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Accepted viewvc 0.9.4+svn20060318-1 (source all)

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Format: 1.7
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 01:30:24 +0200
Source: viewvc
Binary: viewvc viewcvs viewvc-query
Architecture: source all
Version: 0.9.4+svn20060318-1
Distribution: experimental
Urgency: low
Maintainer: David Martínez Moreno <ender@debian.org>
Changed-By: David Martínez Moreno <ender@debian.org>
 viewcvs    - dummy package to migrate to ViewVC
 viewvc     - view CVS/SVN repositories via HTTP
 viewvc-query - utility to query CVS commit database
Closes: 150214 178999 181888 189544 190975 191455 194472 200691 204595 217049 217070 229906 232847 241545 245181 245550 251762 263268 264110 265271 270331 274422 280877 282718 291358 293301 294242 295031 296191 304680 305130 307092 307789 319250 321584 324076 324077 332137 332555 339537 344941 354752 363972 369744 372655 380981
 viewvc (0.9.4+svn20060318-1) experimental; urgency=low
   * New SVN snapshot. ViewCVS project has become ViewVC, under tigris.org's
     umbrella.  Fresh SVN checkout as of 18-03-2006, closes: #339537.  Main
     changes were:
     - All the files related to ViewCVS (viewcvs.conf, viewcvs.cgi and so on)
       have been renamed to viewvc.whatever.
     - Templates are Apache-agnostic, so this addresses part of #263268.
     - There is no diff_font_face setting, thus closes: #229906.
     - The templates no longer include invalid SGML comments.  Closes: #245550.
     - The URLs are properly escaped now (closes: #363972).
     - URLs in commit messages are no longer truncated (closes: #190975).
     - I am not able to leave any lock in repositories, so I suppose this
       closes: #280877.
     - I suspect that #200691 was produced by problems with python-subversion.
       Now it is working for me, so closes: #200691.
     - I have no problems to see markup in log or annotate views.  Closes:
     - hide_attic shows or hides files inside the Attic always, including
       subdirectories (closes: #178999).
     - The layout is correct now (closes: #189544).
     - Coloring works with diffs (closes: #344941).
     - File size now appears in the detailed view (closes: #319250).
     - svn_parent_path has been removed in favour of a wider 'root_parents'
       parameter, valid for either CVS or Subversion.  Added to NEWS.Debian.
       Closes: #264110.
     - markup_stream_enscript does not longer exist as individual method.
       Closes: #191455.
     - Disabling annotation works now.  Closes: #321584.
     - Fixed tarball generator so it doesn't include forbidden modules.
       Closes: #295031.
     - CVS branches now show correct information.  Closes: #217070.
     - As far as I understood in #217049, the problem is that certain files
       does not have Attic/ in their URL.  Now the file in Attic are shown as
       every other file, but with proper FILE REMOVED labels, so this closes:
     - Added integrated RSS feeds.
     - Make "default_root" option optional. When no root is specified, it shows
       a page listing all available repositories.
     - Added stricter parameter validation to lower likelihood of cross-site
       scripting vulnerabilities.
     - Added support for cvsweb's "mime_type=text/x-cvsweb-markup" URLs.
     - Fixed incompatibility with enscript 1.6.3.
     - Output "404 Not Found" errors instead of "403 Forbidden" errors to not
       reveal whether forbidden paths exist.
     - Cleaned up zombie processes from running enscript.
     - Results from viewvc-query give now a correct path.  Closes: #181888.
     - Lots of other fixes.
   * This release is very close to ViewVC 1.0, and all the requests that
     Richard A. Nelson made are in current snapshot, so I suppose that it
     closes: #369744.
   * Altered drastically the way that patches are stored.  Added infrastructure
     to manage them with quilt.  This will cause for sure some headaches, as it
     will be regressions and already fixed bugs in the present code, but the
     old package was unmanageable.  Sorry for the annoyance.  If I made this, it
     was for a better future. :-)
   * "And now, the continuation!"
   * I pushed several things present in unreleased packages to upstream, so the
     diff size is small again. :-)
   * debian/TODO: Added.
   * debian/copyright: Clarified the difference between license and copyright,
     and added some words about the name change.
   * debian/rules: Changed DH_COMPAT=3 to debian/compat(=4).
   * debian/po/*po: Replaced 'ViewCVS' by 'ViewVC'.
   * debian/templates: All the templates now belong to viewvc/whatever.  Removed
     svnparentpath, as it was not supported in the old packages and I prefer to
     keep this situation for now.
   * debian/po/vi.po: Added Vietnamese translation.  Thanks, Clytie Siddall!
     (closes: #324077).
   * debian/po/sv.po: Added Swedish translation.  Thanks, Daniel Nylander!
     (closes: #332555).
   * debian/po/es.po: Added Spanish translation.
