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Accepted lintian 1.23.31 (source all)

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.7
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2007 20:29:55 -0700
Source: lintian
Binary: lintian
Architecture: source all
Version: 1.23.31
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian Lintian Maintainers <lintian-maint@debian.org>
Changed-By: Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org>
 lintian    - Debian package checker
Closes: 32532 268688 287209 417067 421549 421995 423096 423171 423229 423519 424164 426469 426628 426950 427577
 lintian (1.23.31) unstable; urgency=low
   The "back under 100 open bugs" release.
   * checks/changelog-file:
     + [RA] Only check for missing colons in bug closers in the most recent
       changelog entry.  Thanks, Thijs Kinkhorst.  (Closes: #423171)
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [RA] Update architectures to dpkg 1.14.1.  Remove all linux-*
       architectures and add armel.  (Closes: #421995)
   * checks/control-files.desc:
     + [RA] Change unknown-control-file to a warning, since Policy only
       discourages it and doesn't outlaw it.  (Closes: #287209)
   * checks/cruft:
     + [RA] Allow any automake package to satisfy the autotools-dev build
       dependency for suppressing warnings about out of date autotools
       helper files.  (Closes: #417067)
   * checks/fields:
     + [RA] Require libmodule-build-perl in Build-Depends if the clean rule
       runs perl Build.  Hopefully this isn't too aggressive.  Thanks, Ian
       Beckwith.  (Closes: #421549)
   * checks/files:
     + [RA] Don't warn about LICENSE files in Zope products, since they may
       be used for runtime display.  (Closes: #424164)
   * checks/manpages:
     + [RA] Avoid false positives on binaries with X11 in the name.  Patch
       from Kevin B. McCarty.  (Closes: #423229)
   * checks/menu-format.desc:
     + [RA] Improve the pkg-not-in-package-test long description and add a
       manual reference.  (Closes: #423519)
   * checks/menus:
     + [RA] Allow multiple blank lines between doc-base sections and
       trailing blank lines in the file.  doc-base is fine with this.
       Reported by Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz.  (Closes: #423096)
   * checks/scripts:
     + [RA] Add pagsh, provided by openafs-client and heimdal-clients.
     + [RA] Diagnose removal of device files in maintainer scripts per
       Policy 10.6.  (Closes: #268688)
     + [RA] Add jruby1.0.  Thanks, Sebastien Delafond.  (Closes: #426950)
     + [RA] Add jed and friends.  Thanks, Jörg Sommer.  (Closes: #426469)
     + [RA] Move several maintainer script checks specific to shell scripts
       inside the conditional so that they won't run on maintainer scripts
       not written in shell.
     + [RA] Diagnose maintainer scripts looking at /var/lib/dpkg/status
       directly.  Thanks, Guillem Jover.  (Closes: #426628)
     + [RA] Diagnose direct modifications to /etc/services, /etc/protocols,
       /etc/rpc, and /etc/inetd.conf in maintainer scripts.  (Yes, an
       eight-year-old bug!)  (Closes: #32532)
   * checks/version-substvars{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Add a check for deprecated ${Source-Version} substvars.  Patch
       from Guillem Jover.  (Closes: #427577)
   * frontend/lintian-info:
     + [CW] Fix uninitialized value warning after reading a blank line.
 fa03b96c537d7c68f6309facdfd54331 803 devel optional lintian_1.23.31.dsc
 86e1c092dca38fc4e5a23ef3efc5d694 334626 devel optional lintian_1.23.31.tar.gz
 e18f73f7bf7a3dd69beac4e503a5a9a4 284870 devel optional lintian_1.23.31_all.deb

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