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Uploaded xfree86 4.0.2-7 (m68k) to erlangen

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.6
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 23:22:43 -0500
Source: xfree86
Binary: xfonts-100dpi xfree86-common xlibs xserver-common lbxproxy xfonts-base xprt libdps1 xterm libxaw-dev proxymngr xlib6g-dev twm xfonts-75dpi libxaw6 libxaw7 xlibmesa-dev xlibosmesa-dev xserver-xfree86 xfwp xfonts-scalable xlibmesa3 xdm xutils libdps-dev xfonts-cyrillic xlibosmesa3 xlib6g xlibs-dev xfs xbase-clients xnest xspecs xvfb xfonts-pex
Architecture: m68k
Version: 4.0.2-7
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Christian T. Steigies <cts@debian.org>
 lbxproxy   - Low Bandwidth X (LBX) proxy server
 libdps-dev - Display PostScript (DPS) client library development files
 libdps1    - Display PostScript (DPS) client library
 libxaw-dev - X Athena widget set library development files
 libxaw6    - X Athena widget set library (version 6)
 libxaw7    - X Athena widget set library
 proxymngr  - X proxy services manager
 twm        - Tab window manager
 xbase-clients - miscellaneous X clients
 xdm        - X display manager
 xfs        - X font server
 xfwp       - X firewall proxy server
 xlibmesa-dev - XFree86 version of Mesa 3D graphics library development files
 xlibmesa3  - XFree86 version of Mesa 3D graphics library
 xlibs      - X Window System client libraries
 xlibs-dev  - X Window System client library development files
 xnest      - nested X server
 xprt       - X print server
 xserver-common - files and utilities common to all X servers
 xserver-xfree86 - the XFree86 X server
 xterm      - X terminal emulator
 xutils     - XFree86 utility programs
 xvfb       - virtual framebuffer X server
 xfree86 (4.0.2-7) unstable; urgency=low
   * debian/local/dexconf: forgot to write out "Configured Mouse" input device
     into the default ServerLayout section, if an additional mouse is detected
     or configured
 84549123aca3b11836f6ab0b6324f5cd 126132 x11 optional lbxproxy_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb
 b25e6219fda3ce3d15ab3881cb66f53d 174674 libs optional libdps1_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb
 a639ee86d2906bd026175f5ebeffa38a 233720 devel optional libdps-dev_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb
 7c2190c8d0cf04eb3f45631c46484d32 162052 libs optional libxaw6_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb
 3f3291c7af693ea0f33aaaaa1da08382 205840 libs optional libxaw7_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb
 7e953a03c53f563edb530a46034c837c 284026 devel optional libxaw-dev_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb
 40b3e2e1ae38102486829a2ee650b49b 74840 x11 optional proxymngr_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb
 2e8061a6035af5acea28cbdbbf78919e 146340 x11 optional twm_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb
 d335eeed45fb30e0aaf030fb66b4672f 1372048 x11 optional xbase-clients_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb
 7de2fe6b13bcfd02708f9951e02066ff 154964 x11 optional xdm_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb
 ff3f27388573b73158e7adada2487ab5 255306 x11 optional xfs_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb
 7650f513202ad3c26e9e594fcbf7a199 80594 x11 optional xfwp_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb
 bed4ab7919580c09801ac23c36e9baec 316870 libs optional xlibmesa3_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb
 3775495fc2a62b8f13e06b75f3283ee5 350660 devel optional xlibmesa-dev_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb
 6acc18cc89be976a3413d4fef4b77936 1131254 libs optional xlibs_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb
 74be16cc217d667a2ccfe50fb1baaa60 2812728 devel optional xlibs-dev_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb
 240af817a5a0434873dd4b10caf47d0e 531614 x11 optional xnest_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb
 528dcc3c4f02a434db8c5155acf4a241 1001390 x11 optional xprt_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb
 77f34eefdacdd15e1937a007f1631fac 101578 x11 optional xserver-common_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb
 866b8f61a0b55eaa5503d464ddc61851 455184 x11 optional xterm_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb
 e6f07daba5a046cf92c2c62b927a6b65 340616 x11 optional xutils_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb
 dd34522a2899570fbbb7105641b2e4a3 1312874 x11 optional xvfb_4.0.2-7_m68k.deb

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