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Uploaded gcc 2.95.1-1 (m68k) to erlangen


Format: 1.6
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 18:16:31 +0200
Source: gcc
Binary: gpc-doc g++ cpp gobjc libg++ cpp-doc libstdc++2.10-dev libg++ chill gcc gcc-doc gcj g77 libstdc++2.10-dbg g77-doc libg++ gpc libstdc++2.10
Architecture: m68k
Version: 2.95.1-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian/m68k Build Daemon <buildd@m68k.debian.org>
 chill      - The GNU Chill compiler.
 cpp        - The GNU C preprocessor.
 g++        - The GNU C++ compiler.
 g77        - The GNU Fortran 77 compiler.
 gcc        - The GNU C compiler.
 gcj        - The GNU compiler for Java(TM).
 gobjc      - The GNU Objective-C compiler.
 gpc        - The GNU Pascal compiler.
 libg++ - The GNU C++ extension library - runtime version.
 libg++ - The GNU C++ extension library - debugging files.
 libg++ - The GNU C++ extension library - development files.
 libstdc++2.10 - The GNU stdc++ library
 libstdc++2.10-dbg - The GNU stdc++ library (debugging files)
 libstdc++2.10-dev - The GNU stdc++ library (development files)
 gcc (2.95.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Updated to release gcc-2.95.1 and cvs updates of the gcc-2_95-branch
     until 19990828.
   * debian/README.gcc: Updated NEWS file to include 2.95 and 2.95.1 news.
   * debian/README.java: New file.
   * debian/rules.defs: Disabled gpc for alpha, arm. Disabled ObjC-GC
     for alpha.
   * debian/rules [clean]: Remove debian/rules.parameters.
   * debian/rules2 [binary-arch]: Call dh_shlibdeps with LD_LIBRARY_PATH set
     to installation dir of libstdc++. Why isn't this the default?
   * debian/control.in: *-dev packages do not longer conflict with
     libg++272-dev package.
   * Apply http://egcs.cygnus.com/ml/gcc-patches/1999-08/msg00599.html.
   * Only define BAD_THROW_ALLOC, when using exceptions (fixes #43462).
   * For ObjC (when configured with GC) recommend libgc4-dev, not libgc4.
   * New version of 68060 build patch.
   * debian/rules.conf: For m68k, depend on binutils version 2.9.1.
 9f0450ce503a681408e14c530f6b0d2e 825442 devel standard gcc_2.95.1-1_m68k.deb
 0549d57ac5742aa05866812d4fc98621 82208 interpreters standard cpp_2.95.1-1_m68k.deb
 9df2f3004e5d46a0fd6d13063df93b70 876316 devel optional g++_2.95.1-1_m68k.deb
 9cd050169dbeb0a9162a6614ad6d7aca 687560 devel optional gobjc_2.95.1-1_m68k.deb
 4b65a9d55b35d95ea19d8d98a85ba67d 879878 devel optional g77_2.95.1-1_m68k.deb
 2533d83a7d8d708865a9436a521c387e 704660 devel optional chill_2.95.1-1_m68k.deb
 9618d300c1463ff80fc536448de5d8b8 737830 devel optional gcj_2.95.1-1_m68k.deb
 acce30adcf60f7c6b1b5eb46867c93bd 103288 base required libstdc++2.10_2.95.1-1_m68k.deb
 8f6cb815457e841a0f4dae6bcb819e67 288654 devel optional libstdc++2.10-dev_2.95.1-1_m68k.deb
 1be8f0ae3efa937df3d1c86e0223b85d 301056 devel extra libstdc++2.10-dbg_2.95.1-1_m68k.deb
 2f33eff8c0de9dae8fdfd42b20130812 105828 libs optional libg++
 775c9b7fe399909e07011bb5adf4b276 299370 devel optional libg++
 358d24f441c1ecb6b7d389eb47b90a3d 288088 devel extra libg++
 2829b1ed31a1c463d57ba4f9f1e47851 1002486 devel optional gpc_2.95.1-1_m68k.deb

Version: 2.6.3ia
Charset: latin1


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