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Installed reportbug 1.12 (all source)

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Format: 1.7
Date: Tue,  6 Feb 2001 09:58:01 -0600
Source: reportbug
Binary: reportbug
Architecture: source all
Version: 1.12
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Chris Lawrence <lawrencc@debian.org>
Changed-By: Chris Lawrence <lawrencc@debian.org>
 reportbug  - Reports bugs in the Debian distribution.
Closes: 62614 82895 84327
 reportbug (1.12) unstable; urgency=low
   * The "wait until a good version is in testing before breaking
     everything horribly" release.
   * User interface abstraction in progress... this version may be slightly
     more unstable than usual.  Currently installs reportbug_ui_text
     (working) and reportbug_ui_newt (not fully working for reportbug,
     but used by querybts).
   * For kicks, try querybts --ui=text.  If it breaks, both pieces are yours.
   * Remove dependency on whiptail; all querybts dialogs are now handled by
   * Improvements in screen handling in querybts.  This should resolve the
     remaining issues with #82895.  (Closes: #82895)
   * Fix skip command in the reportbug browser when there is more than one
     page of bugs in the same category.  (Closes: #84327)
   * Looking at individual bug reports in reportbug now works a bit
     differently; you are now prompted if you want to give more info and
     can launch a browser to look at that bug.  (To put it another way: the
     functionality of querybts is merged in, even in text mode.  UI
     abstraction is our friend.)  Downside: a few more keypresses to look
     at lots of reports.
   * You can now quit while looking at a report in querybts.  (Closes: #62614)
   * redisplay now shows the last screenful, not just min(last_screenful,
     last_category).  Someone complained about this in an already-closed
     report (in addition to the main issue, which was resolved elsewhere).
   * Don't clear the screen in querybts if it exits without an exception.
   * pgp/gpg signing now omits the pseudoheaders from the signed section.
   * Report numbers with a leading # now really work in querybts.  Note that
     you'll have to escape (or quote) the # in many shells...
   * Remove some cruft from the source tree.
   * Incorporated support for the Progeny BTS.  Queries are not available
     (I have not written a GNATS query module), but report submission is.
   * -C command line option incorporated to specify the class of the report
     for gnats servers.
   * -S command line option allows either gnats or debbugs severities.
     These are mapped transparently to the severity appropriate for the
     specified BTS (i.e. wishlist on debbugs becomes non-critical for
     gnats; non-critical for gnats becomes normal for Debian).
   * The --bts option now overrides whatever's detected from the package
     info.  However, bts options in the rc files will not override that
     setting.  This seems like a reasonable default so Origin makes sense
     on Debian forks, who can set /etc/reportbug.conf to point to their BTS.
   * Updated TODO list to add some things that have been kicking around in
     my head.
   * If multiple packages match a file requested by the -f option, list the
     first 3 matching files for each package.
   * Old --quiet is now --report-quiet; removed short option.
   * New --quiet suppresses diagnostic output to stderr; nothing except
     prompts should be written to the screen by reportbug when this flag is
     specified.  Primarily for UI testing.
   * reportbug now has special prompt support for particular packages.
     This is particularly useful with pseudopackages like wnpp, wherein the
     severity of the report should be based on the subject (and the subject
     should include certain keywords).  (Note that this is different from
     the "included in package" prompt support, which has been supported for
     some time.)  Try reporting a wnpp bug to see what it does... who
     knows, you may even like it ;-)
   * Updated priority to 'standard'.
 1c5b488415d38d031a3374b9d1683765 539 utils standard reportbug_1.12.dsc
 36b3a5a4bbc0ecb4ece0cf6a40035032 55775 utils standard reportbug_1.12.tar.gz
 1dcd5ec8b10e06e9dfe1496d0571e966 51762 utils standard reportbug_1.12_all.deb

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