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Accepted 2vcard 0.5-1 (source i386) Accepted 915resolution 0.5.3-1 (source amd64) Accepted 9base 1:2-7 (source i386) Accepted abiword 2.4.6-2.1 (ia64 source all) Accepted abook 0.5.6-4 (source powerpc) Accepted accerciser 0.1.5-1 (source all) Accepted ace 5.5.9-1 (source all i386) Accepted acidbase 1.3.8-1 (source all) Accepted acidlab 0.9.6b20-22 (source all) Accepted acr38 1.7.9-3 (source i386) Accepted addresses-for-gnustep 0.4.6-9 (source i386 all) Accepted adduser 3.104 (source all) Accepted advi 1.6.0-13 (source i386 all) Accepted afbinit 1.0-2 (source sparc) Accepted affiche 0.6.0-6 (source i386) Accepted afnix 1.5.2-1 (source i386) Accepted afnix 1.5.2-2 (source i386) Accepted agg 2.5+dfsg-1 (source amd64) Accepted alien-arena 6.05-1 (source i386) Accepted alien-arena-data 6.05-1 (source all) Accepted alsa-lib 1.0.14a-2 (source all i386) Accepted altermime 0.3.8-1 (source i386) Accepted amavisd-new 1:2.4.2-6.2 (ia64 source all) Accepted amide 0.8.21-3 (source i386) Accepted amsn 0.97~rc1+dfsg1-1 (source i386) Accepted amsn 0.97~rc1+dfsg1-2 (source i386) Accepted amsn 0.97~rc1+dfsg1-3 (source i386) Accepted amsn 0.97~rc1+dfsg1-4 (source i386) Accepted am-utils 6.1.5-6 (source all powerpc) Accepted anjuta 2:2.2.0-1 (source i386 all) Accepted ant 1.6.5-9 (source i386 all) Accepted ant 1.7.0-1 (source i386 all) Accepted ant 1.7.0-2 (source i386 all) Accepted anteater 0.4.5-7 (source amd64) Accepted anteater 0.4.5-8 (source amd64) Accepted anthy 9100-1 (source all amd64) Accepted antigrav 0.0.2-5 (source i386) Accepted aoeui 1.1.0-1 (source i386) Accepted aolserver4 4.5.0-10 (source all i386) Accepted apache2 2.2.4-1 (source all i386) Accepted apache2 2.2.4-2 (source all i386) Accepted apel 10.7-2 (source all) Accepted app-install-data 0.4.3 (source all) Accepted aprsd 1:2.2.5-13-3.2 (source i386) Accepted apt 0.7.3 (source all i386) Accepted apt 0.7.4 (source all i386) Accepted apt 0.7.5 (source all i386) Accepted apt-cross 0.2.0 (source all) Accepted aptitude (source all i386) Accepted aptitude (source all i386) Accepted apt-listbugs 0.0.81 (source all) Accepted apt-listbugs 0.0.82 (source all) Accepted apt-rpm 0.5.15lorg3.2-2 (source i386) Accepted apt-watch 0.3.2-9 (source i386 all) Accepted apt-zip 0.16 (source all) Accepted araneida 0.90.1-dfsg-3 (source all) Accepted aranym 0.9.5beta-1 (source i386) Accepted archivemail 0.7.0-3 (source all) Accepted archmage 0.1.9beta1-1 (source all) Accepted archmage 1:0.1.9-1 (source all) Accepted ardour 1:2.0.3-1 (source amd64) Accepted armagetronad (source all i386) Accepted armagetronad (source all i386) Accepted arno-iptables-firewall 1.8.8.i-1 (source all) Accepted artist 1.2.6-4 (source all) Accepted asciidoc 8.2.2-1 (source all) Accepted asmon 0.71-1 (source i386) Accepted 20070709.0-1 (source all) Accepted 20070709.0-2 (source all) Accepted asterisk 1:1.4.6~dfsg-1 (source all i386) Accepted asterisk 1:1.4.8~dfsg-1 (source all i386) Accepted asterisk 1:1.4.8~dfsg-2 (source all i386) Accepted