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Uploaded boot-floppies 2.1.1 (source all) to chiark


Format: 1.5
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 14:50:26 +0000
Source: boot-floppies
Binary: boot-floppies
Architecture: source all
Version: 2.1.1
Distribution: unstable frozen
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Enrique Zanardi <ezanard@debian.org>
 boot-floppies - Scripts to create the Debian installation floppy set.
 boot-floppies (2.1.1) unstable frozen; urgency=medium
   * Changed maintainer address to the new debian-boot list.
   * Removed fsp from the preselected package sets. (Closes #29783)
   * A lot of changes under the documentation/ directory. Adam Di Carlo is
     the new maintainer for the install manual.
   * utilities/dinstall/boxes.c: Added menuBox, scaleBox and varios
     wrappers around newt. No dinstall/*.c file should use newt directly.
     That will help improving/changing the front-end.
   * utilities/dinstall/Makefile: Added a lot of *_test targets to help
     debugging dinstall, and taking "snapshots" of the various dialog
   * Added dpkg-multicd to the base system.
   * Added patch to produce all the required m68k/VME combinations. Patch
     by Nick Holgate.
   * Added recode and sgml-tools to the "Depends:" line. (Closes #28942).
   * Added more patches for busybox from Dave Cinege.
   * Moved cardmgr and ifport from the rootdisk to the drivers disk.
   * Patched "star" to handle cpio "tar" files. Patch by Avery Pennarun.
     (Closes #29191).
   * Removed /bin/sed from the root disk image. Use the base system one
   * Update patches for alpha by Loic Prylli <lprylli@debian.org>
   * Added scripts/rescue/messages/de/* from Gerd Bavendiek <bav@rw.sni.de>
   * Added scripts/rescue/messages/it/* from Michele Dalla Silvestra.
   * Todo list from Martin Schulze <joey@debian.org>, "prioritized" by
     Enrique Zanardi.
   * utilities/dinstall/messages/check-complete script by Joey, ought to
     detect forgotton/misordered translations
   * Completed translation of utilities/dinstall/messages/lang_C.h into
     German.  This was done by Philipp Stratmann
     <philipp.stratmann@student.uni-tuebingen.de> and Martin Schulze
     <joey@debian.org> with proof reading by  Joerg Friedrich
     <Joerg.Dieter.Friedrich@uni-konstanz.de> and Joey.
   * Added croatian (hrvatska) translation made by Matej Vela
   * Added missing de.po, translated by Joey
 99b04f3393a98d241f0fe9cf26f9fb56 576 devel optional boot-floppies_2.1.1.dsc
 cc7138a3378a590d570594c5bd2d6c7f 436833 devel optional boot-floppies_2.1.1.tar.gz
 3570ee14fa42b1eadedc16655483b103 427934 devel optional boot-floppies_2.1.1_all.deb
 b2160ea5cf275e91c41cf98bbccd3e0b 1228800 byhand - base12-1.bin.2.1.1-i386
 2c332967cd1e5e5ba0d2541c91ed0753 1228800 byhand - base12-2.bin.2.1.1-i386
 4027ef043175fea967193c1af7d1493a 1228800 byhand - base12-3.bin.2.1.1-i386
 0cd299671de2dcc87594a79f3905f9a4 1228800 byhand - base12-4.bin.2.1.1-i386
 2ff2e030d6b0ae43bb975373ef849059 1228800 byhand - base12-5.bin.2.1.1-i386
 0578b59ea317f83bb9eaad6aac21d901 1228800 byhand - base12-6.bin.2.1.1-i386
 286bb09898008a5b2c7f6e22405ef2d7 566784 byhand - base12-7.bin.2.1.1-i386
 37acb1b02c96ed53e10c9a3f45539293 1474560 byhand - base14-1.bin.2.1.1-i386
 ee2fcc08be1a74b552e326e7106c9e8c 1474560 byhand - base14-2.bin.2.1.1-i386
 4e6a25199f297b841e5719dedf20e14b 1474560 byhand - base14-3.bin.2.1.1-i386
 6e797a8d8d3b97b690af44b7c4d1027d 1474560 byhand - base14-4.bin.2.1.1-i386
 1d94e48beab3c4563aef2ce821da2fec 1474560 byhand - base14-5.bin.2.1.1-i386
 ef71bf7a58146367c786d68e3d0de327 566272 byhand - base14-6.bin.2.1.1-i386
 bf77b15245989464448e49115ebe075c 7935223 byhand - base2_1.tgz.2.1.1-i386
 b646ecd7b2731b1ac43febe9d3706b96 4770 byhand - basecont.txt.2.1.1-i386
 1017b75e4d740920b125cd4597d54961 1228800 byhand - drv1200.bin.2.1.1-i386
 55682cbe8a193f57245250de3ce849ff 1474560 byhand - drv1440.bin.2.1.1-i386
 6049d4b4a6f3d8df43a45e061754b25b 1474560 byhand - drv1440tecra.bin.2.1.1-i386
 0d172c550d9250e076f48991bf674fc0 1474560 byhand - lowmem.bin.2.1.1-i386
 2d0b1962d1a8c6489663a0c90b280ec9 105631 byhand - lowmemrd.bin.2.1.1-i386
 837495ead434ce68b94b856fab6a88e2 1289 byhand - md5sum.txt.2.1.1-i386
 218bd394b480f499f46d0c7434d72c93 1228800 byhand - resc1200.bin.2.1.1-i386
 5254ae11b65908ce43650bf6ca17d35b 1474560 byhand - resc1440-safe.bin.2.1.1-i386
 9daaa794dec918d439cc4d2494491e6c 1474560 byhand - resc1440.bin.2.1.1-i386
 f548ab7455599f367da5932d7a0b6b8f 1474560 byhand - resc1440tecra-safe.bin.2.1.1-i386
 08acccda16d1c62a4d8c237a217657e9 1474560 byhand - resc1440tecra.bin.2.1.1-i386
 fdba858005a9ca86ea132d40a95c8cba 705039 byhand - root.bin.2.1.1-i386

Version: 2.6.3ia
Charset: noconv


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