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Re: Installed upx-ucl 1.07-3 (i386 source)

close 92408

> Setting the arch to i386 is not how you fix this. You fix it by not
> passing things like --arch=i386 to the compiler. This bug stays open
> till you revert the Architecture field, and remove the architecture
> specific compiler flags.

Sorry, but I do exactly know why I changed the Arch! UPX compression can
only be applied i386-binaries, UPX contains code which is included into
this binaries. As far as I know this code (=stub = uncompressing loader)
is designed for i386 only. So, upx is a) useless on !386 and b) we would
need some cross compilation to get UPX be compilable on !i386
Brief, forget it.

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