asterisk 1:1.4.9~dfsg-1 (source all i386) Accepted asterisk-prompt-fr-armelle 20070613-1 (source all) Accepted asterisk-prompt-fr-armelle 20070613-2 (source all) Accepted asterisk-prompt-fr-proformatique 20060911-1 (source all) Accepted asterisk-prompt-fr-proformatique 20060911-2 (source all) Accepted asterisk-spandsp-plugins 0.0.20070624-1 (source i386) Accepted atanks 2.4-1 (source i386 all) Accepted atari800 2.0.3-1 (source i386) Accepted attr 1:2.4.32-1.2 (source i386) Accepted audacious-plugins 1.3.5-2 (source amd64) Accepted audacious-plugins 1.3.5-3 (source amd64) Accepted audiere 1.9.4-1 (source i386) Accepted aufs 0+20070702-1 (source i386 all) Accepted aufs 0+20070702-2 (source i386 all) Accepted aufs 0+20070702-3 (source i386 all) Accepted aufs 0+20070709-1 (source i386 all) Accepted aufs 0+20070716-1 (source i386 all) Accepted autofs 4.1.4+debian-2 (source sparc) Accepted autofs5 5.0.2-1 (source sparc) Accepted autofs5 5.0.2-2 (source sparc) Accepted autogen 1:5.9.2-1 (source i386) Accepted autogen 1:5.9.2-2 (source i386) Accepted autopkgtest 0.9.0 (source all) Accepted autopkgtest 0.9.1 (source all) Accepted autopkgtest 1.0.1 (source all) Accepted autopkgtest 1.0.2 (source all) Accepted autopkgtest 1.0.3 (source all) Accepted avahi 0.6.20-1 (source all i386) Accepted avahi 0.6.20-2 (source all i386) Accepted avarice 2.6-2 (source i386) Accepted avce00 2.0.0-1 (source i386) Accepted avifile 1: (source i386) Accepted axis 1.4-3 (source all i386) Accepted azureus (source all) Accepted balance 3.35-1 (source i386) Accepted balazar 0.3.4.ds1-1 (source all) Accepted balazar 0.3.4.ds1-2 (source all) Accepted balazarbrothers 1.0~rc1-1 (source all) Accepted balder2d 1.0~rc1-2 (source i386 all) Accepted balsa 2.3.17-1 (source amd64) Accepted bandersnatch 0.4-1.2 (source all) Accepted bandwidthcalc 0.1-1 (source powerpc) Accepted banshee 0.12.1+dfsg-4 (source i386 all) Accepted banshee 0.12.1+dfsg-5 (source i386 all) Accepted base-installer 1.82 (source all i386) Accepted base-installer 1.83 (source all i386) Accepted bastet 0.41-5 (source amd64) Accepted bastille 1:2.1.1-14 (source all) Accepted bastille 1:3.0.9-4 (source all) Accepted bcm5700-source 8.3.14-4 (source all) Accepted beaker 0.7.4-1 (source all) Accepted bedic-computer-terms 0.0.200706020238-1 (source all) Accepted beef 0.0.6-1 (source i386) Accepted belpic 2.5.9-9 (source powerpc) Accepted berusky 1.1-1 (source i386) Accepted berusky 1.1-2 (source i386) Accepted berusky-data 1.0-1 (source all) Accepted bgoffice 3.0-8 (source all i386) Accepted bibtex2html 1.86-3 (source all) Accepted bibtex2html 1.87-1 (source all) Accepted bibtool 2.48alpha.2-3.1 (ia64 source) Accepted biloba 0.4-2 (source all amd64) Accepted bind9 1:9.4.1-P1-1 (source i386 all) Accepted binfmtc 0.14-1 (source amd64) Accepted bins 1.1.29-8 (source all) Accepted binutils 2.17cvs20070713-1 (source i386 all) Accepted binutils 2.17cvs20070718-1 (source i386 all) Accepted binutils-h8300-hms 2.16.1-5 (source i386) Accepted bioruby 1.1.0-1 (source all) Accepted bison 