninitialised value warning when using claim and unclaim with
       no claim specified and $EMAIL and $DEBEMAIL unset
   * chdist: Add armel to the list of architectures in the bash completion
   * checkbashisms:
     + When rebuilding the list of bashisms to check, ensure it is based
       on whether the current file is a makefile, rather than whether the
       previous file was. Thanks to Raphael Geissert for the brown paper bag.
     + Match use of "SHELL=bash" as well as "SHELL=/bin/bash" in makefile mode
     + Improve heredoc detection to avoid triggering on "foo bar << x" whilst
       still matching 'cat <<"xyz"'
     + Add a variant on the "[ a == b ]" test
     + Enhance the "echo -e" test to also catch "echo -ne"
     + Add checks for "type", "time", "dirs" and $UID
     + Make several of the checks less prone to false positives
     + Re-enable the check for "complete"
   * dcmd:
     + Preserve a leading "./" on .dsc and .changes filenames (Closes: #478172)
     + Correctly handle packages with a section of "component/section"
       (Closes: #478829)
   * debchange:
     + Correctly handle the BTS returning no bugs for a package when --closes
       is used (either because the package doesn't exist in the archive
       or it has no open bugs) (Closes: #477398)
     + Add intrepid (ibex) to the list of Ubuntu distributions
     + Skip auto-NMU detection if -e was used or when editing an UNRELEASED
       changelog and using the "changelog" release heuristic
   * debcheckout:
     + Use the Vcs-* headers from the highest available version rather than
       the first returned by "apt-get source" (Closes: #477386)
     + Allow the Vcs-* headers from any of the available package versions to
       be used
   * debcommit:
     + Ignore --confirm and --edit when combined with --diff
     + Fix commit message detection for bzr; thanks Colin Watson
       (Closes: #478667)
     + Remove trailing newlines after editing the commit message
     + Don't attempt to commit if an editor was spawned (either via --edit
       or automatically) and the user quit without updating and saving the
   * licensecheck: Correctly detect LGPLv3+ (Closes: #477742)
   * tagpending: Use option bundling (so that e.g. "tagpending -ni" works)
   * transition-check: New script to determine whether a set of source packages
     is involved in a transition for which uploads to unstable are currently
     blocked (Closes: #477922)
   * debian/control:
     + Add transition-check
     + Recommend libyaml-syck-perl (for transition-check)
     + Move build-essential back to Suggests as it's only required by
       dpkg-depcheck and dpkg-genbuilddeps and will be installed in a build
       environment anyway
     + Fix a typo in the Suggests field (svn-buildpacakge)
     + Move libfile-desktopentry-perl back to Suggests
     + Remove libdigest-md5-perl from Recommends as it's Provided by perl since
     + Re-order the "dupload | dput" recommendation to favour dput and remove
       the version constraint from dupload as it refers to a version older than
       that in oldstable
     + Remove the versioned conflicts on debmake, dupload and suidmanager, as
       they all referred to versions of those packages older than those in
     + Remove the version constraints from the perl build-dependency, the perl
       dependency and the gnupg recommendation, as the referenced versions are
       all satisfied in oldstable and above
     + Remove the dependencies on debianutils and sed. Both are essential and
       the version constraints in the dependencies are satisfied in oldstable
       and above
   * README: Add transition-check
 07704e98662be86ffbe98704494126f83b9fde93 1385 devscripts_2.10.27.dsc
 6bbb366a0282f911ef206e7d6467d117b08700aa 559297 devscripts_2.10.27.tar.gz
 070b3494d94c9f5d3e966fe55fe3c79b7124a7eb 481672 devscripts_2.10.27_amd64.deb
 f5a682237e79f7ed58f0756820a751f0eec3a2040a20b9c5c92ab8a05a5654c3 1385 devscripts_2.10.27.dsc
 d7343fac5d8c451ef3bf5e1d8374559a63f9de7a1024f82426e73229a1f39fd1 559297 devscripts_2.10.27.tar.gz
 62790fddb73e57f2b68e0073668fc1fd6910628b5383cdcdae966e07a8e1cd28 481672 devscripts_2.10.27_amd64.deb
 65526c398d35a39dcbeff00dd0de6096 1385 devel optional devscripts_2.10.27.dsc
 3c27f921dd4f4675704411e432a2d83f 559297 devel optional devscripts_2.10.27.tar.gz
 4e58c44bf7feb7aefb73de0fcefaa15a 481672 devel optional devscripts_2.10.27_amd64.deb

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