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Accepted ldaptor 0.0.31 (all source)


Format: 1.7
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 17:39:36 +0200
Source: ldaptor
Binary: python2.3-ldaptor ldaptor-doc python-ldaptor ldaptor-common ldaptor-webui ldaptor-utils
Architecture: source all
Version: 0.0.31
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Tommi Virtanen <tv@debian.org>
Changed-By: Tommi Virtanen <tv@debian.org>
 ldaptor-common - Pure-Python library for LDAP (common files)
 ldaptor-doc - Documentation for Ldaptor
 ldaptor-utils - Command-line LDAP utilities
 ldaptor-webui - Web user interface for editing LDAP directories
 python-ldaptor - Pure-Python library for LDAP
 python2.3-ldaptor - Pure-Python library for LDAP
 ldaptor (0.0.31) unstable; urgency=low
   * Conceptual changes:
     - Service-specific passwords: added a mechanism that allows having
       "subpasswords" that are only used with particular services; e.g.
       let the userPassword attribute be used only for SSH logins, and use
       additional "mail" and "web" password, stored in an attribute called
       "servicePassword". The value is two whitespace-separated fields:
       service name and userPassword-style password digest. See
       ServiceBindingProxy for more.
     - LDIFTree allows LDAP server data storage an a one entry per file
       format, with nice unixy semantics.
   * Applications changes:
     - WebUI:
       - Add pretty label to search form submit button.
       - Service-specific password editing support. Closes: ldaptor#17.
     - Server:
       - New LDIFTree storage backend, storing the LDAP as a filesystem
         directory tree, with one entry per file in LDIF format.
       - Add LDAP proxy support.
       - Add ServiceBindingProxy, an LDAP proxy that handles non-anonymous
         bind requests specially. Closes: ldaptor#15.
   * API changes:
     - Get rid of MutableString:
       - Add pureber.berDecodeObject, remove pureber.ber2object.
       - Add pureber.berDecodeLength, remove pureber.berlen2int.
       - Switch LDAPClient and LDAPServer buffers to be plain strings.
       - Remove MutableString.
     - Change the BER decoding mechanism:
       - Add classmethod fromBER instead of using __init__ in two
       - Remove old-style decode support.
     - Add pureber.berDecodeMultiple, mainly for use by subclasses of
     - Large lengths appeared to be negative, switched berlen2int to
       using longs.
     - Split LDAPServer to BaseLDAPServer, so one has a choice of
       inheriting something without any handle_* methods.
     - Make ldapsyntax.LDAPEntryWithClient.move() remove the old RDN.
     - Make ldapsyntax.LDAPEntryWithClient.move() change the entry's idea
       of its own DN.
   * Refactorings to adapt to Ldaptor APIs:
     - Use connectAnonymously in parallelsearch example.
   * Refactorings to adapt to Twisted/Nevow APIs:
     - Nevow ISerializable is deprecated.
     - ctx.{allPatterns,patternGenerator} are now called
       ctx.tag.allPatterns etc.
     - all IRequest APIs take a context.
     - switch from getDynamicChild to childFactory.
     - addSlash where appropriate.
     - return URLs instead of explicit redirects.
     - switch from renderHTTP to child_.
     - switch from locateChild to childFactory.
     - Twisted >1.3 moves SRVConnector to twisted.names.srvconnect.
   * Bugfixes:
     - Fix BER length encoding for lengths greater than 127, add unit
     - Make many __repr__'s work even when __init__ failed.
     - Make sure every LDAP wire class takes a tag argument.
     - Make LDAPDelRequest also understand keyword argument value, as
       that is what LDAPString uses.
     - Fix and test handling of unknown match types.
     - Fix and unit test saltless non-client setPassword.
     - Fix DistinguishedName order comparison.
     - Make sure configuration does not interfere with the lmPasswords in
       the unit tests.
     - Make nevow data access to LDAP entry attributes work.
     - Add items() to LDAPEntry IContainer adapter's attributes child;
       webui search needs it.
     - Webui edit can now edit attributes that are in the RDN. Closes:
     - Improve handling of missing baseDN in configuration.
   * Cleanups:
     - Remove dead code.
     - Remove the hack-and-slashed RFC file that served as a TODO note.
     - Override IOPump to pass around more than one byte at a time, saves
       >10 seconds in unit tests and protocol decoding of partial messages
       is unit tested elsewhere anyway.
     - Improve ldaptor.testutil error messages, accept any true/false value
       and not just 1 and 0.
     - Clean up LDAPServer.handleUnknown.
     - Prettify LDAPMessage.__repr__
     - Prettify LDAPResult.__repr__
     - If ldapsyntax.LDAPEntryWithClient.search gets a bad response from
       the LDAP server, raise a real exception and not an assert.
     - When converting delta Modifications to LDAP, convert them to basic
       data types for easier debugging and unit testing.
     - Be consistent and use "ctx" everywhere in webui change_password.
     - Add nevow renderer that produces zebra tables.
     - Make ldapsyntax.LDAPEntryWithClient.move() accept strings etc. as
       newDN, add unit test.
     - Make epydoc happy.
     - Simplify ldap-intro document generation.
   * Packaging:
     - Depend on Nevow v0.3.0 or later.
     - Depend on Twisted v1.3.0 or later.
     - Switch to CDBS.
     - Add an ldaptor-common package to contain conffiles.
     - Run unit tests before building debs.
     - Include the unit tests in the distributed files.
   * Administrivia:
     - Add TODO notes.
     - Update ignore file lists to match currently generated files.
     - Export dia files to format png-libart, not just png. This makes the
       export reliable. Hint from Debian bug#275959.
 cf4873fc861d8679151e50c16ed4067d 838 admin optional ldaptor_0.0.31.dsc
 0090e729231163d182d1fa539bedbf61 186092 admin optional ldaptor_0.0.31.tar.gz
 05f2147c024a1fa82e7a76827a1920f3 26754 admin optional ldaptor-utils_0.0.31_all.deb
 443c0e9ba5e692ca7c2597531c23be7d 39180 admin optional ldaptor-webui_0.0.31_all.deb
 8d9f8223b4197db2cbf3354a2767373a 18430 python optional python-ldaptor_0.0.31_all.deb
 5a6eb0de1f6ed73511f9522b160a6b59 113108 python optional python2.3-ldaptor_0.0.31_all.deb
 29da9983af88a94dbfd70633076493c2 1150604 doc optional ldaptor-doc_0.0.31_all.deb
 d13145fe01341c925a80de2fe946f6c8 18524 python optional ldaptor-common_0.0.31_all.deb

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