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Accepted logcheck 1.2.41 (source all)

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.7
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 15:27:45 -0500
Source: logcheck
Binary: logcheck logtail logcheck-database
Architecture: source all
Version: 1.2.41
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian logcheck Team <logcheck-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Todd Troxell <ttroxell@debian.org>
 logcheck   - mails anomalies in the system logfiles to the administrator
 logcheck-database - database of system log rules for the use of log checkers
 logtail    - Print log file lines that have not been read
Closes: 311216 312597 312598 312729 313601 313603 314951 315507 316612 317642 317741 317772 318500 318731 320009 321506 322036 322179 322570
 logcheck (1.2.41) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Jamie Penman-Smithson ]
   * Fix postfix rule to match "setting up TLS connection" messages again.
   * Fix innd rule for "ME time" messages, add rule for innfeed "ME time"
   * Fix rules for gps to match messages with the null sender (<>).
   * Update cyrus/notifyd rule to match destination folders and subfolders too.
   * Update cyrus rules to suppress DBERROR db3: n lockers messages when it's
     only 1-2 lockers, these messages are harmless as long as the number
     doesn't increase.
   * Update postfix lmtp rule to match messages given by amavis when discarding
     UBE and viruses.
   * Fix bug in the squid rule for "found whitespace" messages which caused
     grep to choke due to unescaped { and } characters. (Closes: #311216)
   * Update innd nnrpd rule for latest version of INN.
   * Add a versioned dependency on grep to prevent bugs like #311216 happening
     in the first place.
   * Added Vietnamese translation, thanks to Clytie Siddall. (Closes: #312597)
   * Fix minor typo in logcheck-database.templates. (Closes: #312598)
   * Modify rules for successful ssh login messages to match when ssh/ssh2 is
     not specified at the end. (Closes: #312729)
   * Modified ignore.d.workstation/kernel to ignore nfs warnings about mount
     version. (Closes: #313601)
   * Fix postfix anvil rules to match max message/recipient rate and count
   * Add the first rules for dkfilter, which implements domainkeys signing and
     verification for postfix.
   * Add rule for openssh-krb5 and add gssapi-with-mic to the list of auth
     alternatives. (Closes: #318500)
   * Add ovpn-tunnel rule to suppress "VERIFY OK: nsCertType=SERVER" messages.
     Thanks to Martin Lohmeier <martin@mein-horde.de>. (Closes: #320009)
   [ Maximilian Attems ]
   * Suppress error message if hostname not set. (Closes: #314951)
   * Add another sshd rule for PARANOID /etc/hosts.deny setting.
   * Fix postfix rule concerning Service unavailable. (Closes: #315507)
   * Add some initial support for exim4 log messages. Pretty rudimentary
     stuff still, will need further refinements. (Closes: #316612)
   * First rule for amandad. (Closes: #313603)
   * Remention how to invoke logcheck with sudo.
   * Add an examples section to the manpage with my most usual invocation.
   * Fix rules for gconfd loglines.
   * Add rule for mailman admin loglines in violations.ignore.d/logcheck-postfix
     thanks toby cabot <toby@caboteria.org>. (Closes: #317772)
   * Fix hostname match in rbldnsd rule thanks sistemas@dedaloingenieros.com.
     (Closes: #317741)
   * Unifiy gdm rules, add a rule for X restart.
   * Beautify README.logcheck-database, uses markdown(1) syntax now.
     Added testing rules header to carify sections. (Closes: #317642, #318731)
   * Small manpage fixes.
   * Add 2 courier rules for ACCEPTED usernames and the started client module.
   * Add pdns rule for duplicate packets from recursor.
   * Fix cvs rule for exit code != 0. thanks Martin Lohmeier
     <martin@mein-horde.de> (Closes: #321506)
   * Fix hostname match in cups-lpd rules thanks Gilbert Laycock
     <gtl1@mcs.le.ac.uk> (Closes: #322179)
   * Add horde3 rules for users login/logout thanks Martin Lohmeier
     <martin@mein-horde.de> (Closes: #322570)
   * Fix logcheck.8 rendering of docbook-to-man. (Closes: #322036)
   [Todd Troxell]
   * Tweak descriptions to satisfy litian.
 1885143b4845e7da6dc748ef4f2ec7fb 736 admin optional logcheck_1.2.41.dsc
 1a946e45f82a0dc98838c896510dfca9 101085 admin optional logcheck_1.2.41.tar.gz
 4ec4e8c0a9227a8c06a716675f8a0d3f 47870 admin optional logcheck_1.2.41_all.deb
 3bf53f05bfb119af9e2c1da3c8130f12 67460 admin optional logcheck-database_1.2.41_all.deb
 078148d37c693d7dd9511355d70e7d40 29826 admin optional logtail_1.2.41_all.deb

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