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Re: Uploaded bzip2 0.9.0c-1 (source i386) to masterscp


Just an follow-up of the upload announcements.  The upstream changes (bug
fixes) from bzip2 0.9.0 to 0.9.0c are as follows (from the CHANGES file):

First version.

Removed 'ranlib' from Makefile, since most modern Unix-es 
don't need it, or even know about it.

Fixed a problem with error reporting in bzip2.c.  This does not effect
the library in any way.  Problem is: versions 0.9.0 and 0.9.0a (of the
program proper) compress and decompress correctly, but give misleading
error messages (internal panics) when an I/O error occurs, instead of
reporting the problem correctly.  This shouldn't give any data loss
(as far as I can see), but is confusing.

Made the inline declarations disappear for non-GCC compilers.

Fixed some problems in the library pertaining to some boundary cases.
This makes the library behave more correctly in those situations.  The
fixes apply only to features (calls and parameters) not used by
bzip2.c, so the non-fixedness of them in previous versions has no
effect on reliability of bzip2.c.

In bzlib.c:
   * made zero-length BZ_FLUSH work correctly in bzCompress().
   * fixed bzWrite/bzRead to ignore zero-length requests.
   * fixed bzread to correctly handle read requests after EOF.
   * wrong parameter order in call to bzDecompressInit in
     bzBuffToBuffDecompress.  Fixed.

In compress.c:
   * changed setting of nGroups in sendMTFValues() so as to 
     do a bit better on small files.  This _does_ effect

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