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Accepted lintian 1.23.0 (all source)

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Format: 1.7
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 12:32:36 +0200
Source: lintian
Binary: lintian
Architecture: source all
Version: 1.23.0
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian Lintian Maintainers <lintian-maint@debian.org>
Changed-By: Debian Lintian Maintainers <lintian-maint@debian.org>
 lintian    - Debian package checker
Closes: 81004 89488 111098 111948 114740 119618 129510 149451 149700 159874 171763 172052 178441 179435 190714 197955 198617 199346 199903 201470 203389 203831 204801 205924 206674 216117 216327 218304 226879 233116 234978 235356 235735 236606 236846 239115 240806 242479 242484 244628 245138
 lintian (1.23.0) unstable; urgency=low
   The ``moving forward'' release, prepared by Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt,
   Frank Lichtenheld and Jeroen van Wolffelaar.
   * [FL] add udeb support (Closes: #216117)
     Thanks to Joey Hess for his input. Many changes, mostly to
     frontend/lintian, checks/debconf and checks/files
   * checks/binaries:
     + [JvW] Ignore static binaries in /usr/lib/debug
   * checks/changelog-file:
     + [HE] Check for the debmake template email address in the changelog
       entries. Patch by Steffen Moeller <moeller@pzr.uni-rostock.de>,
       thanks! (Closes: #199903)
     + [JvW] Loosen up checks for -0.x versions, could be either native or
       upstream + Debian revision, so some tests cannot be performed because of
       that uncertainty
   * checks/copyright-file:
     + [HE] Change usr-doc-symlink-to-foreign-package check to throw an
       error when a package doesn't depend on the *same* version of the
       package its /usr/share/doc/$foo dir is symlinked to. This is supposed
       to ensure that both come from the same source and the same source
       version. (Closes: #201470)
   * checks/cruft.desc:
     + [HE] Reworded some parts and bumped the Standards-Version after
       checking for changes. (Closes: #235735)
   * checks/debconf{,.desc}:
     + [JvW] Add an error for a bogus default for a boolean template
       (Closes: #236846)
     + [HE] Check for duplicate fields in templates. Fix based on
       patch by Denis Barbier <barbier@linuxfr.org>, thanks! (Closes: #233116)
     + [HE] Check if the translation of a Choices: field is empty, leading to
       skipped questions. (Closes: #149451)
   * checks/debdiff:
     + [HE] Check for accidental native packaging. This is done by checking for
       a dash in the version number (though -0.\d+ and -0.\d+.\d+ are allowed
       for (binary) NMUs) and the existence of a .diff.gz. (Closes: #216327)
     + [JvW] Implement source-tar-is-posix-tar, which checks for upstream
       tarballs that are tar --posix tarballs, which cannot be untarred by the
       tar version in woody (Closes: #245138)
   * checks/debhelper{,.desc}:
     + [JvW] Add error if debian/compat is empty, happens once in current
       sid and gave internal error before
   * checks/debian-readme:
     + [HE] Add check for the debmake template email address. Patch by Steffen
       Moeller <moeller@pzr.uni-rostock.de>, thanks!
   * checks/deb-format:
     + [HE] Add a check for the data member of a deb. dpkg 1.11 introduces
       support for configurable compression algorithms (bzip2, for example),
       but this shouldn't be allowed before dpkg 1.11 hits stable.
       (Closes: #159874)
   * checks/fields:
     + [HE, FL] Nearly complete rewrite for clean up:
       - bad-relation seems to work better now (Closes: #171763)
       - duplicate relations checking now works for different fields, too
         (Closes: #234978, #235356)
     + [HE] Add check for an Origin field with "Debian" as value.
       (Closes: #119618)
     + [HE] Reintroduce build-depends-without-arch-dep check with the patch
       I proposed in #214231. (Closes: #242484)
     + [JvW] Check for well-formed Debian-revision
     + [JvW] Check for correct realname when QA mailaddress used
   * checks/fields.desc:
     + [FL] Fix some wrong policy references
   * checks/files:
     + [HE] New check for compiled python files (*.pyc). Patch by David
       Kimdon <david@kimdon.org>, thanks. (Closes: #236606)
     + [HE] Check for gzipped zero byte files. (Closes: #172052)
     + [FL] Don't complain about read-only *.ali files as requested by
        Ludovic Brenta. This makes #226879 wishlist again.
     + [FL] Warn about ancient files with the value of
       Dinstall::CutOffPastYear from dak CVS as limit.