1:2.3.dfsg-5 (source i386) Accepted bitbake 1.8.6-1 (source all) Accepted bitmap-mule 8.5+0.20030825.0433-7 (source all) Accepted blktrace 0~git-20070718142546-1 (source i386) Accepted blockattack 1.3.1-1 (source i386) Accepted blosxom 2.0-15 (source all) Accepted bluefish 1.0.7-2 (source i386) Accepted bluetooth-alsa 0.5cvs20070714-1 (source amd64) Accepted bluez-hcidump 1.37-2 (source powerpc) Accepted bluez-utils 3.12-1 (source all powerpc) Accepted bmconf 0.8.4-0.1 (source amd64) Accepted bmpx 0.40.0~rc3-1 (source i386) Accepted bobcat 1.16.0-1 (source i386) Accepted bochs 2.3+20070705-1 (source i386 all) Accepted bochs 2.3+20070705-2 (source i386 all) Accepted boinc 5.10.8-1 (source i386) Accepted boinc-app-seti 5.13+cvs20060510-2 (source i386) Accepted bombermaze 0.6.6-19 (source amd64) Accepted bongo 20070203-3 (source all) Accepted bootcd 3.07 (source all) Accepted boson 0.13-2 (source i386) Accepted boson-data 0.13-2 (source all) Accepted boson-music 0.13-2 (source all) Accepted botan 1.6.3-1 (source i386) Accepted bouml 2.27-1 (source i386 all) Accepted bouml 2.29.1-1 (source all amd64) Accepted bouml 2.29-1 (source i386 all) Accepted bouncy 0.0.20060925-1 (source all) Accepted bouncy 0.5.20070616-1 (source all) Accepted boxbackup 0.10+really0.10-1 (source i386) Accepted brandy 1.20~pre4-1 (source i386) Accepted brasero 0.5.90-1 (source i386 all) Accepted brasero 0.5.90-2 (source i386 all) Accepted brasero 0.5.90-3 (source i386 all) Accepted brasero 0.6.0-1 (source i386 all) Accepted brasero 0.6.0-2 (source i386 all) Accepted brltty 3.7.2-7.2 (source i386) Accepted brltty 3.8-1 (source all amd64) Accepted bsdgames 2.17-9 (source i386) Accepted btrfs 0.5-1 (source all) Accepted btrfs-tools 0.5-1 (source i386) Accepted bugsx 1.08-10 (source i386) Accepted bug-triage 0.1-1 (source all) Accepted bug-triage 0.1-2 (source all) Accepted busybox 1:1.1.3-5 (source amd64) Accepted bzr 0.18-1 (source all) Accepted bzr-builddeb 0.18 (source all) Accepted bzr-gtk 0.18.0-1 (source all) Accepted bzr-rebase 0.1-1 (source all) Accepted bzr-svn 0.3.5-1 (source all) Accepted bzrtools 0.18.0-1 (source all) Accepted c3p0 (source all) Accepted cacao 0.98-2 (source i386) Accepted cairo-java 1.0.8-6 (source i386 all) Accepted cairomm 1.4.2-1 (source i386 all) Accepted cairo-ocaml 20070306-3 (source i386) Accepted cakephp (source all) Accepted calcoo 1.3.17-1 (source i386) Accepted calendar 1.10-1 (source i386) Accepted cameramonitor 0.2-1 (source all) Accepted camlidl 1.05-8 (source i386) Accepted camlidl 1.05-9 (source i386) Accepted camlimages 1:2.2.0-1 (source i386 all) Accepted camlp5 4.05-1 (source i386) Accepted camlzip 1.03-4 (source i386) Accepted camomile 0.7.1-2 (source all i386) Accepted camstream 0.26.3+dfsg-3 (source i386 all) Accepted camstream 0.26.3+dfsg-4 (source i386 all) Accepted c++-annotations 7.0.1-1 (source all) Accepted capi4hylafax 1: (source amd64) Accepted capi4hylafax 1: (source sparc) Accepted cdcat 1.01b-2 (source amd64) Accepted cd-circleprint 0.6.0-1 (source all) Accepted cdebconf 