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Accepted localeconf 0.6 (all source)

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Format: 1.7
Date: Tue,  5 Mar 2002 13:46:41 -0500
Source: localeconf
Binary: localeconf
Architecture: source all
Version: 0.6
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Progeny Debian Packaging Team <debian-packages@progeny.com>
Changed-By: Branden Robinson <branden@progeny.com>
 localeconf - debconf interface to locale configuration
Closes: 129015 133080 133526 133947 1310136
 localeconf (0.6) unstable; urgency=low
   * Made configuration file handling super-paranoid.  (Closes: #133947)
   * configlet/{localeconf-strings.h,main.glade}: Change "simple" keyboard
     setting to "language layout".
   * configlet/main.py:
     - Temporary hack: populate advanced language combo boxes using the locales
       package's SUPPORTED file until Configlet 2.0 comes out and we can just
       grab the Choices field
     - New variable, self.locale_list, which contains the options for the
       advanced language combo boxes.  Legal values include "C" and all
       the stuff from the SUPPORTED file.
     - Add docstrings for several methods.
     - Added comments, reformatted some comments, and added some XXX where
     - Recognize new localeconf/select_lc_vars template.
     - Remove dead, commented-out code.
     - Use a clever regex to set all the self.lc_* variables.
     - % (foo) -> % (foo,)
     - Only write advanced language templates if self.use_lang is NOT set, and
       the templates are not set to a null value.
     - Set the new localeconf/select_lc_vars template based on self.use_lang
       and which advanced templates aren't null or set to the same thing as
   * debian/localeconf.templates:
     - New template: localeconf/select_lc_vars, which permits the user to
       explicitly select which LC variables he wants to override LANG.
       (Closes: #129015)
     - Change default on localeconf/lc_* templates from "C" to be the same as
   * debian/localeconf.config:
     - Code condensation: new function, find_debconf_markers(), which determine
       whether a config file has debconf droppings in it.
     - Code condensation: change ASK_TO_REPLACE variable to FILES_TO_REPLACE.
     - Look for locales 2.2.5-3's preferred location for the SUPPORTED file
     - New handling of LC_* variable templates:
       + See which LC templates contain values different from LANG and pre-load
         select_lc_vars with that list.
       + Ask user which LC_* variables should override LANG, then ask user for
         the selected overrides (if any).
       + For LC vars that are in select_lc_vars, have the answer default to
         whatever LANG is. (Closes: #133526)
       + Finally, iterate through LC vars that aren't in select_lc_vars, set
         them to LANG and mark them unseen.
     - Added debugging messages when DEBCONF_DEBUG is set.
   * debian/localeconf.postinst:
     - Code condensation: function find_localeconf_markers () which locates
       localeconf droppings in configuration files.
     - Code condensation: only prepare LC variable information for those LC_*
       variables listed in the localeconf/select_lc_vars template.
     - Cooperate better with stuff in locale.gen file that comes from the
       locales package. (Closes: #1310136,#133080)
     - Improved code for detecting whether locale-gen should be run.
     - Don't write locales that already exist in the locale.gen file, outside
       the localeconf section.
     - Added debugging messages when DEBCONF_DEBUG is set.
   * debian/localeconf.postrm:
     - Code condensation: new function find_localeconf_markers (), which works
       just like the one in the postinst.
     - Improve test for determining whether locale-gen should be run.
 5519946e17e1ac4d79df5ea2e8851eac 567 misc optional localeconf_0.6.dsc
 6136bd722f6b9adfd270356abfbe1fa4 18336 misc optional localeconf_0.6.tar.gz
 ede279534507b1ea76b6f3f1ab0355a4 18758 misc optional localeconf_0.6_all.deb

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