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Installed vm 6.87-1 (all source i386)

  to dists/woody/main/binary-i386/utils/mime-codecs_6.87-1.deb
  replacing mime-codecs_6.85-1.deb
  to dists/woody/main/source/mail/vm_6.87.orig.tar.gz
  replacing vm_6.85.orig.tar.gz
  to dists/woody/main/source/mail/vm_6.87-1.diff.gz
  replacing vm_6.85-1.diff.gz
  to dists/woody/main/source/mail/vm_6.87-1.dsc
  replacing vm_6.85-1.dsc
  to dists/woody/main/binary-all/mail/vm_6.87-1.deb
  replacing vm_6.85-1.deb


Format: 1.7
Date: Fri,  1 Dec 2000 02:13:21 -0600
Source: vm
Binary: mime-codecs vm
Architecture: source i386 all
Version: 6.87-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org>
Changed-By: Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org>
 mime-codecs - Fast Quoted-Printable and BASE64 MIME transport codecs
 vm         - A mail user agent for Emacs
 vm (6.87-1) unstable; urgency=low
   *  New upstream revision. The changes are:
     * New commands:
       + vm-delete-duplicate-messages
     * New variables:
       + vm-pop-read-quit-response (default value is t)
     * vm-toolbar-fsfemacs-install-toolbar: fix logic reversal that
       caused Emacs 21 toolbar to never be installed.
     * reviewed coding-system-for-{read,write} usage everywhere and
       brought it into line with current theory of how Emacs/MULE
       works.  coding-system-for-write is bound in more places because
       in the Emacs 21.0.91 pretest, write-region, even when called
       non-interactively, will query the user if it doesn't think the
       buffer's coding system can be used to safely write out the
     * vm-mail-to-mailto-url: vm-url-decode -> vm-url-decode-string.
     * vm-move-to-xxxx-button: next-etent-change -> next-extent-change.
     * vm-move-to-xxxx-button: dropped point movement outside the loop
       as it wasn't needed and actually broke things.
     * vm-add-or-delete-message-labels: don't cycle through the
       message list if there are no labels to act upon.
     * vm-add-or-delete-message-labels: return a list of labels that were
       rejected because they are not known.  vm-add-existing-message-labels
       expects this and it apparently hasn't been done in a long time.
     * call base64-encode-region and base64-decode-region only if they
       are subrs.
     * vm-check-for-spooled-mail: save-excursion around the guts
       of the let form that binds vm-block-new-mail to avoid the
       restore-the-wrong-local-variable bug.
     * vm-get-spooled-mail: save-excursion around the guts of the let
       form that binds vm-block-new-mail to avoid the
       restore-the-wrong-local-variable bug.
     * vm-determine-proper-content-transfer-encoding: changed search
       for non-ASCII chars from [\200-\377] to [^\000-\177] because FSF
       Emacs 20 re-search-forward does not match 0200-0377 unibyte
       chars in multibyte buffers.  They only match in unibyte buffers.
     * vm-unbury-buffer: wrapped call to switch-to-buffer in condition-case
       in case it fails (dedicated window, minibuffer window)
     * reversed coding system changes introduced in VM 6.85 in
       vm-line-ending-coding-system and vm-binary-coding-system, as
       they were wrong.
     * vm-minibuffer-complete-word: use minibuffer-prompt-end
       function to determine where the prompt ends instead of
     * vm-toolbar-fsfemacs-install-toolbar: use xbm images if the
       display is not color-capable.
     * vm-toolbar-fsfemacs-install-toolbar: don't use "mime-colorful"
       as a basename when looking for an XBM for a non-color display.
     * vm-toolbar-make-fsfemacs-toolbar-image-spec: use ":mask
       heuristic" to make the toolbar pixmap/bitmap backgrounds track the
       background of the tool-bar face.
     * vm-mime-base64-encode-region: when using base64-encode-region
       wrap it in a condition-case to catch errors and resignal all
       errors with vm-mime-error.
     * vm-mime-base64-decode-region: when using base64-decode-region
       wrap it in a condition-case to catch errors and resignal all
       errors with vm-mime-error.
     * getmail-xx.xbm was a PBM file.  No one noticed.  Fixed.
     * check for vm-fsfemacs-p before using overlay-put, overlay-get,
       etc. in the extent/overlay compatibility functions.  We can't
       use the overlay emulation package's functions because VM needs
       the functions to be able to handle plain extents also.
     * vm-mime-fsfemacs-encode-composition: catch the "Invalid search
       bound (wrong side of point)" error that font-lock can throw and
       ignore it.
     * vm-set-window-configuration: delete windows that are over
       explicitly named buffers.  This is meant as an aid to BBDB
       users who might want to include a BBDB window in a
       configuration but don't want the window to appear unless the
       displayed buffer is non-empty.
     * install the toolbar only once under FSF Emacs, since it will
       appear everywhere vm-mode-map is used thereafter.
     * panic buffoon's color changed from rgb:ff/7f/ff to rgb:e1/92/46 (tan).
 4b8bf520cbf15aaac2969eae6e475cf4 605 mail optional vm_6.87-1.dsc
 0f5636a808374fe7a560950487de8c32 339377 mail optional vm_6.87.orig.tar.gz
 869706e147f2dc3336bb4dce1fe649c0 51085 mail optional vm_6.87-1.diff.gz
 eff0d65bfbd44ee9053f427a9d5cddd3 43368 utils optional mime-codecs_6.87-1_i386.deb
 bbfee7de00f27f60b322390bcb08cb89 499368 mail optional vm_6.87-1_all.deb

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