0.118 (source all amd64) Accepted cdebconf 0.119 (source i386 all) Accepted cdrom-detect 1.23 (source all) Accepted cdrom-detect 1.24 (source all) Accepted cdrw-taper 0.4-2 (source all) Accepted cdw 0.3.1-1 (source all i386) Accepted cdw 0.3.1-2 (source all i386) Accepted cegui-mk2 0.5.0-2 (source powerpc) Accepted centericq 4.21.0-20 (source i386) Accepted centerim 4.22.1-1 (source all i386) Accepted cerealizer 0.6-1 (source all) Accepted cfitsio3 3.040-3 (source all amd64) Accepted cfitsio3 3.040-4 (source all amd64) Accepted cflow 1:1.2-1 (source i386) Accepted cfs 1.4.1-18 (source powerpc) Accepted cgal 3.3-2 (source i386 all) Accepted chalow 1.0~rc6-1 (source all) Accepted cheetah 2.0~rc8-1 (source i386) Accepted cheops-ng 0.2.3-4.1 (source amd64) Accepted chiark-utils 4.1.20 (source i386 all) Accepted chillispot 1.0-6 (source i386) Accepted chmlib 2:0.39-5 (source i386 all) Accepted choose-mirror 2.17 (source all amd64) Accepted choose-mirror 2.18 (source all powerpc) Accepted choosewm 0.1.3-1 (source sparc) Accepted chron 2.3-13-1 (source i386) Accepted chron 2.3-14-1 (source i386) Accepted cia-clients 20070627 (source all) Accepted cimg (source all) Accepted cinepaint 0.20-1-1.4 (source all powerpc) Accepted circuslinux 1.0.3-20 (source i386 all) Accepted cjk 4.7.0+git20070708-1 (source all i386) Accepted clamav 0.90.3-2 (source i386 all) Accepted clamav 0.91.1-1 (source i386 all) Accepted clamav 0.91-1 (source i386 all) Accepted clamav 0.91-2 (source i386 all) Accepted clamav-data 20070711.011400.3634 (source all) Accepted clamav-data 20070723.055000.3741 (source all) Accepted clanbomber 1.05cdbs-6 (source i386 all) Accepted classpath 2:0.95-1 (source all i386) Accepted classworlds 1.1-alpha-2-1 (source all) Accepted claws-mail 2.10.0-1 (source all amd64) Accepted claws-mail 2.10.0-2 (source all amd64) Accepted claws-mail 2.10.0-3 (source all amd64) Accepted claws-mail-extra-plugins 2.10.0-1 (source all amd64) Accepted clearsilver 0.10.4-1 (source i386) Accepted cli-common 0.4.9 (source all) Accepted clock-setup 0.90 (source i386) Accepted cl-sdl 1:0.2.2-5 (source i386 all) Accepted cl-sql 3.8.5-1 (source all amd64) Accepted cl-sql 3.8.5-2 (source all amd64) Accepted cl-sql (source all amd64) Accepted cl-sql (source all amd64) Accepted cl-sql (source all amd64) Accepted cl-sql 3.8.6-1 (source all amd64) Accepted clucene-core 0.9.16a-3 (source amd64) Accepted cl-uffi 1.6.0-1 (source all amd64) Accepted cmake 2.4.7-1 (source amd64) Accepted cmap-adobe-cns1 0+20040609-5 (source all) Accepted cmap-adobe-gb1 0+20030802-6 (source all) Accepted cmap-adobe-japan1 0+20060504-3 (source all) Accepted cmap-adobe-japan2 0+20020208-2 (source all) Accepted cmap-adobe-korea1 0+20020208-6 (source all) Accepted cmigrep 1.3-3 (source all) Accepted cmigrep 1.3-4 (source all) Accepted coherence 0.2.1-1 (source all) Accepted coherence 0.2.1-2 (source all) Accepted commit-tool 0.4-4 (source all) Accepted common-lisp-controller 6.11 (source all) Accepted compiz 0.5.0.dfsg-2 (source i386 all) Accepted conduit 