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Accepted freeswan 1.95-2 (i386 all source)

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Format: 1.7
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 22:29:26 +0100
Source: freeswan
Binary: kernel-patch-freeswan freeswan
Architecture: source all i386
Version: 1.95-2
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: high
Maintainer: Rene Mayrhofer <rmayr@debian.org>
Changed-By: Rene Mayrhofer <rmayr@debian.org>
 freeswan   - IPSEC utilities for FreeSWan
 kernel-patch-freeswan - IPSEC kernel support for FreeSwan
Closes: 119257 128205 134407 134427 134654 135598 135627
 freeswan (1.95-2) unstable; urgency=HIGH
   Urgency HIGH to get it back into woody...
   * Applied patches that were done in the NMU. Thanks for it, now I
     should have more time again.
     Closes: #135598 freeswan: patch for 1.95-1.1 NMU
     Closes: #134407 freeswan: package build bug: xargs
     Fixed handling of restarting: removed message in prerm script (not needed
     anymore), fixed postinst (the init.d script is named ipsec, not freeswan).
     Fixed the config script: The new question introduced by the NMU was
     never asked....
     Now freeswan is restarted when asked to do so (via debconf).
     Closes: #128205 freeswan: freeswan does not restart on upgrade
   * Really changed from awk to gawk now (in all the occurances).
     Closes: #119257 freeswan: gawk dependency mishandled
   * Applied patch from bugreport to make manually patching the kernel (without
     make-kpkg) easier.
     Closes: #134427 freeswan: fixes to make apply/freeswan easier to use
   * Moved the created X.509 key file to /etc/ipsec.d/private.
     Closes: #134654 freeswan: better key path in postinst
   * Changed the build system back to it's original state: The only thing
     that gets changed by Debian .diff is the debian/ subdir. All the other
     files are patched in the build / install process. This makes it a lot
     easier on upstream upgrades because I only have to copy the debian/ dir
     to the new upstream and it should work. I am using cvs-buildpackage, but
     even with CVS merge it is easier this way.
     I hope to have all the patches in there, but if I missed something, please
     file a bug report.
   * Added extended patches from http://www.irrigacion.gov.ar/juanjo/ipsec/
     so this package now comes with support for new ciphers (including AES).
   * I can not reproduce this bug, compiling kernel-source-2.4.17 with
     support from kernel-patch-freeswan works for me.
     Closes: #135627 kernel-patch-freeswan: patch breaks kernel-source from
 767d10c113e80e2127ed284a4d7726ea 692 non-US/main optional freeswan_1.95-2.dsc
 000246fdcf9eab6df1d73c78c241d816 311151 non-US/main optional freeswan_1.95-2.diff.gz
 d7dae873c2d89e5b8512e3afd1c98a3a 878448 non-US/main optional kernel-patch-freeswan_1.95-2_all.deb
 c03cfacfbd79c54388e52db17cd4065f 1025900 non-US/main optional freeswan_1.95-2_i386.deb

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  to pool/non-US/main/f/freeswan/freeswan_1.95-2_i386.deb
  to pool/non-US/main/f/freeswan/kernel-patch-freeswan_1.95-2_all.deb

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