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Uploaded xfree86-1 3.3.4-1 (m68k) to erlangen


Format: 1.6
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 21:16:27 -0500
Source: xfree86-1
Binary: xfree86-common xserver-i128 xserver-common xlib6 xext xserver-xsun xserver-svga xmh xprt xserver-8514 xterm xbase xserver-p9000 xsm xserver-tga twm xlib6g-dev xlib6-static xserver-agx xf86setup xserver-mach64 rstart xserver-vga16 xlib6g-static xserver-s3 xserver-fbdev rstartd xdm xlib6g xserver-mach8 xserver-xsun24 xserver-xsun-mono xfs xnest xlib6-altdev xbase-clients xserver-3dlabs xserver-mono xvfb xserver-w32 xserver-s3v xserver-mach32 xproxy
Architecture: m68k
Version: 3.3.4-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Christian T. Steigies <cts@debian.org>
 rstart     - remote start client
 rstartd    - remote start daemon
 twm        - Tab window manager
 xbase-clients - miscellaneous X clients
 xdm        - X display manager
 xext       - extensions to X servers
 xfs        - X font server
 xlib6      - shared libraries required by libc5 X clients
 xlib6-altdev - include files and libraries for libc5 X client development
 xlib6-static - statically linked versions of the libraries in xlib6
 xlib6g     - shared libraries required by X clients
 xlib6g-dev - include files and libraries for X client development
 xlib6g-static - statically linked versions of the libraries in xlib6g
 xmh        - X interface to MH mail system
 xnest      - nested X server
 xproxy     - X proxy services
 xprt       - X print server
 xserver-common - files and utilities common to all X servers
 xserver-fbdev - X server for framebuffer-based graphics drivers
 xsm        - X session manager
 xterm      - X terminal emulator
 xvfb       - virtual framebuffer X server
Closes: 7112 16350 28582 33129 41229 41375 42536 42606
 xfree86-1 (3.3.4-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream version.
   * Upstream moved the X library manpages to the second source tarball, so
     this source package no longer builds the xmanpages package.
   * patches #000,000a,001,004,005,006,007,013,014 regenerated against new
     upstream source (000-007 thanks to Adam Heath)
   * old patches #002,003,012,016,017,018,019 are now upstream; deleted
   * old patch #011 now unneeded (xterm now setgid utmp)
   * old patch #015 dropped; upstream now recognizes ru_SU locale as
     obsolete; not sure if ru_SU should really be an alias for ru_RU.KOI8-R
   * old patch #018a dropped due to changes in upstream mach64im.c
   * patch #000a: explicitly turn off 77C32 accelerated framebuffer support
     for m68k
   * patch #000b: do not attempt to build in the doc/ or fonts/ directories
   * patch #001a: started to split non-server SPARC Linux support patches off
   * patch #008: re-generated against new upstream source; dropped patches
     to mach64im.c; endianness awareness is now present upstream, though
     implemented differently
   * patch #009: Tom Dickey's xterm patch #113
   * patch #011: changed Imakefiles to work around alleged egcs optimization
     breakage of netscape (Adam Heath)
   * patch #012: more careful handling of xauth cookies (Closes: #16350)
   * patch #015: renumbered from 018b
   * patch #016: renumbered from 020
   * patch #017: renumbered from 021 and un-preprocessed
   * patch #018: renumbered from 022
   * patch #019: renumebred from 023
   * patch #020: renumebred from 024
   * patch #021: patch from Ryuichi Arafune to xc/lib/X11/imDefIm.c
   * patch #022: patch from Changwoo Ryu to xc/nls/XLC_LOCALE/ko
   * patch #023: correct paths to utmp and wtmp files in xterm manpage
     (Closes: #41229)
   * debian/control:
     - removed xmanpages control data
     - bumped all dependencies on xserver-common to (>= 3.3.4)
     - twm Provides: x-window-manager (Closes: #28582)
     - xbase-clients Depends: cpp (xrdb needs it) (Closes: #42606)
     - xbase-clients Conflicts: xaw-wrappers (<< 0.90) per Joey Hess
       (Closes: #41375)
     - updated xext extended description with new supported XInput devices
     - xfree86-common Replaces: xmanpages (<< 3.3.4-1)
     - xterm Provides: x-terminal-emulator (Closes: #33129)
   * debian/copyright:
     - updated to version 3.3.4
     - All changes to XFree86 are copyright Software in the Public Interest,
       Inc., and licensed under MIT terms unless otherwise noted.
   * debian/create-indep-xfree86-common:
     - install X, XConsortium, XStandards, and Xsecurity manpages borrowed
       from xfree86-2 source package
     - get rid of X.1x manpage; it's fine as X.3x
   * debian/create-indep-xmanpages: deleted
   * debian/libc5.{Imakefile,site.def,xfree86.cf}.diff: new files; new way
     of handling build changes for libc5 compatibility packages
   * debian/libc5.site.def.diff: #define BaseShLibReqs -lc even though the
     comments in config/cf/lnxLib.rules say not to; the omission is actually
     for pathological cases like people trying to use X clients with shared
     profiling versions of libc5; since that is really damn unlikely on
     potato Debian boxen, and since we need the linker to find the right C
     Library in our multiple-libc environment, we go where angels fear to
     tread and switch on -lc for the libc5-compatibility X libraries.