       (Closes: #204801, #218304)
     + [HE] Check for *.ali files introduced, warn if their permissions are !=
       0444. (Closes: #226879)
     + [HE] New checks for deprecated X11 dirs (/usr/{bin,lib,include}/X11 and
       usr/X11R6/*). (Closes: #81004)
     + [HE] Check for README for other distributions/platforms and warn if
       they're installed. Based on patch by Jay Bonci. (Closes: #178441)
   * checks/init.d:
     + [FL] output-of-updaterc.d-not-redirected-to-dev-null should be
       only a info tag since it is more a aesthetical issue, not a
       policy violation. (Closes: #149700)
   * checks/lintian.desc:
     + [JvW] Added missing Type: tags
   * checks/manpages:
     + [FL] New checks:
        - Section number of directory and file differ
        - Section number of file differs from what is expected
          from the location of the binary. (Closes: #203831)
     + [FL] Parse contents of man page and implement more new checks:
       - Section number of file and header differ (Closes: #89488)
       - Try to search for hyphens that should be minus signs
         (Closes: #205924). First patch by Eduard Bloch, final
         regex by Josip Rodin.
       - Search for FSSTND directories referenced in man pages. Only
         an info tag. (Closes: #111098)
     + [FL, HE] Fix false positives of
       manpage-for-non-x11-binary-in-wrong-directory when a link
       from a normal bin/ is pointing to a binary in an X11 dir. Based
       on patch by FL. (Closes: #203389)
     + [JvW] x11-games-should-be-in-usr-games is now error, because it's
       mandated by policy
   * checks/menus:
     + [JvW] Stricter checking for whether update-menus is actually called
       (Closes: #244628)
   * checks/menu-format:
     + [FL] Only issue one warning about needs=dwww, not two
     + [HE] Check if the command given with command= is in the package
       (Closes: #199346)
   * checks/nmu{,desc}:
     + [JvW] New series of checks: Check whether NMU's have correct NMU version
       number, and whether maintainer uploads have correct maintainer version.
       Also, check whether NMU's and QA uploads are identified as such in the
       changelog (Closes: #111948)
   * checks/scripts:
     + [FL] Add /usr/bin/php as valid interpreter. (Closes: #239115)
       Thanks to Peter Eisentraut for pointing this change out
     + [FL] Reflect new suidperl handling. /usr/bin/suidperl
       shouldn't/can't be called directly anymore so add a new
       error and remove it from the list of usual interpreters.
       (Closes: #240806)
     + [HE] Don't warn about files with a shebang line which are not executable
       when they are called *in, as they're probably just templates. (Closes:
   * checks/shared-libs:
     + [HE] Add some new logic to cope with symlinks from /usr/lib to another
       dir to fix false positives of postrm-has-useless-call-to-ldconfig and
       friends. (Closes: #190714)
     + [HE] Also handle case statements in postrm scripts. (Closes: #179435)
   * checks/standards-version:
     + [JvW] Also emit warning if standards version is 3.6.0, and not yet 3.6.1
   * collection/diffstat
     + [HE] The diff.gz file name does not include the the epoch, so strip it
       before trying to get the file.
   * collection/override-file:
     + [FL] add support for source overrides (Closes: #129510)
       See the User Manual for more information.
   * collection/source-control-file:
     + [FL] New collection script to extract field information
       from debian/control in source packages. Currently used
       in checks/debhelper to guess udeb packages.
   * debian/control,debian/copyright:
     + [FL] Add Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt to Uploaders and
       to copyright file
   * doc/lintian.sgml:
     + [FL] Some updates, some more verbatim explantions
       (Closes: #197955)
     + [FL] Reworked the override section to handle udeb and
       source packages, too
   * doc/README:
     + [FL] Update options
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [HE] Added a --dont-check-parts|-X option to allow users to specify
       which tests should not be run. Also added infos about this to the
       manpage. (Closes: #206674)
   * frontend/lintian-info:
     + [JvW] Fixed that lintian -I also displays info for I: entries
   * lib/Dep.pm:
     + [FL] Fixed some semantic errors (since noone ever observed the
       correspoding perl warnings the fixed parts are probably never
       used in the current code)
   * lib/Utils.pm
     + [HE] Changed {read,parse}_dpkg_control a bit to cope with the fact
       that template files sometimes contain lines consisting only of
       whitespace which do *not* separate to blocks. (Closes: #242479)
   * testset/runtests:
     + [JvW] Rewrote so that it is actually useful:
       - sort output to nullify filesystem directory ordering differences
       - run lintian just once
       - check that all tests that are triggered have a description, if verbose
         specified, warn about tests that are not tested
   * unpack/list-binpkg:
     + [HE] Try to open Packages.gz if no Packages file can be found. Fix
       based on patch by Robert Lemmen <robertle@semistable.com>, thanks!
       (Closes: #198617)
 29222001b2dadbd8ada8f7b96cb511ca 786 devel optional lintian_1.23.0.dsc
 f9de2f364cd7db0a6814fbab3a0bd5d9 242158 devel optional lintian_1.23.0.tar.gz
 f1d7e95542193ba408c2a31c86022f66 209098 devel optional lintian_1.23.0_all.deb

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