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sendmail-8.9.2-1 uploaded to master

Gosh, its been a while... work has been painfull, as has the family life
during this busy season ;-{   Things are lookup up all 'round though and
I'm hoping that y2k issues let me breath once in a while this year ;-}

There are soem important things I'd like feedback/help on wrt this
 1) It simply tells the user to move /etc/mailertable (etc) to /etc/mail
    as there is no way without alot of parsing of sendmail.mc/cf to tell
    what exactly to move... and if that was done, still, the cluefull
    user will have a script to update the databases - it needs updating.

 2) Converting nullclient to smarthost - to prevent being an open relay!

 3) I didn't get the rules updated to include sample
    /etc/mail/access, /etc/mail/mailertable, etc. sample files included
    - I have samples of most, but just forgot ;-{  

 4) I really think this should go in frozen, but I could also pull
    the nullclient fix into 8.9.1-17 and ship that into frozen...

sendmail (8.9.2-1) unstable; urgency=high, closes=30292

  This should go into both frozen and unstable, but I'd like a bit more
  testing since 8.9.1-16 never got out the door... 

  * New upstream source, bug fixes and a DOS fix
    -- syslog filling/DOS (#30292)
    -- libdb2 (Berkeley DB 2.6.4 API change)
    -- upstream inclusion of proto.m4 patches already in Debian
    -- upstream fixes for FHS issue wrt /etc/mail
  * Update debproto.m4 for 8.9.2

  * Drop Debian support of nullclient - it turns one into an unchecked relay!
    -- sendmailconfig

sendmail 8.9.1-16 never got sent - bad times ;-{, anyhow, here is what
it contained (and is rolled into 8.9.2):

sendmail (8.9.1-16) unstable; urgency=low, closes=27355 28410 28931 29420 30447 

  * Correct HACK(nodns) (#30447)

  * Compile with new libc6 to remove versioned depends (#28931)

  * add feature(orca): Dial User List
      at the request of Paul Haggart <ph@bsfh.org>

  * Correct README.Debian reference (#29613)
    /usr/lib/sendmail.cf -> /usr/share/sendmail.cf

  * Correct include library path for libdb2

  * Update debproto.m4 for 8.9.1a, add proper diversion tags to

  * Add MapInUnsafeDirPath to DontBlameSendmail (#27355)
    so access.db may be in group writable directory

  * FHS: Move FEATURE(xxx) databases from /etc/ to /etc/mail/: (#29420)
    bitdomain.m4, domaintable.m4, genericstable.m4, mailertable.m4,
    uucpdomain.m4, virtusertable.m4

  * make the postinst actually wait for enter (#28410)

Rick Nelson

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