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Uploaded gcc-2.95 2.95.3.ds3-4 (m68k all) to erlangen

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.6
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 21:12:41 +0100
Source: gcc-2.95
Binary: cpp-2.95 gobjc-2.95 cpp-2.95-doc libg++ libstdc++2.10-dev gcc-2.95 gcc-2.95-doc libg++ g77-2.95 g77-2.95-doc gpc-2.95 libstdc++2.10-dbg protoize-2.95 gpc-2.95-doc g++-2.95 libg++ libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2
Architecture: m68k all
Version: 2.95.3.ds3-4
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Christian T. Steigies <cts@debian.org>
 cpp-2.95   - The GNU C preprocessor.
 cpp-2.95-doc - Documentation for the GNU C preprocessor (cpp).
 g++-2.95   - The GNU C++ compiler.
 g77-2.95   - The GNU Fortran 77 compiler.
 g77-2.95-doc - Documentation for the GNU Fortran compiler (g77).
 gcc-2.95   - The GNU C compiler.
 gcc-2.95-doc - Documentation for the GNU compilers (gcc, gobjc, g++).
 gobjc-2.95 - The GNU Objective-C compiler.
 gpc-2.95   - The GNU Pascal compiler.
 gpc-2.95-doc - Documentation for the GNU Pascal compiler (gpc).
 libg++ - The GNU C++ extension library - debugging files.
 libg++ - The GNU C++ extension library - development files.
 libg++ - The GNU C++ extension library - runtime version.
 libstdc++2.10-dbg - The GNU stdc++ library (debugging files)
 libstdc++2.10-dev - The GNU stdc++ library (development files)
 libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2 - The GNU stdc++ library
 protoize-2.95 - Create/remove ANSI prototypes from C code
 gcc-2.95 (2.95.3.ds3-4) unstable; urgency=low
   * Updated to gcc-2.95.3, third test release.
   * Updated s390 patch from Chu-yeon Park <kokids@debian.org> (#82712).
   * debian/patches/arm-exception: Patch submitted by Phil Blundell.
   * Updated debian/README.
 8c8740a7cba1ab2779d9ba45bf4a8a6a 840740 devel standard gcc-2.95_2.95.3-4_m68k.deb
 0882ace5bce765f45e88a05fae236e09 115546 interpreters standard cpp-2.95_2.95.3-4_m68k.deb
 33f2fb7928b24bb8c54b92f0cf94ba79 892182 devel optional g++-2.95_2.95.3-4_m68k.deb
 6b5d01f35845d0187ac7936ce0c649aa 20882 devel optional protoize-2.95_2.95.3-4_m68k.deb
 35ab076a348ba6cb58ef1c97b1e8f361 691438 devel optional gobjc-2.95_2.95.3-4_m68k.deb
 b0987ae3cdb9ee16e514e8092dcda78b 916336 devel optional g77-2.95_2.95.3-4_m68k.deb
 f334c66fa9c9cd9fa628d1e599d64cfd 138786 base required libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2_2.95.3-4_m68k.deb
 0d15373a4111565cfae3484b5b624bff 300144 devel optional libstdc++2.10-dev_2.95.3-4_m68k.deb
 cb50b67eda827f854ac561f684e336dd 298350 devel extra libstdc++2.10-dbg_2.95.3-4_m68k.deb
 088c6a4f8ee15cd08c660a873f888811 131078 libs optional libg++
 cdf95a0a05390719eb1f98f5c5314c8e 317304 devel optional libg++
 a020199a7eef2620f626b59dc0feba9e 291886 devel extra libg++
 7e1bc73f7d821893b7b090c05b55e307 1133910 devel optional gpc-2.95_2.95.3-4_m68k.deb

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