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Accepted gibraltar-bootcd 0.53 (source i386)

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Format: 1.7
Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005 23:21:50 +0000
Source: gibraltar-bootcd
Binary: mkinitrd-cd gibraltar-bootsupport
Architecture: source i386
Version: 0.53
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Rene Mayrhofer <rene.mayrhofer@gibraltar.at>
Changed-By: Rene Mayrhofer <rene.mayrhofer@gibraltar.at>
 gibraltar-bootsupport - Boot support for Gibraltar live CD-ROM
 mkinitrd-cd - Creates an initrd image for booting from a live CD-ROM or USB dev
Closes: 339859
 gibraltar-bootcd (0.53) unstable; urgency=low
   * Also support squashfs images from USB/CF media in addition to the older
     cramfs images. squashfs has a better compression and thus produces smaller
     images and does not have the restriction to roughly 256 MB of uncompressed
     file system size.
   * Support (nearly atomic) update of the USB/CF image with a single reboot
     and option for fallback. This should make failed "firmware" upgrades
     (nearly) impossible.
   * Changed the old serial port speed of 9600 to a more contemporary
   * Change priority from optional to extra to match the override file.
   * mkinitrd-cd: Use the word matching option to grep when trying to figure
     out if a kernel module should be copied or not. This fixed the useless
     copying of some otherwise useless modules (e.g. "st").
   * gibraltar-bootsupport: Also deal with interface names ath* in
     setup.d/01set-ip-addresses (these are used by the madwifi driver).
   * gibraltar-bootsupport: Updated var-defaults.tar.gz again.
   * mkinitrd-cd: Rise the RAM disk size in syslinux.cfg from 4096 to 4608 kB
     to provide more space for the (now larger) initrd images.
   * mkinitrd-cd: Add more aliases to syslinux.cfg for various appliances and
     the different stages of failed update attempts.
   * gibraltar-bootsupport: Depend on iputils-arping, which is needed for
     checking for IP address conflicts upon first bootup.
   * gibraltar-bootsupport: Depend on xdelta, which is needed for the patching
   * Implement beepconsole with the beep utility even if we are not running on
     a Linux console (but e.g. over serial). This is necessary for appliances
     with serial console to beep during bootup.
   * gibraltar-bootsupport: Add new utilities status-led and lan-bypass to
     control hardware features of the iBASE FWA7204 appliance. Also include a
     binary for checking if it is running on an iBASE appliance: check-ibase.
   * gibraltar-bootsupport: Add a new setup.d script for configuring kernel
     modules for the iBASE appliance: modules-ibase.
   * gibraltar-bootsupport: Use /etc/iftab now for renaming interfaces
     instead of /etc/network/interfaces. This avoids problems with interface
     order, e.g. when using bridge interfaces.
   * mkinitrd-cd: Don't include the discover binary in the "min" initrd images
     (intended for 1.44 MB floppies) anymore. It just doesn't fit with newer
   * mkinitrd-cd: Depend on discover1-data | discover-data now, since the
     package has been renamed for unstable.
     Closes: #339859: gibraltar-bootcd: FTBFS: C compiler cannot create
                      executables /
   * mkinitrd-cd: Fix the regular expression for extracting the module name
     from the file name (and consequently to check if it needs to be copied to
     the initrd image). Thanks to Andy Chittenden from BlueArc for finding
     that issue.
   * mkinitrd-cd: Add the isofs module to IDE_CD_MODS and SCSI_CD_MODS in
     probe-devs.sh and cdboot_required_modules in mkinitrd-cd.conf. This makes
     booting from CD work when the iso9660 filesystem has been compiled as a
     module (like for the default Debian kernels) instead of statically. Again
     thanks to Andy Chittenden from BlueArc for pointing that out.
   * mkinitrd-cd: Fix the shell globbing to be able to deal with an empty list
     of copied modules (e.g. when the kernel has been statically linked with
     all required drivers). Thanks to Berk Akinci from Sun for spotting this
     problem and suggesting the elegant fix of using "shopt -s nullglob".
   * gibraltar-bootcd: Fixed saving the configuration data to the same image
     that was used for booting the system. The problem was that, when the media
     was already mounted, it did not get remounted even when it was originally
     mounted with option "ro". Now, when saving to an already mounted
     partition, it is remounted rw before and again ro after saving the
     configuration so that this special case will work.
 04652642288d7f03a78a239ec0c16591 615 admin extra gibraltar-bootcd_0.53.dsc
 f59716dc162b9d4b911b9da57bf68445 9011234 admin extra gibraltar-bootcd_0.53.tar.gz
 8377da249a10e94894f767b0424c64fa 231642 admin extra mkinitrd-cd_0.53_i386.deb
 98f7f997f960322c4e5b427f64bfa83c 89436 admin extra gibraltar-bootsupport_0.53_i386.deb

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