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Installed sourceforge 2.5-11 (i386 source)

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Format: 1.7
Date: Thu,  1 Nov 2001 14:31:48 +0100
Source: sourceforge
Binary: sourceforge
Architecture: source i386
Version: 2.5-11
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Roland Mas <lolando@debian.org>
Changed-By: Roland Mas <lolando@debian.org>
 sourceforge - Integrated development project framework
Closes: 108173 108297 108682 116009
 sourceforge (2.5-11) unstable; urgency=low
   * Fixed /etc/aliases entry for sourceforge user.  Really, this time.
   * Fixed Trove software map (closes: #108297).
   * Added sf-add-skill and sf-register-theme scripts.
   * Removed the need for chsh sourceforge in update-user-group-cvs.sh.
   * Fixed user list and group list.
   * [Christian] Added support for sites without DNS delegation.
   * Included patch from Olivier Garcia <olivier@linux-nerd.com>: support
     for multiple network cards.
   * Made sourceforge.config ash-compatible.
   * Fixed User.class (closes: #108682).
   * Added the alias for the Mailman images in sf-httpd.conf.template.
   * Fixed the most important entry in the zone file (ours).
   * Email forwarding should now work (through LDAP).  I'm afraid this has
     required that we depend on exim specifically (instead of any other
     MTA).  If you desperately need support for another MTA, please read
     (and understand) deb-specific/install-exim.sh and send me the
     appropriate install-<your-MTA-here>.sh for inclusion.
   * Fixed fill-in-the-blanks.pl to allow multiple replacements of the same
     token on the same line.  That was needed by some magic that's not here
     anymore, but it's better nevertheless.
   * [Christian] Added SF_robot and Replicator entry in sql2ldif script.
   * [Christian] Made ldap_add_password template var work.
   * Mailing-lists should now work.  The emails should also be sent to the
     list with the same LDAP trick we used for the email forwarding, and
     the web part of Mailman be correctly configured.
   * Fixed apache-ssl support (apache + libapache-mod-ssl was the only
     combination I had previously tested).
   * [Christian] Added ldap check in apache/php config.
   * [Christian] Ldap online support enabled.  Requires intensive testing
     and probably security enhancements similar to database.
   * Fixed possible infinite loop in cronjobs/calculate_user_metric.php.
   * [Christian] backport of 2_6_1 docman for better language support
   * [Christian] Fixed install-ldap loss of robot password
   * [Christian] Started FTP setup
   * [Christian] Download server added
   * [Christian] File Release FRS support added (closes: #108173)
   * [Christian] Added CVS nightly tarballs
   * Fixed errors in LDAP configuration so that the online creation of
     groups and users works.
   * Fixed a thinko in debian/sourceforge/cron.d.
   * Added a periodical check for the presence of an incoming directory in
     the users' home dir.
   * Fixed versioned dependency on debconf (thanks to lintian).
   * Removed unnecessary CVS/ dirs from the package when it's built from a
     CVS checkout (as opposed to a CVS export).
   * Fix in include.pl to allow the use of an empty password.  To be
     tested, but it might help closing #116009.
   * Delayed deletion of files until the very end of the uninstall process,
     in order to potentially help fixing one symptom described in #116009
   * deb-specific/install-exim.sh: (still related to, and not closing,
     #116009) no need to require /etc/sourceforge/local.pl when
   * Updated debian/TODO a bit.
   * Added fileforge.pl, a setuid Perl script to move files around securely
     (without needing to grant www-data read/write permission on
     $user/incoming/ directories).
   * [Christian] Splited install-dns.sh in install-dns.sh and
     install-cvs.sh and related modification in prerm and postinst, purge
     is now done for cvs, but i don't use update-inetd that doesn't restore
     old config.  probably cvs maintainer should be contacted to have a
     friendly sourceforge config, because cvs config break sourceforge cvs
   * Migrated install-cvs.sh to update-inetd (using appropriate
     --comment-chars tricks).
   * Fixed top of page background (looked nice on Forged Metal theme, but
     not with any other theme).
   * Deduped releases in the Quick Release System.
   * Fixed searches: broken SQL syntax in the admin-only search, and
     removed case-sensitiveness in the other search.
   * www/include/theme.php: Fixed SQL (removed quotes from integer fields).
   * www/include/theme.php: Changed the default user theme to a saner one.
   * www/include/cache.php: Removed warning when the page is not cached.
   * debian/sourceforge.prerm: Fixed uninstall-time bugs (deluser could
     fail, and the FTP root directory could be non-empty).
   * debian/sourceforge.config: Eventually fixed the empty db_passwd bug
     (closes: #116009).
   * Removed the web-only installation.  All the services work, and there
     is no need for a stripped-down version (which would be full of broken
     links and non-working features).
   * debian/control: Replaced Recommends: with Depends: now that the
     web-only installation is no more.  Removed cvsweb, too, since we
     provide our own version.
   * deb-specific/database.inc.template, deb-specific/local.inc.template,
     deb-specific/sf-httpd.secrets.template: Took the LDAP password out of
     the reach of unallowed users (same trick we used for the database
   * deb-specific/install-ldap.sh: Rewrote the way the LDAP password was
   * Added a debconf note concerning the way libpam-ldap has to be
   * [Christian] deb-specific/install-ldap.sh: Fixed incorrect upgrade.
   * Plus a ton of other fixes and cleanups, but this changelog entry is
     already long enough.
   * Today, the 1st of November 2001, I'd like to dedicate this release to
     Édith and Virginie.  So there.
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 8e71f6ca34550ca1ffff66cf09c4eb0b 1170898 non-US optional sourceforge_2.5-11_i386.deb

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