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Re: Uploaded Xfree86, powerpc and source.

On Mon, Jan 25, 1999 at 03:38:00PM +0100, Sven LUTHER wrote:
> Hello, ...
> i just uploaded the xfree86 pacakges for powerpc as well as the
> source, diff and dsc to potato.
> I have only tested them on powerpc, so i am not sure they will work fine under
> other architectures, but i guess it will be up to you to test them.
> I hope branden will find time to check them, and that the work i did will make
> it's work somewhat easier.
> the changes are as follows :
>  * upgraded to
>  * adapted the diferent create-* files so that the powerpc target take the same
>    exception as the m68k ones.
>  * added Geert's patches for accelerated fbdev servers. Should work as without
>    this patches if the "noaccel" keyword is added in the XF86Config.
>  * also patched the parse_xf86config so that it will accept the fbdev device.
>    there is still problem with monitor mode flags not being compatible with X,
>    but you can just ignore them.


You need to delete this from incoming now.

If you really feel the need, you can do a binary-only NMU.  If this
gets installed it will remove the x86 xfree upstream tarball, and
prevent further uploads by Branden.  You don't do this without
his explicit permission.


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