0.3.1-1 (source all) Accepted conduit 0.3.2-1 (source all) Accepted cone 0.70-1 (source i386) Accepted console-setup 1.17 (source all) Accepted console-setup 1.18 (source all) Accepted contacts 0.6-1 (source i386) Accepted control-center 1:2.19.5-1 (source all i386) Accepted control-center 1:2.19.5-2 (source all i386) Accepted coq 8.1+dfsg-6 (source all i386) Accepted core++ 1.7-8 (source all i386) Accepted coriander 1.0.1-3.2 (source amd64) Accepted cournol (source i386) Accepted cowsay 3.03-9 (source all) Accepted cpio 2.9-2 (source amd64) Accepted crash 4.0-4.3-1 (source amd64) Accepted cron-apt 0.4.15 (source all) Accepted cron-apt 0.4.16 (source all) Accepted cronosii (source amd64) Accepted crosshurd 1.7.28 (source all) Accepted cryptgps 0.2.1-2 (source i386) Accepted cryptkeeper 0.7.666-2 (source i386) Accepted cryptokit 1.3-4 (source i386) Accepted cryptokit 1.3-5 (source i386) Accepted cryptsetup 2:1.0.5-1 (source amd64) Accepted csh 20070713-1 (source i386) Accepted ctioga 1.5-1 (source all) Accepted ctn 3.0.6-11 (source i386) Accepted ctn 3.0.6-12 (source i386) Accepted ctsim 4.5.3-2 (source all amd64) Accepted ctypes 1.0.2-1 (source i386) Accepted culmus 0.101-8 (source all) Accepted cultivation 7.20061227.dfsg1-1 (source i386) Accepted cups-pdf 2.4.6-2 (source i386) Accepted cupsys 1.2.12-1 (source all amd64) Accepted curl 7.16.4-1 (source i386) Accepted cvs-buildpackage 5.21 (source all) Accepted cvxopt 0.8.2-1 (source i386) Accepted cwiid 0.6.00~rc2-1 (source amd64) Accepted cwiid 0.6.00~rc2-2 (source amd64) Accepted cwiid 0.6.00~rc2-3 (source amd64) Accepted cwiid 0.6.00~rc2-4 (source amd64) Accepted cyphesis-cpp 0.5.13-1 (source all i386) Accepted cyrus-sasl2 2.1.22.dfsg1-13 (source i386 all) Accepted cyrus-sasl2-heimdal 2.1.22.dfsg1-13 (source i386) Accepted d3lphin 0.9.1-1 (source i386 all) Accepted dar 2.3.4-1 (source i386 all) Accepted darcs 1.0.9-1 (source i386) Accepted dash 0.5.4-1 (source all) Accepted date 1.2.25-1 (source i386) Accepted datefudge 1.13 (source i386) Accepted dates 0.4.4-1 (source i386) Accepted db3 3.2.9+dfsg-1 (source i386) Accepted db4.2 4.2.52+dfsg-2.1 (source i386) Accepted db 4.6.18-1 (source i386 all) Accepted dbeacon (source i386) Accepted dbus-glib 0.74-1 (source i386 all) Accepted dcmtk 3.5.4-3 (source i386 all) Accepted ddskk 13.0.91+0.20070716-1 (source all) Accepted debaux 0.1.10-1 (source all) Accepted debconf 1.5.14 (source all) Accepted debdelta 0.21 (source amd64) Accepted debhelper 5.0.51 (source all) Accepted debhelper 5.0.52 (source all) Accepted debhelper 5.0.53 (source all) Accepted debian-archive-keyring 2007.07.31 (source all) Accepted debiandoc-sgml 1.1.102 (source all) Accepted debian-edu 0.819 (source amd64) Accepted debian-edu 0.820 (source i386) Accepted debian-edu 0.821 (source i386) Accepted debian-edu-artwork 0.0.19 (source all i386) Accepted debian-edu-artwork 0.0.20 (source all i386) Accepted debian-edu-artwork 0.0.21 (source all i386) Accepted debian-edu-config 0.413 (source all) Accepted debian-edu-config 0.414 (source