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Accepted xlog 0.7 (i386 source)

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Format: 1.7
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 20:39:25 +0200
Source: xlog
Binary: xlog
Architecture: source i386
Version: 0.7
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Joop Stakenborg <pa3aba@debian.org>
Changed-By: Joop Stakenborg <pa3aba@debian.org>
 xlog       - GTK+ Logging program for Hamradio Operators
 xlog (0.7) unstable; urgency=low
   * The code has been adapted multiple fields.
   * Adif, cabrillo, twlog and editest logs can be read.
   * Power is retrieved from the rig with hamlib whe needed.
   * Save as.. xlog, adif and cabrillo dialog added.
   * Add a 'click all' to the pop-up menu when right-clicking on the QSO frame.
     You can also use 'Ctrl+k' for this.
   * Add wwl code by IK0ZSN. When a locator is entered in the log and the
     locator column is active, distance and azimuth is displayed in a separate
   * The log-editor is now functional. You can Show/Hide 9 different log fields.
     2 of these fields can be given any name (so called free fields).
   * When a new log is created, the log-editor is started after a name for the
     log is entered.
   * Remove all references to 'Shortwave' logging. Xlog is now also useable for
     VHF/UHF logging.
   * Spanish translations by Jaime, EA4TV.
   * Home/End key added for navagating the log.
   * Up/Dn Arrow keys now only work when the log has focus (you should select a
     QSO first).
   * You should enter your callsign in the preferences dialog for cabrillo export.
   * Fixed a segfault which occured when clicking on any of the buttons of the
     toolbar when no log is present.
   * Easier to use search tool. Checking 'keep dialog open' enables you to do
     multiple search.
   * Theme font can be changed. If the font fails to load, fall back to a
     default font.
   * Dupe checking is here. In the dialog for dupe checking you can select all
     logs or the current log. You can also ignore band or mode fields. In the
     results dialog, selecting a qso will select the corresponding entry in the
     main logwindow.
   * Debian recommends tetex-base and tetex-extra. Closes #154998.
   * RPC rig can now be used. The device entry in the preferences dialog now
     allows free entry, so you can use "localhost" for the port (or any other
   * There was a bug in saving of the preferences. Fixed.
   * Added a scrollbar to the left pane, so the DXCC frame won't get scrambled.
   * You can now use a '#' character in the remarks field.
   * Fixed a crash when clicking on the MHz button and no information is
     retrieved from the rig, done some additional error checking on rig the
   * Fixed the ceiling of the S-meter, so we don't get S10.
 8f75b15eaabc391bbe64d261040dfdec 524 hamradio optional xlog_0.7.dsc
 6392e55d28cd5cc7da1e03b7838db76f 372731 hamradio optional xlog_0.7.tar.gz
 13f63131106386c47e4427af394bff51 147770 hamradio optional xlog_0.7_i386.deb

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