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Accepted apt-proxy 1.9.34 (source all)

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.7
Date: Mon,  7 Aug 2006 18:54:56 +0100
Source: apt-proxy
Binary: apt-proxy
Architecture: source all
Version: 1.9.34
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Chris Halls <halls@debian.org>
Changed-By: Chris Halls <halls@debian.org>
 apt-proxy  - Debian archive proxy and partial mirror builder
Closes: 141312 259011 261802 272206 304611 306095 312969 323147 327239 328983 329764 329935 336433 337966 359798 359805 374405 375677 377322
 apt-proxy (1.9.34) unstable; urgency=low
   * Acknowledge NMU by Luk Claes, thanks! (Closes: #359798)
   * Change maintainer to myself and add Otavio to Uploaders, at
     Otavio's request. Thanks Otavio for all your work.
   * Caching behaviour changes:
     - Reorganise download process to be more logical, fixing several problems
       (Closes: #329764)
     - Recognise apt package diff files (*.diff/Index). Thanks
       Florian Weimer for the patch (Closes: #336433)
     - Remove http scheme, host and port from URL requested by clients
       (Closes: #374405)
     - Add download queueing mechanism. Clients can now use HTTP pipelining to
       request files, and each file will be queued at the corresponding backend.
       Each separate apt client connection generates a connection to the
       backend. (Closes: #261802)
     - HTTP pipelining now works and is enabled by default
       (Closes: #272206, #141312)
   * Code reorganisation:
     - Fix breakage caused by new twisted (Closes: #375677)
     - Move fetchers and cache management into separate files
     - Add more unit tests
     - Fix shutdown code (Closes: #359805)
   * apt-proxy.conf:
     - http_proxy can now be set in each [backend] section
     - Add support for username and password in http_proxy parameter.
       Thanks to Thomas Champagne for the patch (Closes: #323147, #327239)
     - Add bandwidth_limit configuration parameter to limit download
       rates (Closes: #306095, #259011)
     - Add support for rsync port specification
     - Give a meaningful error message if an empty time is given in the
       configuration file (Closes: #304611)
   * Packaging changes:
     - Always check cache directory and logfile permissions when package
       is installed, thanks Ben Hutchings for the patch (Closes: #312969)
     - Add debhelper to Build-Depends, needed for dh_clean in clean target
     - Remove reference to v1 in description (Closes: #337966)
     - Support updated Python policy, thanks Matthias Klose. (Closes: #377322)
     - Standards-Version 3.7.2 (no changes necessary)
   * Documentation updates:
     - Remove obsolete debian/TODO from source package
     - Update doc/TODO, removing fixed items
     - Remove references to -i parameter in apt-proxy.conf manpage.
       (Closes: #328983)
     - In example apt-proxy.conf, remove references to non-US archive
       (Closes: #329935)
 c96271e49b0896d68881e15c1082db3d 725 admin extra apt-proxy_1.9.34.dsc
 4a46b54d0086a617e678a92a528699f5 99592 admin extra apt-proxy_1.9.34.tar.gz
 3e85926229304709d0dc561de577fa90 76116 admin extra apt-proxy_1.9.34_all.deb

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