all) Accepted debian-edu-config 0.415 (source all) Accepted debian-edu-install 0.665 (source all) Accepted debian-edu-install 0.666 (source all) Accepted debian-edu-install 0.667 (source all) Accepted debian-goodies 0.29 (source all) Accepted debian-installer-utils 1.49 (source all amd64) Accepted debian-med 0.13 (source all) Accepted debianutils 2.22.1 (source i386) Accepted debootstrap 1.0.1 (source all powerpc) Accepted debtags 1.7.3 (source amd64) Accepted decibel-audio-player 0.02-1 (source all) Accepted decibel-audio-player 0.03-1 (source all) Accepted decoratortools 1.4-1 (source all) Accepted dejagnu 1.4.4.cvs20060709-5 (source all) Accepted deluge-torrent 0.5.2-1 (source i386) Accepted deluge-torrent 0.5.3-1 (source i386) Accepted desmume 0.7.2-1 (source amd64) Accepted desmume 0.7.2-2 (source amd64) Accepted destar 0.2.2-2 (source all) Accepted devmapper 2:1.02.20-2 (source amd64) Accepted dhcp3 3.0.6-1 (source i386) Accepted dhelp 0.5.24-0.1 (source amd64) Accepted dh-make-php 0.2.3 (source all) Accepted diagnostics 0.1 (source i386) Accepted dicomnifti 2.28-1 (source i386) Accepted dictd 1.10.2.dfsg-3.2 (source amd64) Accepted dictionary-el 1.8.7-6 (source all) Accepted dictionary-el 1.8.7-7 (source all) Accepted dieharder 2.24.4-2 (source i386) Accepted dietlibc 0.30-7 (source all) Accepted diff-ext 0.2.1-1 (source amd64) Accepted digikam 2:0.9.2-3 (source i386) Accepted digikam 2:0.9.2-4 (source i386) Accepted ding 1.5-2 (source all) Accepted diogenes 0.9.20-2 (source all) Accepted dir2ogg 0.10.1-1 (source all) Accepted djview4 4.1-1 (source i386) Accepted dmake 1:4.9-1 (source powerpc) Accepted dns2tcp 0.3.dfsg-1 (source i386) Accepted dns2tcp 0.4.dfsg-1 (source i386) Accepted dns-flood-detector 1.12-2 (source i386) Accepted doc-base 0.8.5 (source all) Accepted docbookwiki 0.9.1cvs-1 (source all) Accepted doc-iana 20070701-1 (source all) Accepted doc-linux-nl 20051127-3 (source all) Accepted dokuwiki 0.0.20070626b-1 (source all) Accepted donkey-bolonkey 2001-2 (source i386) Accepted doodle 0.6.6-6 (source i386) Accepted dosbox 0.71-0.1 (source i386) Accepted dot2tex 2.5.0-1 (source all) Accepted doxia 1.0-alpha-7-1 (source all) Accepted doxygen 1.5.2-20070723-1 (source all i386) Accepted doxygen 1.5.3-1 (source all i386) Accepted dpkg 1.14.5 (source i386 all) Accepted dpkg-cross 1.39 (source all) Accepted dput (source all) Accepted drbd8 2:8.0.4-1 (source all amd64) Accepted drupal 4.7.7-1 (source all) Accepted drupal5 5.2-1 (source all) Accepted d-shlibs 0.34 (source all) Accepted dstat 0.6.6-4 (source all) Accepted dvgrab 2.1-2 (source i386) Accepted dwm 4.3-1 (source i386) Accepted dxpc 3.9.1-1 (source i386) Accepted e2fsprogs 1.40.1-1 (source i386) Accepted e2fsprogs 1.40.2-1 (source i386) Accepted easytag 2.1.1-1 (source i386) Accepted ebtables (source sparc) Accepted ecj 3.3.0-1 (source all amd64) Accepted ecj 3.3.0-2 (source all i386) Accepted eclipse 3.2.2-2 (source i386 all) Accepted edict-el 1.06-7 (source all) Accepted edos-debcheck 1.0-4 (source i386) Accepted eel2 2.18.3-1 (source all amd64) Accepted efax-gtk 3.0.15-1 (source i386) Accepted egroupware 1.4.001.dfsg-2 (source all) Accepted eigen 1.0.5-1 (source all) Accepted ejabberd 1.1.2-9 (source i386) Accepted eject 2.1.5-3 (source i386) Accepted eject 2.1.5-4 (source i386) Accepted ekg2 20070719+2011-1 (source i386) Accepted ekg2 20070724+1530-1 (source i386) Accepted ekg2 20070727+1114-1 (source i386) Accepted ekiga 2.0.9-1 (source i386 all) Accepted ekiga 2.0.9-2 (source i386 all) Accepted ekiga 2.0.9-3 (source i386 all) Accepted electricsheep 2.6.8-7 (source i386) Accepted elfkickers 2.0a-1 (source amd64) Accepted elfkickers 2.0a-2 (source amd64) Accepted elfutils 0.128-1 (source amd64) Accepted elisa 0.1.6-1 (source all) Accepted elisa 0.1.7-1 (source all) Accepted elisa 0.1.7-2 (source all) Accepted elserv 0.4.0+0.20011203cvs-17 (source all) Accepted emacs22 22.1+1-1 (source all i386) Accepted emacs22-non-dfsg 22.1+1-1 (source all) Accepted emacs-goodies-el 26.12-1 (source all) Accepted emacs-goodies-el 26.13-1 (source all) Accepted emacs-jabber 0.7.1-3 (source all) Accepted emboss 5.0.0-1 (source i386 all) Accepted emboss-explorer 2.2.0-1 (source all) Accepted emboss-explorer 2.2.0-2 (source all) Accepted emdebian-tools 0.3.0 (source all) Accepted emma-coverage 2.0.5312+dfsg-2 (source all) Accepted endeavour 2.8.2-1 (source i386) Accepted enemylines3 1.2-4 (source powerpc) Accepted enemylines7 0.6-2 (source powerpc) Accepted enet 1.1-1 (source all powerpc) Accepted engine-pkcs11 0.1.4-1 (source amd64) Accepted eo-spell 2.1.2000.02.25-33 (source all) Accepted epiphany-browser 2.18.3-1 (source all amd64) Accepted epydoc 3.0~beta1-1 (source all) Accepted epydoc 3.0~beta1-2 (source all) Accepted eris 1.3.12-1 (source all i386) Accepted erlang 1:11.b.5-1 (source all amd64) Accepted erlang 1:11.b.5dfsg-1 (source all amd64) Accepted espa-nol 1.9-11 (source all) Accepted esvn 0.6.11+1-4 (source all amd64) Accepted etpan-ng 0.7.1-5 (source powerpc) Accepted evince 0.8.3-1 (source i386) Accepted evolution 2.10.3-1 (source i386 all) Accepted evolution-data-server 1.10.3-1 (source i386 all) Accepted evolution-exchange 2.10.3.dfsg-1 (source i386) Accepted evolution-python 0.0.1+svn-20070609-1 (source i386) Accepted evolution-python 0.0.2-1 (source i386) Accepted evolvotron 0.4.0-1 (source i386) Accepted exaile 0.2.10+debian-1.1 (source i386) Accepted exifprobe 2.0.1-1 (source i386) Accepted exim4 4.67-6 (source i386 all) Accepted exim4 4.67-7 (source i386 all) Accepted exiv2 0.15-1 (source all i386) Accepted exmh 1:2.7.2-11 (source all) Accepted expat 1.95.8-4 (source i386) Accepted extlib 1.5-8 (source i386) Accepted fail2ban 0.8.0-4 (source all) Accepted fakepop 10 (source amd64) Accepted fam 2.7.0-13 (source i386 all) Accepted fantasdic 1.0beta2-3 (source all) Accepted fantasdic 1.0beta2-4 (source all) Accepted fantasdic 1.0beta3-1 (source all) Accepted farsight 0.1.21-1 (source i386 all) Accepted fatsort (source i386) The last update was on 15:37 GMT Sun Aug 16. 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