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Installed xfree86v3 3.3.6-39 (i386 source)

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Format: 1.7
Date: Sun,  4 Nov 2001 09:56:41 -0500
Source: xfree86v3
Binary: xserver-xsun24 xserver-tga xlib6 xserver-mono xserver-common-v3 xserver-i128 xserver-8514 xserver-xsun-mono xserver-p9000 xserver-mach32 xserver-s3v xlib6-altdev xserver-xsun xserver-3dlabs xserver-s3 xserver-fbdev xserver-mach8 xserver-w32 xserver-mach64 xext xserver-svga xserver-vga16 xserver-agx
Architecture: source i386
Version: 3.3.6-39
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org>
Changed-By: Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org>
 xext       - extensions to XFree86 3.x servers
 xlib6      - shared libraries required by libc5 X clients
 xlib6-altdev - include files and libraries for libc5 X client development
 xserver-3dlabs - X server for 3DLabs GLINT and Permedia-based graphics cards
 xserver-8514 - X server for ATI 8514/A-based graphics cards
 xserver-agx - X server for IBM XGA and IIT AGX-based graphics cards
 xserver-common-v3 - files and utilities common to XFree86 3.x X servers
 xserver-fbdev - X server for framebuffer-based graphics drivers
 xserver-i128 - X server for Number Nine Imagine 128 graphics cards
 xserver-mach32 - X server for ATI Mach32-based graphics cards
 xserver-mach64 - X server for ATI Mach64-based graphics cards
 xserver-mach8 - X server for ATI Mach8-based graphics cards
 xserver-mono - X server for monochrome graphics cards and/or monitors
 xserver-p9000 - X server for Weitek P9000-based graphics cards
 xserver-s3 - X server for S3 chipset-based graphics cards
 xserver-s3v - X server for S3 ViRGE and ViRGE/VX-based graphics cards
 xserver-svga - X server for SVGA graphics cards
 xserver-vga16 - X server for VGA graphics cards
 xserver-w32 - X server for Tseng ET4000/W32 and ET6000-based graphics cards
Closes: 55354 76694 78831 83644 83882 85610 86240 96239 110014 110455 112002 115993
 xfree86v3 (3.3.6-39) unstable; urgency=low
   * Long-awaited overhaul of source package to use debhelper.
   * Sigh.  Reactivated shipping of all version 3 X servers.  There seems to
     exist a stony indifference to getting the 4.x module loader working
     properly on various architectures:
     - it doesn't work at all on m68k
     - it commits suicide on Alpha if a module is stripped
     - it commits suicide on IA64 if part of a module has no symbols in it
     I can't solve all these problems myself.
     (Closes: #76694)
   * patch #000_post-336: patch containing all changes to upstream
     xf-3_3-branch since xf-3_3_6
   * patch #0000fix*,007,023,039,041,044,068: removed (incorporated into or
     superseded by post-336)
   * patch #000b,001-09,001-10,001-13,001-22,001-40,001a-02,001a-06,001a-07,
     001a-09,001a-11,001b,003,008,029,042,043,061,067,070: resynced with
   * patch #051: removed patch for ATI Rage Mobility support; it's far too much
     work to resync with the changes above.  If you have a Rage Mobility,
     please use the xserver-xfree86 package.  (If somebody wants to resync this
     huge patch, mail me and I'll send it to you.)
   * patch #055: removed for same reasons as above; this one actually may have
     been superseded by post-336, but with all this register-banging it's hard
     to tell.  Again, users of laptops with ATI chipsets should be using
     xserver-xfree86 instead.  (If somebody wants to resync this huge patch,
     mail me and I'll send it to you.)
   * patch #066: removed for same reasons as above; this one is a fix for S3
     Savage cards.  Users of S3 Savage chipsets should be using xserver-xfree86
     instead.  (If somebody wants to resync this huge patch, mail me and I'll
     send it to you.)
   * patch #068,071: more Hurd fixes from Marcus Brinkmann (Closes: #112002)
   * patch #072: ship some missing header files for various protocol extensions
   * patch #073: install manpage aliases for XF86_{3DLabs,S3V,TGA}
   * patch #074: fix for font encoding ordering issues, borrowed from 4.x
     (Closes: #110455)
   * patch #075: add support for /dev/vc/* devices (thanks, Topi Miettinen)
     (Closes: #55354)
   * patch #076: upstream documentation now refers to /etc/X11/XF86Config
     instead of /etc/XF86Config (and the X server uses it)
   * patch #999:
     - ship xf86config as xf86config-v3
     - ship xf86config-v3 manpage as xf86config-v3
     - ship XF86Config manpage as XF86Config-v3
     - ship XFree86 manpage as XFree86-v3
     - ship Cards as Cards-v3
     - consistently refer to XFree86-v3(1), XF86Config-v3(5), and
       xf86config-v3(1) in documentation
   * general reorganization of debian/ directory
   * debian/control:
     - xserver packages now depend on debconf (>= 0.5)
     - xserver packages now depend on xserver-common-v3 (>= ${Source-Version),
       so that xserver-common-v3 can declare a versioned dep on xserver-common
       as needed and transitivity does its magic (Closes: #78831)
   * debian/rules
     - migrated to debhelper, and general overhauling
     - new rule "checksource", that makes sure the patches apply cleanly
   * debian/shell-lib.sh:
     - imported stripped-down version of xfree86 4.x packages' shell function
     - wrote map_package_to_server_binary() function
   * debian/scripts/source.unpack: tell tar explicitly to read from stdin
   * debian/xserver.config.in:
     - resynced with xserver-xfree86.config
     - migrate from "isdefault" to "seen"
     - bail out very early if Xsun* server selected
     - refer to shared/clobber_x-server_symlink debconf template correctly
       (Closes: #110014,#115993)
   * debian/xserver.postinst.in:
     - resynced with xserver-xfree86.postinst.in
     - creates /etc/X11/X symlink correctly (Closes: #86240)
   * debian/xserver.prerm.in:
     - resynced with xserver-xfree86.prerm.in
     - migrate from "isdefault" to "seen"
   * debian/xserver.templates.de: German debconf translation
     (thanks, Michael Bramer) (Closes: #83882)
   * debian/xserver.templated.fr: French debconf translation
     (thanks, Thomas Morin) (Closes: #85610)
   * debian/xserver.templates.pt_BR: Brazilian Portuguese debconf translation
     (thanks, Gustavo Noronha Silva) (Closes: #96239)
   * debian/xserver.templates.se: Swedish debconf translation
     (thanks, André Dahlqvist) (Closes: #83644)
 16b1b29e874bdc76488a22f465a54c12 1055 x11 optional xfree86v3_3.3.6-39.dsc
 bc34a35133924c30745052c01fff0b34 781485 x11 optional xfree86v3_3.3.6-39.diff.gz
 fffa0d4bbfc9142fa6f41eefd20eb001 482554 x11 optional xext_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
 69eaf6bc1dc4a54ce2cb2ecdd5d70411 795954 oldlibs optional xlib6_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
 b22962b5e1ce28360f0309bfb623913b 1550894 oldlibs optional xlib6-altdev_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
 d08c9caa56b5d23e200db870d1f98b59 927282 x11 optional xserver-3dlabs_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
 03320a50ea7fbdd5c5a1e9806fef2ea1 747438 x11 optional xserver-8514_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
 bf5ee78653c1c374039e7229d01943e4 821920 x11 optional xserver-agx_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
 c0a60a48fb30df481c52fa046162293e 432924 x11 optional xserver-common-v3_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
 b5a28be87803e4f2f79a2297d16cf762 861802 x11 optional xserver-fbdev_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
 3559b2e3e563c4eb54c7b68a17012d7d 916136 x11 optional xserver-i128_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
 7b44563a4217d491371c125e7f7e5f5c 809044 x11 optional xserver-mach32_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
 55658c6de527f75af18d4197aa153463 856178 x11 optional xserver-mach64_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
 c9c259aebdbc9412d4160d4fed9d385d 751236 x11 optional xserver-mach8_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
 8b80bee0dce51918123aa242b5f4b2f0 820232 x11 optional xserver-mono_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
 0535ccaafe747e9f5fa75e0d250cd64f 829906 x11 optional xserver-p9000_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
 9983bf8299e20ac4fecd7c35587d233b 1013200 x11 optional xserver-s3_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
 f916bb4549c1879e1fcb0618a3e550c4 913466 x11 optional xserver-s3v_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
 8fbba904e2dea48470950c9f8c931fae 1354744 x11 optional xserver-svga_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
 66dc05688303dc633dd227cd32109f5a 829392 x11 optional xserver-vga16_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
 9a0bbcb02b3e3f069f7bde75ccef5fcb 763264 x11 optional xserver-w32_3.3.6-39_i386.deb

