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Re: Uploaded postgresql 6.4-0 (source i386 all) to master

> I am happy to announce the first Debian release of PostgreSQL 6.4.
> This is at least partly an experimental release.  Use with care!
> You have to dump and upload your database; it is best to upgrade
> your system to postgresql-6.2.15 before you upgrade to this package,
> because that release of 6.3.2 contains a pg_dump program with many
> bug fixes and extra features (I backported it from 6.4).  Using it
> should save you many problems with the upgrade.

> I don't know any way to enforce this upgrade procedure, since you
> need to know about it before you install the package.  I have put
> 6.3.2-15 into the stable release, so with luck, most people will
> take that root byr default.

Hmm.  From the packaging manual:

     If the package is being upgraded, call: 

            new-preinst upgrade old-version

You could make sure old-version is >= 6.2.15 (use 'dpkg
--compare-versions', cf. 'dpkg-deb --help') and then error out if not
with an appropriate warning.

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