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Accepted grep-dctrl 1.103 (i386 source)

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Format: 1.7
Date: Thu,  1 Jan 2004 23:19:54 +0200
Source: grep-dctrl
Binary: grep-dctrl
Architecture: source i386
Version: 1.103
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho <ajk@debian.org>
Changed-By: Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho <ajk@debian.org>
 grep-dctrl - Grep Debian package information
Closes: 199762 204781 205998 212939 213297 215182 216549 222461 225806
 grep-dctrl (1.103) unstable; urgency=low
   * grep_dctrl.c (banner, main, parse_option): Disable the banner.
   * predicate.c (predicate_finish_atom): Don't bail out if the field name
     is missing; instead, just don't add the missing field name to the
     trie.  Thanks to Jeff King for diagnosis and patch.
     Closes: #205998 (regex/eregex support produces no results)
   * grep-dctrl.c (main): Track whether any matches were found and choose
     exit status based on that.
     Closes: #216549 (Return 0 for success, 1 for failure, like grep does)
   * grep-dctrl.1.cp: Add grep-available and grep-status to NAME section
     and mention them in the SYNOPSIS.
     Closes: #199762 (mention grep-available in synopsys)
   * grep-dctrl.1.cp: Add dpkg available and status files to FILES section.
     Closes: #204781 (Add available and status file to FILES section on the
     man page)
   * Use the grep return value 2 for errors:
     - msg.h (fail, errors_reported, record_error): New function.
     - msg.h (line_message), msg.c (errors): Record any use of L_IMPORTANT
       or above
     - Change exit(EXIT_FAILURE) to fail() everywhere.
     - Add record_error invocations where appropriate.
     Closes: #225806 (Return 2 for error, like grep does)
   * grep-dctrl.c (main): Check the file type and fail if necessary.
     Thanks to Tuomas Jormola.
     Closes: #212939 (Segfaults if there are directories in the input file list)
     Closes: #222461 (segfaults if given .* as the predicator)
   * grep-dctrl.c (parse_option): Replace the multiple -F/-P assert with a
     helpful error message.
     Closes: #215182 (some man page examples fail)
   * grep-dctrl.1.cp (SEE ALSO): dpkg(1) -> dpkg(8), thanks to Frank
     Closes: #213297 (there is no dpkg(1) manpage, it's dpkg(8))
   * debian/copyright: Added 2004 to copyright years and recoded to UTF-8.
   * grep.dctrl.1.cp: Document the new -q | --quiet | --silent option
     and the exit value semantics.
   * debian/NEWS.Debian: New file.
   * Get rid of the build-time dependency to publib-dev by incorporating
     the required functions in grep-dctrl.  This is by request from Lars
     Wirzenius, who wants to get rid of publib-dev.
 75c04575e7fd792849027586b2b09876 469 utils optional grep-dctrl_1.103.dsc
 b4f3e353bcddc00a528e8c1774e5acde 41344 utils optional grep-dctrl_1.103.tar.gz
 6ec681716e02160b4407eb45a514e7cf 28716 utils optional grep-dctrl_1.103_i386.deb

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