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  to pool/main/x/xfree86v3/xfree86v3_3.3.6-39.diff.gz
  to pool/main/x/xfree86v3/xserver-i128_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
  to pool/main/x/xfree86v3/xserver-3dlabs_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
  to pool/main/x/xfree86v3/xserver-mach32_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
  to pool/main/x/xfree86v3/xserver-mono_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
  to pool/main/x/xfree86v3/xserver-s3_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
  to pool/main/x/xfree86v3/xext_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
  to pool/main/x/xfree86v3/xserver-fbdev_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
  to pool/main/x/xfree86v3/xlib6-altdev_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
  to pool/main/x/xfree86v3/xserver-s3v_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
  to pool/main/x/xfree86v3/xserver-mach8_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
  to pool/main/x/xfree86v3/xlib6_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
  to pool/main/x/xfree86v3/xserver-w32_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
  to pool/main/x/xfree86v3/xfree86v3_3.3.6-39.dsc
  to pool/main/x/xfree86v3/xserver-p9000_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
  to pool/main/x/xfree86v3/xserver-svga_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
  to pool/main/x/xfree86v3/xserver-vga16_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
  to pool/main/x/xfree86v3/xserver-agx_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
  to pool/main/x/xfree86v3/xserver-8514_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
  to pool/main/x/xfree86v3/xserver-common-v3_3.3.6-39_i386.deb
  to pool/main/x/xfree86v3/xserver-mach64_3.3.6-39_i386.deb

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