   * Created viewvc.config in order to transfer all the existing debconf
     answers to the new hierarchy, and added code to viewcvs.postrm in order to
     remove such questions when purged.  Thanks to Joey Hess for advice in this
     situation.  Altered viewvc-config in order to use the new config file.
     Robustified several routines that deal with debconf entries.  The
     configuration system now is able to uncomment an entry.  I am not able to
     reproduce several related bugs, so this closes: #296191, #270331.
   * Fixed a greedy regular expression in viewvc-config that made full lines
     disappear from the config file when at least an option was empty.
   * Unified methods of obtaining list of roots in postinst and config scripts.
   * debian/control:
     - Renamed viewcvs to viewvc, and added a dummy viewcvs package for
     - Rewrote some descriptions, and this surprisingly closes: #354752.
     - Added '| debconf-2.0' to Depends in viewvc. Closes: #332137.
     - Replaced in Build-Depends python2.3-subversion by new package
     - Moved python-subversion from Build-Depends to Depends.
     - Upgraded Standards-Version to
   * Merged code from .diff.gz into debian/patches and with upstream in order to
     deal with past bug reports.  This is only to make sure that I did not drop
     something in the way...:
     - #196975: robots exclusion
     - #261986: viewcvs: Exception enumerating branches
     - #284237: NMU: Security update for CAN-2004-0915
     - #287771: [CAN-2004-1062]: cross site scripting security problem
     - #289466: viewcvs: breaks config file on upgrade
     - #293426: viewcvs: split log info from file content so it can be distinguished
     - #293529: viewcvs: Please include svndbadmin
     - #297032: viewcvs: Error message "UnknownReference: current_root"
     - #303756: viewcvs: Unknown Reference: current_root (includes patch)
   * Pushed to upstream an upgrade to embedded py2html to 0.8, and activated
     processing for .py scripts. Closes: #282718.
   * Call dh_python *before* dh_installdeb, so that *.py files are compiled
     Closes: #245181.
   * Applied patch fixing some typos in debian/templates.  Thanks, Tobias
     Toedter and Clytie Siddall (closes: #251762, #324076).  While at it,
     upstream replaced all the 'ViewCVS' strings by 'ViewVC' in the tree.
   * Incorporate remaining pieces from doogie's NMU to packages, except the
     setuid wrapper.  Closes: #294242.
   * debian/viewvc.links: Add a link from /usr/share/viewvc to
   * Changed default path in ViewVC to /etc/viewvc/templates.  This change,
     along with a commented out 'docroot' value in viewvc.conf by default,
     allowed to simply make a symbolic link from /etc/viewvc/templates/docroot
     to /usr/share/viewvc, and all the problems with CSS and images simply
     vanished.  Reading the policy I was unable to find anything against this.
     Yes, this is a performance penalty, as viewvc is serving images that
     otherwise you could get directly from the web server, but it avoids to
     deal with web server configurations.  Added a NEWS.Debian entry about this
     subject.  I am grateful to say that it closes: #305130, #263268, #307092,
     #307789, #232847, #274422.
   * We do not fiddle with Apache config, thus also closes: #291358, #304680.
   * Added a README.Debian with information about solving the performance hit
     of having viewvc serving all the content, and with basic information about
     viewvc (closes: #150214).  I think that adding this information also
     closes: #241545 as well, because the other part is 'solved' as we do not
     touch web server configurations anymore.
   * Added a patch from 1.0.x branch to upgrade lib/vclib/bincvs/__init__.py:
     - Fixed a ValueError exception raised (closes: #265271).
     - Fixed parsing of recent CVS format (closes: #372655).
   * Fixed building in order to support the new Python policy (closes: #380981):
     - debian/control: Added python-support (>= 0.3) to B-D-I.  Bumped
       dependency on debhelper (>=
     - Added an 'XB-Python-Version: ${python:Versions}' field to viewvc and
     - Added an 'XS-Python-Version: current' field to viewvc and viewvc-query.
     - debian/rules: Insert dh_pysupport before dh_python.
     - debian/pycompat: Created with a content of '2'.
   * Improved description for viewvc-query.  Closes: #293301.
   * We do not rename query.cgi to viewvc-query.cgi (at least for the moment).
     Closes: #194472.
 cbb28e74cf35dbce188635b3d92c397e 787 devel optional viewvc_0.9.4+svn20060318-1.dsc
 ddaa2ae22280c105580a06638530a6ae 241433 devel optional viewvc_0.9.4+svn20060318.orig.tar.gz
 8e8fd5417c3d44958f23514fae342d24 32223 devel optional viewvc_0.9.4+svn20060318-1.diff.gz
 07805b56cde1126e183084464dbcc800 189878 devel optional viewvc_0.9.4+svn20060318-1_all.deb
 2d7385d46a0a47b070e24db579de74b0 14752 devel optional viewcvs_0.9.4+svn20060318-1_all.deb
 8d7a2194daa4f1da710962bae57f386b 19810 devel optional viewvc-query_0.9.4+svn20060318-1_all.deb

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