     Besides, turning on -lc is Policy.
   * debian/rules:
     - s/\$\(dpkg/$(shell dpkg/ ARCH handling has been busted for ages because
       of this (Adam Heath)
     - New DEB_BUILD_* cross-compiling setup was messing up the tests for
       building libc5.  Fixed in debian/scripts/archmap.  archmap is only
       used to simplify the tests in the rules file for libc5 builds.  Also,
       for unknown hysterical reasons, DEB_BUILD_* uses i386, but we need
       /usr/i486-linuxlibc1/bin, and archmap takes care of this. (Adam Heath)
     - conditionalized some copying of xterm stuff so it doesn't presume Thomas
       Dickey's patches have been applied
     - stampdir targets should only depend on other stampdir targets (Adam
     - copy and patch files that need to change for the libc5 build, instead
       of the old way of having old files lying around in debian/
   * debian/setperms: removed reference to create-indep-xmanpages
   * debian/shlibs.local: bumped up to 3.3.4-1
   * debian/scripts/*: some cosmetic and very minor functional changes
   * debian/twm/postinst: add update-alternatives for x-window-manager
   * debian/twm/prerm: new file; add update-alternatives for x-window-manager
   * debian/xbase-clients/prerm: new file; moved update-alternatives call
     from postrm to here
   * debian/xdm/README.Debian: updated to reflect Xaccess change
   * debian/xdm/Xaccess: turned off all remote XDMCP access by default, for
     paranoid security reasons; this will not affect people running xdm and
     the X server on the same physical host
   * debian/xfree86-common/FAQ:
     - updated Project Athena info, thanks to Kevin Theobald
     - added question about X servers that can't find the "fixed" font
   * debian/xfree86-common/XFree86-FAQ.html: updated to latest version
   * debian/xfree86-common/{X,XConsortium,XStandards,Xsecurity}.3x: manpages
     borrowed from xfree86-2 source package
   * debian/xfree86-common/Xsession: updated to use new alternatives
     /usr/bin/x-window-manager and /usr/bin/x-terminal-emulator
   * debian/xfree86-common/Xsession.5: update to reflect new Xsession
   * debian/{xlib6,xlib6g}/shlibs: bumped up to 3.3.4-1
   * debian/xserver-common/xserver-configure: fixed failure to actually
     prompt whether the X server worked or not (thanks, Darren Stadler)
     (Closes: #42536)
   * debian/xterm/postinst:
     - for systems with utmp group, install xterm setgid utmp, otherwise
       setuid root (Closes: #7112,12261)
     - add update-alternatives for x-terminal-emulator
   * debian/xterm/prerm: add update-alternatives for x-terminal-emulator
 d079dccbd203776a060f224540851c43 40500 x11 optional rstart_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb
 e13c6175ef087a38cdf206439554dad5 50832 x11 optional rstartd_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb
 28bb09d1c391afbd32dbeaf80d4fe35a 113858 x11 optional twm_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb
 a72415c001cac90e8eff8dc48c5e5296 876172 x11 optional xbase-clients_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb
 7b49044bfb0bc6183ac3c85f6d3216eb 105730 x11 optional xdm_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb
 caa617f9cdd5917376e63b5d8ffaedeb 410336 x11 optional xext_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb
 f2891c74dad32f7879c0d9cae2a34e53 173656 x11 optional xfs_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb
 45b287869ff7194b7b3fa0882016f15f 928720 x11 standard xlib6g_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb
 c9cda416e1401ccac690df0ab8c2cd61 640004 x11 optional xlib6g-dev_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb
 52fb4d5b2a9f06677a99abfe1719a2c5 828724 x11 optional xlib6g-static_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb
 e0bc3c01bf41ea5b5146c4afd2184f46 98800 mail extra xmh_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb
 e9882b4bf447505876d9e1ef3b8d4f1a 454734 x11 optional xnest_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb
 1fef4f885a246473c5e50c251ae3bc82 123668 x11 optional xproxy_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb
 619b312a490029892816bcd4d1495c32 967854 x11 optional xprt_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb
 fddd1f4892b0ca8ebf4383cd8e47a176 175948 x11 optional xserver-common_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb
 3c47e0389c11611128909cad244ea57e 881618 x11 optional xserver-fbdev_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb
 15daa46419d656c7fe1119fa7419314f 80154 x11 optional xsm_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb
 576cb47c0080e43538ccd1ea4154d641 298476 x11 optional xterm_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb
 329f0b266ad325e71e0f4861869a4d41 950506 x11 optional xvfb_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb
 41df9eae5b55be18ee04e92e3547c254 722888 oldlibs optional xlib6_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb
 29a2f0c524166b77356c6ec3f2388bec 637916 oldlibs optional xlib6-altdev_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb
 a66df05a2e5b45edc9cc0fb91209b747 819104 oldlibs optional xlib6-static_3.3.4-1_m68k.deb

Version: 2.6.3ia
Charset: noconv


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